Episode: The Biggest Winners in Another Blockbuster Earnings Season

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The Biggest Winners in Another Blockbuster Earnings Season

John and Scott open this week's Stansberry's Investor's Marketcast by talking about this week's Stansberry Vegas conference. John runs through an awesome lineup of speakers and Scott offers free hugs for anyone that stops by.

Scott breaks down the two big moves the Fed made last week, from raising rates 25 basis points (expected) to removing accommodative language from their outlook going forward (still no huge

surprise). “The bigger thing was what Howell had to say about the economy… he’s saying that the economy really is in a sweet spot right now.”

John and Scott discuss the trade fight continuing…. Between the U.S. and Canada. John talks about how the U.S. is putting the pressure on Canada, and why Canada should NOT be turning down any meetings with the U.S.

Scott talks about why the market isn't sensing anything dire out of these trade talks, yet. From trade wars to Paul Manafort, “It’s amazing how fast these things fall off the front page.”

John predicts (ahead of Tuesday’s breaking trade deal news) that Canada and Mexico will “of course do a deal with us – they’re our biggest trading partners.” Scott dissects the strange alleged canceled meeting between Trump and Trudeau.

With earnings season around the corner, Scott reveals the average lowball estimate analysts have made for earnings growth, and why this quarter could be even bigger than the 19% growth they’re forecasting. and John talk about changing expectations for growth on Wall Street, and discuss how investors are rotating back into riskier plays to chase big gains.

“What we could be looking at, by the time this quarter finishes, we could be looking at 23.3% earnings growth.” This would be the third best quarter since 2010 – but the two quarters better than this would be the two earlier this year.

Scott points to Steve Sjuggerud's "Melt Up" thesis, and he and John pinpoint the sectors positioned to rip higher with the market.

John closes by asking Scott about pot stocks, and compares them to the crypto craze of late 2017-early 2018. He also asks when will we see companies add "marijuana" to their names to ride the wave.

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