Episode: Why Tech Keeps Dominating the Broader Bull Market

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Why Tech Keeps Dominating the Broader Bull Market

Your Marketcast hosts recap last week's market movements. Scott notes that the gains are concentrated around a small group of stocks – AMZN up 55% for the year, and NFLX almost 100%, as the tech-laden Nasdaq outpaces the S&P 500 this year by almost 3-to1. Scott and John discuss what that could mean for the S&P 500. “You could see it go as high as 2850.”

John brings up BlackRock CEO Larry Fink’s warning that tariff turmoil could lead to a 10%-15% market rout. Scott breaks down some numbers in BlackRock’s own performance, and why the nervousness of giant institutional players has a big silver lining for traders.

Once again, headlines from the week included trade wars with China, a standoff with the European Union and NATO, and President Trump's meetings with UK Prime Minister Theresa May and Russian President Vladimir Putin. John and Scott discuss why the markets are beginning to shrug off these headlines, and where the focus is shifting to.

John asks Scott about the market's expectations for earnings season, and Scott points to current sentiment as a reason that this earnings period could produce some impressive numbers.

John and Scott discuss this week's upcoming speeches from Fed chair Jerome Powell – and why Powell's hawkish tone could mean good things for growth, and how the economic indicators are backing this stance.

John talks about the beginning of earnings season with the big banks, and wonders what there is to love about large cap U.S. banks.

John describes how the "Trump Dump Trade" can create great buying opportunities.

John asks Scott about this week's meeting between Putin and Trump, and Scott explains that this could have an effect on oil that no one seems to be taking about.

John and Scott discuss bond yields, and John asks why long-term yields (which are usually focused on growth potential) aren't moving despite the "positive" growth outlook. Scott and John discuss what factors are pushing the yield curve flatter.

Coming up this week: John and Scott discuss the big names that report earnings this week, and how you can expect the market to react.


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