Episode: Episode 25 - Supplement Science with Kamal Patel of Examine.com

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Episode 25 - Supplement Science with Kamal Patel of Examine.com

In this episode Kamal Patel, director at Examine.com discusses with Jeff:


-the best pump/ pre workout supplement 

-sleep aids that actually work

-nootropics/ mood enhancing supplements

-ways to re-sensitize to the effects of caffeine 

-are there any natural testosterone boosters that work?

-creatine: is timing important?

-effect of mindfulness meditation on health

-weird new supplements you haven't heard of


...and much more! 


You can find more from Kamal here:



You can find more from Jeff here:

Instagram: @jeffnippard

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Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/jeffnippard



For coaching from Jeff or Robin, visit:


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Hope you enjoy the show!

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