Episode: Clueless | Bring It On with Nicole Bilderback

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Clueless | Bring It On with Nicole Bilderback
As if! Wiggin’ Zup! It’s been 20 years since Clueless hit theaters and changed the English language. This week actor, dancer, and martial artist Nicole Bilderback joins Matt to talk about her character Summer stealing a lit snowman, the story behind the Credit card Suck and Blow game, and the insane wardrobe budget for her character alone. Then, Nicole tells us about how the Mickey cheer/dance she prepared for her final Bring It On audition made its way into the film credits, her philanthropic organization, the New Hollywood, and being the unwitting poster girl for an IMDB lawsuit. Plus, Matt shares an example of how the vernacular of Clueless fits so seamlessly into any kind of dialogue during I Was There Clue-Less.

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