Episode: Why Markets Are Confirming Trump’s Trade War Advantage

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Why Markets Are Confirming Trump’s Trade War Advantage

Markets dip a little on rumbles of a trade war escalation, a slight downward revision for GDP growth figures, as well as big banks’ stress tests. John reveals the main bright spot this week for markets: a comprehensive capital analysis review straight from the Fed that sets up a handful of the big banking stocks to dramatically ramp up their stock buybacks and dividends – more than $110 billion from the top four banks alone.

John makes a prediction about the latest volley in the trade war – tariffs to be slapped on $36 billion worth of goods. “I think it’s going to happen because Trump wants to send a message.”


Buck Sexton, nationally syndicated radio host and co-host of Porter’s Stansberry Investor Hour, joins the crew to make sense of China’s game plan for a trade war.  As a former intelligence officer at the CIA, Buck has some insights as to just how much punishment Beijing is willing to take.


Greg explains why equity markets’ reactions show Trump is negotiating from a position of strength. “If you just purely look at what equity markets have done, China’s down over 20%, the U.S. is kind of flat.”


John asks Buck if the E.U. is in a slow-motion process of unraveling in the wake of Brexit. Buck puts his finger on the fundamental flaw in the E.U., and why Germany – perceived as the strong link in the E.U. experiment – was actually a catalyst for Brexit.


Scott makes a prediction on the impact that renewed Iranian sanctions will have on oil prices, and Buck shows how the Iranian deal was engineered by the Obama administration to be, in many ways, irreversible.

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