Episode: Episode 40 - Sir Ben Kingsley, James Corden and RIP Mr. Fish

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Episode 40 - Sir Ben Kingsley, James Corden and RIP Mr. Fish
To those assembled to listen to PODCAST 40, take a pew. We gather here today to pay our respects, sing our hymns and to remember he who is no longer here. We are joined by esteemed company - the right honourable SIR BEN KINGSLEY is planning a music video about today’s proceedings, and the downright dishonourable JAMES CORDEN has just crept back from the lavatories after peeing on his hands. JOHN SUCHET will deliver our reading, unconventionally taken from the works of the prophet MORRISSEY, and I’m pleased to see you’ve all attended in the traditional garish shirts of late Intern Ger. Yet it is not he who we mourn today, but our loyal golden aquatic friend, MR FISH. May he rest in peas.
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