Episode: 16: Why Regional Bank Stocks Will Move Higher

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16: Why Regional Bank Stocks Will Move Higher

Presidents Trump and Xi pull the plug on China tariffs and give the markets a huge bounce. Scott wonders if the move back from the China “trade war low” a few weeks ago has more to do with interest rates than any trade talk. Does this mean higher rates and a stronger US Dollar are here to stay?


Greg and Scott explain why the US economic engine is still running hot when compared to other countries around the world, and what it means for investment capital flow back into American markets. Public companies have increased their buybacks by 40% and are reporting record capital expenditure numbers. John and Scott tell you what this means for stocks in the near term


Scott reveals why regional banks have been a hidden gem in the financial sector and how a new bill about to be signed into law could send these stocks into orbit. Greg discusses why the rally in commodities could be a late stage sign of a worried bull market and John answers a listener's question about stock splits.

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