Episode: What Apple’s $1 Trillion Milestone Means for Markets

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What Apple’s $1 Trillion Milestone Means for Markets

On this week's Investor's Marketcast, John Gillin and Greg Diamond get right to Apple’s $1 trillion accomplishment last week as the first company to reach a trillion-dollar valuation.

John puts $1 trillion in perspective. “If you were to stack one-dollar bills on top of one another, $1 trillion would stretch 67,866 miles.”

John asks Greg what this could mean in the markets, and expresses his own concerns about the markets becoming overcrowded in a few names. 

Then it’s time to make sense of China’s slowdown – Chinese shares fell another 3% last week, contributing to Shanghai’s overall 18% slump for 2018. Even so, John’s predicting something very different for the long term. “They’re gonna wait this tariff battle out.” 

Greg expands on China’s $400 billion moment of truth that’s looming August 30. “Whether President Xi can keep doing this… at some point people become a little restless.” 

John gives the update on how trade talks with China remain at a stalemate, even though EU and NAFTA talks are moving along. 

The team then welcomes on Ben Morris and Drew McConnell of DailyWealth Trader to talk about their favorite investing strategy at the moment – pairs trading. 

Ben discusses how to use the strategy to profit from long-term trends in the market while limiting downside potential. 

John asks if the DailyWealth Trader team has any open pairs trades in the DailyWealth Trader portfolio, and Ben and Drew discuss one of their big winners that still has room to run. 

John asks Ben about the overall strategy of DailyWealth Trader, and Ben explains that he sees DailyWealth Trader as an idea generator that can help investors follow movements in the broader market. For their investing strategy, Ben and Drew say they like to look for two things to match up before placing a trade. 

John and Greg then discuss JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon's prediction for 5% interest rates, and Greg gives his prediction for what this could mean for equities markets. 

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