Episode: How Midterms Can Send Markets Soaring

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How Midterms Can Send Markets Soaring

Your Marketcast hosts begin this week by discussing last week's "mixed" markets, and John notes how the markets are still incredibly volatile. 

Scott and John discuss China's recent bounce back, and Scott tells listeners how China is trying to support its markets and boost its economy.

Greg says that these measures are China's way of appearing to be an increasingly capitalist country, while remaining Communist. John points to the dollar/yuan relationship as a red flag and notes what levels would bring on a crash. 

John and Greg discuss what to expect from midterms and how the markets would react if the Democrats take the House or Senate. Greg explains why the release of "Tax Cut 2.0" before midterms could be a brilliant move for Republicans, and gives his prediction for how markets could soar higher if it's passed. 

John and Scott discuss the situation in the Middle East, and Scott explains why we haven't seen oil prices jump as tensions escalate between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia. Scott brings up that these tensions could affect some tech names, as the Saudis are large investors in one of the biggest tech funds out there.

John and Greg discuss the weakening homebuilder sector, and John explains why rising rates and home prices are scaring some investors off. 

Greg says that we are not in a "bubble," but why this slowdown could bring on a sideways trend for these companies. 

John closes by reminding listeners to tune in for the Melt Up webinar on October 24, calling the event a "must watch."

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