Episode: Music That Matters, Vol. 707 - Sound Off! 2020 Semifinalists

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Music That Matters, Vol. 707 - Sound Off! 2020 Semifinalists

Leading up to MoPOP’s annual Sound Off! competition, Audioasis host Eva Walker showcases the 12 Pacific Northwestern 21-and-under artists competing in the semifinals. Covering a wide array of genres from hip-hop to metal to jazz fusion (and some killer band names), this impressive line-up has something for everyone.
1. 49th Parallel - Boeing
2. David’s Van - Pirate Cowboys with Lasers
3. The Human Missile Crisis - Honey
4. Mirabai Kukathas - Belly Ache
5. Mr. Dinkles - California
6. Ry Lucia - Marshmallow Trees
7. Searows - Peachy Clean
8. Seven Sky - For The Best
9. Talaya - Yellow
10. Kaia - Bottom of the Bottle Interlude
11. thom.ko - 7
12. Tiny Planet - Bonds Voyage

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