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Invisibilia Update
Been hungry for more Invisibilia? Alix and Lulu pop in to tell you a bit about what they are working on for Season 2 — and a way you can hear a brand new Invisibilia story. On Tuesday, July 28, Lulu will be premiering a new story at an event called Cast Party. She'll be joined by Radiolab, Reply All, The Truth, dancers and comedians, and more. Best part? The night will be simulcast to MOVIE THEATERS all over the country! You can learn more and find out where it's playing near you at castparty.org.

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Negotiating or bargaining is an intrinsic part of life in China—and in many other places for that matter. You may talk about prices in the market or shops—or even when it comes to your monthly salary! Are you confident enough to negotiate with someone or at least know some of the ways to make a good case for, let’s say, a salary increase? In this Podcast, you will learn: (i) How to negotiate terms and conditions for a new or existing job (ii) To talk about your expectations on salary levels Dialogue: At a meeting, two parties are negotiating: (在会议室) (zài huì yì shì) (in the meeting room) A:王立,关于薪金待遇等情况,你考虑了么?有什么想法? Wáng Lì, guān yú xīn jīn dài yù děng qíng kuàng, nǐ kǎo lǜ le me? Yǒu shén me xiǎng fǎ? Wang Li, in terms of salary and others, did you consider it? What do you think about it? B:我觉都各方面很好,唯独薪水比我预想的低一些,不知您是否同意给我再提高20%? Wǒ jué de gè fāng miàn hěn hǎo, wéi dú xīn shuǐ bǐ wǒ yù xiǎng de dī yī xiē, bù zhī nín shì fǒu tóng yì gěi wǒ zài tí gāo bǎi fēn zhī èr shí? I think all aspects sound good...

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It’s always hard to work out your future plan as no-one can predict what’s going to happen. But at least you can try and prepare for your career by working on your education. Make sure you know how to talk about your studies and future plans; or ask someone about theirs. In this Podcast, you will learn: (i) How ask someone about their future plans (ii) To discuss your own future plans with a friend or colleague Dialogue: Mother is talking to her son about his future: (妈妈儿子在饭馆) (mā ma ér zi zài fàn guǎn) (mother and son at the restaurant) A:小飞啊,你以后想干什么啊? Xiǎo fēi a, nǐ yǐ hòu xiǎng gàn shén me ā? Xiao Fei, what do you want to do in the future? B:……还没想好。 Hái méi xiǎng hǎo...

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In America personality is often seen as destiny. Whether you're a famous CEO like Steve Jobs or a serial criminal like Hannibal Lecter, most of us think that our position in life has a lot to do with our personality. This episode looks more closely at this belief. We start at a Court House where lines of people who are getting married describe the personality of the person with whom they are to be joined for life...
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