Episode: PSYCH-K: Changing Belief Patterns and Exploring Higher Consciousness

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PSYCH-K: Changing Belief Patterns and Exploring Higher Consciousness
In 2010, Rob Williams founder of PSYCH-K, connected with Dr. Fannin and began scientifically researching how PSYCH-K changes subconscious belief patterns. Their research also explored the energy signatures in states of higher consciousness. Through the process of engaging "Surrogation" and the technical aspects of QEEG Brainmapping while using complex scientific independent t-test analysis, their experiment found profound different energy signatures of the conditions measured that are scientifically statistically significant at the highest level. They talk about this fascinating research and tell the back story of this experience. They also discuss the "Principles of Nature" and why we should all adopt these principles as part of our own belief system that guides our behavior. Their research led to understanding how and why the "Whole Brain State" is so important having access to our full potential.

Help! My Thoughts are Holding Me Hostage
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