Episode: Dr. Richard Haass Explains the World

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Dr. Richard Haass Explains the World

Dr. Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations, returns to discuss his new book The World: A Brief Introduction. He explains the foreign relations implications of the current pandemic, his concerns that the crisis may lead to more nationalism and isolationism instead of greater cooperation, and what the pandemic might mean for US-China relations. He addresses why terms like "world order" and "globalism" are such hot buttons for many Americans and why the negatives of globalism and trade often overshadow the many benefits. Dr. Haass talks about why we are still struggling to define the current post-Cold War period, and he proposes that the world may need to rethink its ideas about national sovereignty to address problems that know no borders such as COVID-19 and climate change. Then he outlines the most urgent global issues of the 21st Century, the regions of the world that worry him the most, and why he believes that the US might not want to get out of the nation-building business just yet.

Order Dr. Richard Haass's book The World: A Brief Introduction on Amazon, Audible or wherever books are sold. Learn more about the Council on Foreign Relations at www.cfr.org and follow Richard on Twitter at @RichardHaass. Today's episode was sponsored by Black Rifle Coffee Company.  BRCC makes premium, roast-to-order coffee, donated over 30,000lbs of coffee to troops overseas in 2019, and currently employ over 200 veterans. Visit www.blackriflecoffee.com/kick, and use promo code KICK for 20% off your purchase.

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