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Episode 33

*Disclaimer: Sorry for the poor sound quality on Joe's end. It won't happen again!

Episode 33: You want tidbits? You got 'em! More tidbits than you can shake a stick at, but why would anybody shake a stick at anything in this day and age? Doesn't make sense. Joe and Kari have a lot to discuss this week: ELO, World Series of Pop Music, and the new film Last Christmas, among other things. // Time to do a deep dive on the man responsible for this podcast: Casey Kasem! Time to learn about the man behind the countdown, as well as the genesis of AT40. Then, your hosts recount some wacky stuff they've heard over the years on American Top 40. // Songs that Time Forgot: Some new names on the podcast this week with some forgotten gems that you'll need to add to your playlists!

Hey! Remember the 80's?
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