Episode: The Exorcist with Eileen Dietz

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The Exorcist with Eileen Dietz
Things get spooky this week as Eileen Dietz, the face of the demon Pazuzu aka Captain Howdy joins Matt to chat about being in the most famous horror movie of all time, The Exorcist. Eileen tells us the differences between the roles of Pazuzu & Captain Howdy, channeling wild animals for her improvised audition, her process with all the prosthetics, particularly with the puking apparatus, and her book Exorcising My Demons. Plus, Matt talks about the actors, directors, and composers who were considered to be a part of the film in a Variety Pack edition of I Wasn’t There Too. Enjoy hearing what it was like to puke pea green soup on a sub arctic set with a director slapping people and firing guns into the air.

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