Episode: Chaos Creates Opportunity

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Chaos Creates Opportunity

On this week's Stansberry Investors Marketcast, Scott, John, and Greg recap last week's market turmoil. John begins by saying that spiking Treasury rates were the main culprit, while China tensions did not help.

Scott and Greg discuss how the selloff was driven by the quants, and how they had to sell at each level.

The Fed continuing to raise rates heightened fears of borrow costs, much to the dismay of President Trump. Scott, John, and Greg discuss how this may lead to "misallocation" of resources. 

John talks about the dangers of a "herd mentality" and Scott explains how tech's big year has investors ignoring bear markets in many other parts of the economy. 

Scott talks about how the escalating U.S. – Saudi Arabia sanctions could push oil higher, and that Saudi Arabia may pull investments made through its tech Vision Fund. 

Scott and Greg discuss the recent IMF meeting, and Scott explains why the IMF is cautious on global growth (hint: think trade wars). Scott also says that a possible IMF intervention into the matter would not affect the way President Trump approaches the negotiations. 

Moving on to earnings, John discusses why emerging market worries overshadowed the start of banking earnings last week. Scott explains why he thinks the economy is still picking up, but that the stock market move higher is going to be "dicey."

John and Scott discuss the value vs growth argument, and John advocates for staying in growth name, especially fintech and cybersecurity names. 

The Marketcast hosts close the podcast by covering next week's "Meltinar," which has an incredible speaker list.  

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