Episode: How Wall Street is Trying to Influence the Trade War

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How Wall Street is Trying to Influence the Trade War

This week's Stansberry's Investors Marketcast begins with host John Gillin recapping the market's "oversold bounce." John explains why the Dow was the real leader of the week, and how the other major indexes tagged along for the ride.

Greg and Scott debate the Fed's November decision to leave rates unchanged. Scott says that the decision should not have come as a surprise because the Fed has said a hike in December is going to happen, despite President Trump's attempts to influence the Fed's policy. Greg questions why the Fed would raise rates with technology names already struggling in a higher interest rate environment.

Scott notes how the China standoff is the biggest problem for tech and says that some companies are even considering moving suppliers out of China for good. With the midterm elections over, Scott and John ask if the gridlock in the Senate could delay further tariffs.

John asks Greg for his market outlook, and Greg says that the market's technicals are painting an ugly picture. One of the biggest problems for the market is the growth stocks that have led the bull market are now seeing the growth picture fall apart. He points out several key levels that need to hold for this bull market to continue.

Scott closes the podcast by asking listeners to chime in on whether or not the Fed has gone too far with its rate hikes.

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