Episode: 20: Signs of a Recession and How to Play a Market Top

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20: Signs of a Recession and How to Play a Market Top

Since 2008, the global monetary system has sent trillions coursing through economies on a one way bet for growth. What happens when it all starts to unwind? John and Scott wonder what the Eurozone will look like next year as a breakup of the euro is being tossed around, refugee issues boil over, and QE comes to an end. How does it all impact the US dollar and your investment in equities?

AT&T and Comcast are taking on crazy amounts of debt to further their M&A activities. Trillions in corporate paper is coming due in 2019 and 2020. The Fed has speculated up to 9 rate hikes equaling 2.25% from now until the end of 2020. How will the corporate bond market handle this substantial increase as they attempt to roll over their obligations? One word. Recession.

Fund managers are holding record amounts of cash. That cash needs to be put to work at some point, so where will it go? Scott tells you why following this money can show you exactly when the markets peak, and how you can take the other side of the trade for big gains.


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