Episode: Encore: Money Is Not The Problem, You Are: Aligning With The Vibration of Money

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Encore: Money Is Not The Problem, You Are: Aligning With The Vibration of Money
This weeks topic will explore the idea that "money is not the problem...you are!" We are vibrational beings, living in a vibrational universe. Everything in our reality has a vibrational signature and like attracts like...meaning that what we think about we attract to ourselves. In order to attract more money into our life we must be in vibrational alignment with money, wealth and abundance. Curry Glassell is a global ambassador traveling the world sharing her knowledge and expertise on how to create abundance at any stage of your life. This show will focus on what we each can do to get into the vibrational space to "receive" more money. Curry will explain why being able to receive is so fundamental in acquiring wealth. We are not in competition with one another to see who can have the most wealth...there is abundance for all, we need only be in a place to receive the intention of having wealth and abundance in our life!

Help! My Thoughts are Holding Me Hostage
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