Episode: How Brexit Could Inspire an EU Exodus

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How Brexit Could Inspire an EU Exodus

On episode 43 of the Stansberry's Investors Marketcast, Scott Garliss, John Gillin, and Greg Diamond recap last week's market dump, and give their thoughts on the FAANG trade losing $1 trillion in value. John explains why he's expecting another volatile week.

Scott and John discuss the tension between the EU and Italy, with the EU shooting down Italian budget proposals not once but twice. Scott explains why neither side of this negotiation wants to go to the worst-case scenario, but a temporary standoff between the two sides is necessary.

Moving onto Brexit, Scott recaps the big news of the weekend – that Britain and the EU have agreed to a deal. Scott explains why the next step, approval from the UK's parliament, could be the hardest step. Scott notes that two major sticking points in negotiations, the Irish border and the state of Gibraltar, were overcome.

Greg explains why the EU isn't working, and how the EU is the reason Brexit is happening. Greg warns of an exodus of countries, potentially causing the EU to crumble.

The big market mover into the end of the year is President Trump's meeting with Chinese President Xi. Scott and John worry that, with many expecting some sort of agreement, that there could be too much riding on this meeting. President Trump has not backed down from his tariff threats, so if the meeting comes and goes without an agreement, markets could fall.

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