Episode: Episode 39 - Paul McCartney, Dave’s Mum, Aled Jones and Matt drinking on a Train

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Episode 39 - Paul McCartney, Dave’s Mum, Aled Jones and Matt drinking on a Train
XFM BREAKFAST SHOW PODCAST, 39, seeks listener for companionship, laughter and potentially more, particularly if you’re Producer Dave’s mother. Likes long chats with PAUL MCCARTNEY, drinking bottles of wine on trains with Matt Dyson, discussing 99 PROBLEMS and telling unbroadcastable tales about ALED JONES. Respondents will be interested in chanting about KOLO AND YAYA TOURE, attending sermons discussing a THOUGHT FOR THE DAY FOR SATANISTS and reading chapters of MORRISSEY’s autobiography aloud. Incredibly patient and forgiving listeners preferred. Must also enjoy poetry, talking about feelings and impact play. GSOH essential, BYOB optional.
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