Episode: Episode 21: Dr.Brad Dieter- Peri Workout Nutrition

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Episode 21: Dr.Brad Dieter- Peri Workout Nutrition
Brad is a PhD trained exercise physiologist who specializes in molecular mechanisms of disease and how diet and exercise effect those mechanisms. He also works as a nutrition coach and educator. He runs Science Driven Nutrition which strives to bring the science of nutrition to the public in a consumable format http://sciencedrivennutrition.com In this podcast, Brad and I discussed peri workout nutrition. Some of the topics we cover are: 1. What is peri-workout nutrition and what got people interested in this topic? 2. How important is nutrient timing and is there an anabolic window? 3. Are there any supplements that you might benefit from pre, intra or post workout? 4. What’s your practical recommendations for peri workout nutrition for resistance training?

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