Episode: Episode 41 - David Baddiel, Stephen Merchant and more

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Episode 41 - David Baddiel, Stephen Merchant and more
So we’ve finally arrived. Well done. Battling past stormy St Jude was an ordeal, but The XFM Breakfast Show with Jon Holmes made it through, as did sciatica-suffering DAVID BADDIEL and the bearded STEPHEN MERCHANT. And as if that wasn’t enough, Jon made a startling announcement regarding 80s Scouse singing sensation Sonia. Big news indeed. Elsewhere, Producer Dave and Matt Dyson nearly drowned, all for the amusement of the spooky ANDY NYMAN. Plus we heard from Mercury Prize winner JAMES BLAKE, who was in excruciatingly dull form, and The X-Factor’s Kingsland Road (no, us neither) nailed their flag to The XFM Breakfast Show mast. All of this and more in fabulous podcast form, available right here, right now, ideal for relieving the boredom next time your journey takes 3 times as long as normal thanks to a little bit of wind.
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