Episode: 17: How To Protect Yourself From Eurozone Political Chaos

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17: How To Protect Yourself From Eurozone Political Chaos

John and Scott talk about an oil supply battle breaking out between OPEC and Russia. Greg gives two names that he’s following in the oil space, and spots a potential breakdown in the reflation trade.

John asks Scott about rising troubles in Europe. Scott says what the impact of political tensions in two of the largest Eurozone economies (Italy and Spain) could mean for the Euro. Greg asks why the ECB is following Japan’s model – not fixing the underlying problem, just putting a bandage on it.

Scott breaks down last week’s Fed minutes, and tells why the Fed’s actions favors the bulls, for now. Greg points out that the Fed will have to balance its policy with what’s happening in the global economy, or its actions will have severe repercussions. Scott says that investors are looking to the U.S. because it has decent growth trends – not because it’s “the best house on a bad block.”

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