Episode: The Fantastical Future of Food: Israeli Food Tech

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The Fantastical Future of Food: Israeli Food Tech

What if you could walk into cafe and ask for your latte with grade 10 sweetness? Or your soup grade 5 saltiness? And what if you could offer your kids or elderly parents a meal-in-a-mouthful protein cube that tasted of beef with sweet potato?

Host Viva Press meets the Israeli entrepreneurs who made this happen: Yuval Klein, Founder and CEO of Valiber Swizzle [http://www.valiber.com/default.aspx], the sweetness thermometer, David Kliger is the founder of ProtyPlus, the protein snack and Amir Zaidman is Vice President Business Development of the Food Tech Hub [http://www.alphastrauss.com/about/]. Together they answer the question what is the Internet of Food and why is it such a buzzword right now?


music - A Tribe Called Quest - Ham 'n' Eggs

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