Episode: Would You Date A Virgin?

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Would You Date A Virgin?
Tonight, on It's Real Talk Radio, we're asking if presented with the opportunity, would you date a virgin? Let's create a scenario. The 2 of you seem to have great chemistry and this person makes you happy but they are a virgin and show no signs of wanting to engage in sex anytime soon. They'll make out with you, but they just aren't ready to leave second base yet, let alone run home. They tell you it's a spiritual thing and though they don't necessarily want to wait to marriage and they have deep feelings for you, they just aren't ready to give their self away yet. But there's a catch. They want a committed relationship from you even though they can't guarantee when they'll be ready for sex. This includes intercourse, oral and other forms of foreplay. The most they're willing to do now is the traditional make out sessions and a little pants rubbing. They'll lay naked with you and let you touch them, but as soon as you go for the jewels, they'll stop you dead in your tracks. They want to wait until the perfect moment where everything feels right and it just happens spontaneously; no planning ahead. Even with the lack of sex, you find yourself falling in love with this person and thinking about them nonstop but your hormones are in a frenzy and you've never wanted it more than now! This person tells you if you don't commit and, sex won't happen and they won't allow their self to affiliate with you in any shape or fashion, so you'll basically lose them for good. Decisions, decisions! What would you do? These are the types of scenarios we'll be discussing tonight but the main topic of conversation is pretty cut and dry. Would you date a virgin? Tune in to find out our views on this topic and if you know us, you know we're gonna keep it real! #ItJustGotReal Call In # 347-838-9540

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