Episode: Why China is the Single Biggest Driver in Today's Markets

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Why China is the Single Biggest Driver in Today's Markets

In this week's episode, your Stansberry's Investors Marketcast hosts recap last week's market rebound, led by easing trade tensions and good earnings reports. John briefly recaps why retail is enjoying a renaissance. 

John and Scott discuss earnings season, with 80% of S&P 500 companies having reported quarterly results so far. John notes that earnings have surpassed expectations. Scott says this is a reason to continue investing in the U.S. and points out that the S&P 500 is still undervalued compared to its 5-year average. 

John thinks that midterms are setting up well for a market move and gives his prediction for what markets will do if we get a red or blue wave. Greg explains why moves around Brexit and the 2016 presidential election could foreshadow higher volatility in the coming weeks. 

Moving on to the China headlines from last week, Scott and John discuss why the markets breathed a sigh of relief that negotiations were ongoing. Scott explains why all eyes are on China and that negotiations are the single most important thing to the market. 

John and Greg discuss Apple's quarterly earnings, and Greg explains why the results weren't as big of a disappointment as everyone thinks. Greg notes that Apple is barely holding on as the FAANG trade breaks down. 

John and Greg wrap up by discussing the current market technical. Greg tells listeners what levels need to hold in order for this bull market to continue higher, and explains why higher volatility this week could create a great buying opportunity. He says that after midterms, all eyes will be on the G-20 summit at the end of the month. 

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