Episode: 25: Two Johns. One Tom. John Lee Dumas is in the House!

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25: Two Johns. One Tom. John Lee Dumas is in the House!

John's dedication to his audience is legendary, and we began by talking about the origin of his latest publication, The Mastery Journal. The common thread among John's guests is that they are hard working and productive. They are skilled at setting and accomplishing goals, while his listeners were struggling with that very thing. So...John spent over a year researching goals and the achievement of them. That lead to the Freedom Journal. The success of the Freedom Journal lead John to dig deeper into the study of productivity, discipline, and focus. After another year of research and exploration, The Mastery Journal was born. Mastery starts with how you structure your day, and the Mastery Journal helps you become a peak performer. A key to JLD's productivity is the Pomodoro technique. Put simply, this involves breaking work down into intervals, with a brief break to recharge. If you are struggling with productivity, The Mastery Journal is a great tool to get you producing like a peak performer. Check it out! For someone as accomplished as JLD, it might surprise you to learn what success looks like for him. The answer has nothing to do with money, podcast downloads, or book sales. It's all about the ripple effect. That he has inspired someone to change and then that they have in turn inspired someone else. Humility. JLD has that in spades. Sometimes, it can appear that starting out in whatever your chosen field is, can be a daunting task. In podcasting, JLD has a suggestion for you. If you are starting tomorrow with no following at all, Dig deep and find a very specific niche that is not being served. JLD says that he would, "niche my face off," in that situation. You can then use that niche as your "fullback" as you grow your audience and your impact. Everything in life is the beginning of a funnel. Whether you are starting a business, or moving to a new town with no connections. JLD has a great suggestion for getting started...Listen up! John's book recommendation: Relentless, by Tim Grover. Oh yeah...One more thing... We'll be giving away TWO FREE SIGNED COPIES OF THE MASTERY JOURNAL.

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