Episode: THE UNTHINKABLE with Pastor Mia K. Wright

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THE UNTHINKABLE with Pastor Mia K. Wright

On today's episode of The Inspire Before We Expire, I got to have a unforgettable convo with the Lady herself and one of most inspiring women pastors of our time: Pastor Mia K Wright.

Pastor Mia is the proud co pastor and executive director of ministry of one of the fastest growing churches in country "The Fountain Of Praise" along her husband Pastor Remus E. Wright in Houston TX. She is someone who truly leads by example and shows women how to obtain extraordinary success when you just step out your comfort zone. Known as the proud best seller author of her latest released book "UNTHINKABLE". Along with her leadership in ministry and speaking platforms, Pastor Mia is also executive director of Metamorphosis INC a women's empowerment organization. 

She is truly passionate about helping younger women who feel stuck and through her timeless commitment and work thousands have truly embraced life long transformation to a place of purpose and fulfillment. She also volunteers her time visiting prisons and helping women get their life on track.  You need to ignite and inspire and pursue your purpose no matter the odds against you. 

To Receive Fully From This Episode:

- "DRIVE" (14:00)

- Give Yourself A Chance (20:00)

- Women In Ministry (30:30)

- "UNTHINKABLE" (38:00)

A RISE (1:03:00)

Connect With Pastor Mia K. Wright






The Metamorphosis Conference - (March 20 - 21, 2020)

Quote To Live By: "When you believe you shall achieve". 

I hope everyone receives this message fully so many key-takeaways that will help you closer to possibilities, your dream and to your purpose. "You Will Breakthrough".

Thank you so much for taking time to listen to The Inspire Before We Expire! I do hope you enjoy this meaningful conversation as much as I did and please share you biggest take away leave us a review and let's pay it all forward.

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