Episode: LEARN TO SOAR With Brad Blazer

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LEARN TO SOAR With Brad Blazer

"You are capable of so much more, dig down deep and give it more". 

On today's episode of The Inspire before we expire I got to have a real convo on when you "Change Your Beliefs You Change Your Future" with the man himself: Brad Blazar. 

Brad Blazar is a effective sales leader and the proud founder of "Beliefology". He is known for leading his sales teams organized to raise capitol some of the financial service industry's leading firm. During Brad's career he raised approximately $2 billion dollars through his hard work, efforts and the help of his previous teams. Mr. Blazer's track record of inspiring extraordinary results has made him a very successful thought leader, speaker and sales coach in the field of Human Potential. Brad has developed his expertise in accelerating the movement of individuals toward preforming at their very best. His creative blend of the best available knowledge, leading edge positions, and futuristic foresight has proven extremely valuable. Mr. Blazar, nicknamed “The Guy Interviewing Champions” is an idealist, dreamer, and someone who got the opportunity to learn from the most influential leaders in sports, business and politics like Joe Namath, Magic Johnson, George W Bush, Kevin O’Leary and others he also shares their secrets to "success" in his book On the Wings of Eagles - Learn to Soar in Life.

Brad is a powerful catalyst for the changes that propel individuals and businesses to their greatness. His trademarked philosophy on changing beliefs known as The Art of Beliefology™ has been highlighted in media around the world and his book was recently rated a #1 top read for young entrepreneurs.

Brad is super passionate about helping and teaching others. I got to connect with Brad at a exclusive event in Dallas TX "The Obsessed Conference". A intense and life changing even where leaders from this different walks of life come to experience transformation and elevator. The convo I had with Brad was a very positive one and I knew his story will stand out to and inspire many thought leaders and entrepreneurs across the world today. 

To Receive Fully From This Episode: 

- Spiritual Relationship With GOD (15:45)


- Being Inspire By Other World Leaders and High Peak Performers (29:10)

- "The Ability To Change Someone Life (38:51)

- Build A Beast (47:57)

-and much more.

Connect With Brad Blazar:





Quote To Live By: "IF you got a goal or vision where you want your life to go you have to pursue it with a passion".

I hope you all really enjoy this interview so  many key-takeaways that will help you closer to possibilities, your dream and to your purpose. "You Will Breakthrough".

Thank you so much for taking time to listen to The Inspire Before We Expire! I do hope you enjoy this meaningful conversation as much as I did and please share you biggest take away leave us a review and let's pay it all forward.

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