Episode: 15: These Oil and Healthcare Stocks Are Set for Big Growth

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15: These Oil and Healthcare Stocks Are Set for Big Growth

John and Scott discuss a golden rule of investing you can follow for huge gains when bad news hits a stock. They explain how markets and the media create incredible buying opportunities for you in companies like Boeing, Winn Resorts, Facebook, Chipotle, and Equifax. Scott reveals a specific metric he’s watching right now that could bring a flood of new money into the markets from institutional investors.


Drew McConnell, analyst for Daily Wealth Trader, explains how the average investor can easily figure out what big oil companies are doing next, why lower costs are on the way for US drillers, and the two energy stocks to invest in right now to take advantage of rising oil prices. Amanda Cuocci, contributor to Retirement Millionaire and the Health & Wealth Bulletin, gives you a few stocks to watch that could benefit from the generic drug market as the world’s top drug makers lose patents.


Greg points out how recent interest rate decisions have had a ripple effect throughout the global economy, and why the Fed is now stuck between and rock and a hard place. Scott talks about a key indicator that paints an easy inflation picture, and how that’s eased some of the market’s recent worries.


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