Episode: T. Michael Martin (YouTube Sensation and Young Adult Author) - How to Do Adult Stuff!

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T. Michael Martin (YouTube Sensation and Young Adult Author) - How to Do Adult Stuff!
“As a child I assumed that when I reached adulthood, I would have grown-up thoughts.” -David Sedaris- Being a grownup is hard. I always assumed that when I grew up that I would get a memo from the government that would let me know how to do basic grownup things. It might explain how to grocery shop, change a flat tire and rent your first apartment. However, when I hit my adult years and realized that no memo was on its way and I was on my own, I started researching feverishly to figure out how to do different things that would be expected of me. One such tool that I have used as of late is the amazing YouTube channel "How to Adult" hosted by Emma Mills and T. Michael Martin. Today, I had the pleasure of sitting down with T. Michael Martin to chat with him about his background, how he got started down this career path that allows him to positively guide young people all around the world and what he believes are some keys for success in high school. To tell you a little bit about my conversation partner today...T. Michael Martin is an American author of Young Adult fiction. His debut novel, a YA thriller called The End Games, was released in May 2013. The End Games received critical praise from, among others, Voice of Youth Advocates magazine, who called it "a tale of terror worthy of the early, great Stephen King." It was also chosen by John Green as the best YA novel of Summer 2013, was named Booklist’s Top Youth Horror Novel of 2013, and earned Martin the top spot on Booklist’s "Insanely Talented First Novelists" list. While his accomplishments are impressive, I think that the most amazing part about this guy is his clearly altruistic and compassionate heart. Just chatting with him, you can't help but feel positive and like you can take the rest of your day by the horns and accomplish great things! I had a blast chatting with him and I hope you love listening to our talk!

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