Episode: 19: A Pivotal Week for Markets, Apple’s Innovation Problem, and Bitcoin Blues

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19: A Pivotal Week for Markets, Apple’s Innovation Problem, and Bitcoin Blues

It’s a big week in the markets in the wake of the G7 Summit, upcoming Fed meeting, the Trump and Kim get together, and pending AT&T / Time Warner deal. John notes that the dreaded algos are squeezing shorts and he asks Greg about the bounce back in retail names. Are investors digging for value?


A revolution in the entertainment business continues with Apple and Facebook hiring new content creators. Disney pulls all their work from Netflix as M&A in this sector is heating up at the same time people are cutting the cable TV chord.  


Greg tells you about recent price action in Bitcoin and why the short term outlook is not looking so positive for cryptos. John opens the mailbag with a question about how US sanctions imposed on Iran will affect the oil trade, and why Apple seems to no longer be the innovative company it was when Steve Jobs was at the helm.

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