Episode: Israel's 24-hour Animal Emergency Room

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Israel's 24-hour Animal Emergency Room

Each Spring over half a million birds fly over Israel as they travel north to the cooler climes of Europe. The Israeli Wildlife Hospital, a joint venture of The Israel Nature and Parks Authority and the Safari Ramat Gan Zoo, is one of the few places in the Middle East where injured migratory birds can take sanctuary and be rehabilitated.

In addition, The Safari Ramat Gan Zoo is also involved in various global conservation schemes, including the preservation of the white rhinoceros.

Host Viva Press visits the animal keepers thinking outside the box in order to treat their patients... think a 3D-printed tortoise shell or a rhino fly mask.


Shmulik Landau, head animal keeper at the Israel Wildlife HospitalDr Nilli Anglister, veterinarianNeta Guetta, animal keeper at the Ramat Gan SafariBraam Malherbe, international conservationist


Song: Arik Enstein and CBS Orchestra - Dr. Doolittle

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