Episode: New Media Executive Quincy Newell on "Inside Urban Hollywood" with Host, Tanya Kersey

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New Media Executive Quincy Newell on "Inside Urban Hollywood" with Host, Tanya Kersey
Quincy Newell, President of Codeblack Interactive (CBI), will appear on "Inside Urban Hollywood," with host Tanya Kersey, on Monday, February 16, 6pm PST/9pm EST to discuss developing, producing and distributing content across a broad range of digital platforms and the Internet. Codeblack Interactive is a new multimedia business focusing on aggressively pursuing and acquiring digital rights to third party content and distributing that content across all available digital platforms. CBI’s content distribution outlets include pure play digital retailers, DVD retailers who have added a digital component, mobile companies and retailers with emerging business models that take advantage of the increasing acceptance of digital formats.

Inside Urban Hollywood with Tanya Kersey
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