Episode: (4) The Untouchables with Melody Rae

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(4) The Untouchables with Melody Rae
Actress Melody Rae joins Matt via phone from Yelm, Washington this week to discuss her role as the woman with the baby carriage in the Union Station staircase shoot out in The Untouchables. Melody tells us about completely improvising her memorable scene, how she handled the explosions, baby, & squibs, and working with Kevin Costner. Plus, Matt introduces a new segment called I Was There Tune, where he is joined by his good friend/music editor/composer James “Jimmy Blades” Bladon to talk about composing music, working with director Tony Scott, sound effects, and life behind the mixer. Finally, Matt closes out the show by talking about how Mickey Rourke was originally going to play Eliot Ness in another installment of I Wasn’t There Too.

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