Episode: Music That Matters, Vol. 348 - Midday Mix #1

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Music That Matters, Vol. 348 - Midday Mix #1
Midday Show host Cheryl Waters presents the latest edition of the KEXP Music That Matters podcast, featuring new music from Daughter, Junip, and The Comettes. 1. Daughter - Smother 2. Junip - Line of Fire 3. Heavenly Beat - Faithless 4. Beach Fossils - Careless 5. The Comettes - Deserts 6. The Valley - Rad Dungeons 7. Peace - The Perp Walk 8. BRONCHO - Try Me Out Sometime 9. Police Teeth - Chicago One Point Five 10. The West - Don't Make a Sound 11. Widowspeak - The Dark Age 12. How To Dress Well - Cold Nites

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