Episode: H.I. #69: Ex_Machina

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Automated Transcript (Why is this transcription so bad?)
we're the listener for the two of us are with brady bob just when you say to fatalist nefarious cannot possibly get any benefit the anti has been up once again off you remember last episode show us this mad at the stuff and it was steady against courts remind us lois it was as an actor amen air crash investigators we're going out of somewhere in the world is called mayday that's right it's called maybe somewhere i know that it's coat made in america now this was back to his plan and air traffic control in an episode of technician first edition and the episode was the crash in which the gulf of pains to have a number of other people very unfortunately died when their lead ship the compressed by pop pop pop c. n. and version of a dodge and applying to the flu like a ghost climb ever large tracts of the u. s. to loretta feel and during that time and number of five digits was above sent up to trot see what was going on with his ghost plan that was flying to the most american muscle pulled up next to him try to live through the windows c. was going on waste so it probably had to compress and we'll know the rest brenda feel pressured to the ground said i had another in from a listener to have an intimate this was wine wine says did doctor harem set out to marek brady does like that he does like it when you show deference well it sheds his attempt to say these as didn't have i am an air traffic controller who was directly involved with the events depicted in season one episode six day in both plane crash in vegas today ought i've always thought with us live laws of the control of who saves the day fifth when fighter jets to run the initial him to sit on pines you it's just that they're out of reid it's a very exciting but i'm beginning to wonder that you're being taken in a big and this is not going very hard to tell the rabbit hole listed as to the cell we are going to have any right over it and he says i was in the praises of this thing tonight john number sixty i can check initiative nights when i reviewed the listener fires and i laughed out there and many many things wrong with the set of air traffic control workstation a few once asked you like this if if the choice was out of the red fire and that was never thought i'd move the red invested itself and what is shown on the sky say he decided to go more trouble at the senate he tracked down the new chip and he says from the air traffic control side of the equation the amount of inaccuracy is was staggering third it with private left was plenty of lover of aviation have been to set with down and where the shirt over things wrong with nadia had that discussion but faith but it seems inevitable okay yes i think it's mouth as you can imagine i was a bit suspicious gratton denied this ames almost too good to be true yeah pop up i'm not sure how is this is you'd actually be a few quick even if you think you're being says this is that you still really wanted to be true hot didn't want it to the church the senate by two thousand the fight has moved who by the other a novelist because we breaking out of town any loss of a reason we've moved beyond the barons hang on a first name basis now can we have brady after securing permission from the chief of a facilitate jacksonville air route traffic control center at i was i were to take some photos as requested the court said he's any men is but they were not of photography in the actual control room because of national security news but i was able to defer to him the refresher training dynamic simulation lab which is mopped up to resemble the control room as much as possible although an opposite way without this flying live traffic and we can't scenarios for training purposes this guy is set to the center that took the hand off from him ceo ended up approach an issue declined to confirm to sixty five live up to six each receives thousands i'd say he's got a training session annie's mopped up with the actual sector that was involved receives about them and he's sitting in for another hoping of course a fine despite hello to death the senate to address this is why i'm not the pretended air traffic controller we had last week that the actual air traffic controller i had to say this looks when you more like where real air traffic control center would look like in no small part because with a keyboard looks really clicking in old i feel like that so that would expect an air traffic control would actually be using it like old but reliable equipment very very reliable i had i but but she's an expeditious see that the case and it's the second feathers of may in the lobby with my facility was on break in front of the sole remaining right osgood from the old system that was in years when i control the fight just to intercept kind stuart's jack said the second picture is the actual talk of skype that he was using it but thompson epitomizes is even more budget now that looks sold its cross over in my brain that looks like something out of the nineteen fifties sci-fi movie that doesn't make him look reopening mark it looks like it's a prop on a very very old fellow potentially fantastic it looks like backtracked on the center is enormously well used to be zombie wearing pattern of the medal in front of it at that did i don't know when his gun and i we start with the act and now we've got to paris in the actor was to try him for a while even have mixed the pilots of the fighter jets if you missed that cup at school has invited to sit there with a fellow like surly this rabbit hole has to end somewhere but i also think looked at his death early lesson here for people to the listener photos when they learned that the real way to get through this is to buy his teacher photos towards brady and also show proper deference in the beginning when you address that but but at that ed and can i decided some aside as the lids on i do read over easy mostly kaminer looking at pictures i've done replied to the mall 'cause if and boston allied icon of the blue box to send them they do get the dalla have coffee in my condo war chest to bring up by brahms if you haven't lived on to the show yet that means either why didn't you use it great habits or use to mock the damage to do something of false hope for the masses are good then epithet to be fed it it's pretty unlikely in a day on the show if you sensible and a few months ago but this is fantastic follow up we continue to go deeper and it came to this rabbit hole we're trying to make that had at perfect it is a little bit amazing isn't that is more than a little bit of minnesota hey hands on hour list of follow up we also have what i feel it is again feeding into the very few of the show that things we discuss seem to happen in the world after we discussed them and sure enough after we discussed your idea about alien life their view of it becoming boring three series of press conferences that means toward the actual revealed just a couple days after the show there was an article called this is not a drill said he is investigating possible extraterrestrial signal from deep space aliens are reaching out to heller went to that mrs knox and i have to say did you very very vindicated by this the old new story that happened not balance of tough many because of this and focused at a time out that the father is he missed this and you could well of missed that first contact because those are pretty lucky stood basically i think it was some russian astronomers yes reported a signal coming from the staff which looks like a b. and could be an alien in origin and also six i'm addicted to make the front page of a couple of it what newspapers knows a big story it was cloaked in the suspicion that boys the same to click some announcements that come from russia who bought because it wasn't shared with the scientific community in untimely madison could be checked in at four people were local hang on why they basically to the bat and shorn of he dies lana the authorities in russia themselves i think basically said archie we now think this was probably not aliens was probably to restroom in origin who said the story when to why and just like us and false alarms and minor announcements reviews when we finally he had a teddy kennedy about this to be boring when totally agree this is one of these things where buying through atlanta people on twitter see what news of the story about like as a signal that might be intelligent life out there in the universe by received a light on the stuff about the story and izzo is goes with these things you hear any of the fall out so i was not aware of like power now just like every other time we think it's some kind of signal bounced off earth earth something else in the universe likable look we discovered quasar xena whatever it is it turns out to be reasonably an interesting but wouldn't a sweeping coverage and british i've said before on the show but i was always surprised by what i did the space topic with my studies the number of students that thought humans had already been on mars and any news of like all we're working towards going on mars was totally uninteresting to them because they're like hasn't this already happened i wonder with press releases like this are things that go out how many people dislike somewhere in the back of their mind might be thinking like to moriarty discovery ellie you like how is even if that this happened along to get out and hit that discussion had less time came in handy and shakers other cities become whole lot i've lost four five times when i was actually up in the mountains near marrakech again where are sometimes 'cause my wife and he is very clear skies they're not who then we went outside lock on some landers and we just looking at the stars who sometimes is gone the espouses if we can spot that the shooting stars of things i use a vacancy settle out spy station is really collection because the dvd special quick she can put up with the guy outside not that just let jenna like puts them on brown of cohort so it's like you to jenna as guy you to look at it's best that these are good good good you sent pictures of yourself pretending to be adjourned i invite like ms these gluck's ought and says what you go to this place yes it to pretend to be huge that i bicycle and it's led to a lesser known to seventy what we were lying upon some lenders looking up at the sky old stars and you know my wife assumes that lieutenant boone but i'll endeavour instead of blossoming phyllis into an i. displeasure the section of how the winds men were to be where leeway in particular you told about looking up at the sky and how lot menacing a good day because of sites suspiciously silent when this is a sign that is like a reason that silence of the election to be shutting out sources have a listen to this applied was the reaction i heard admitted my quite what to do that so um um a few does quiet like conspiracy theories that sometimes also issued lived up to in just a few questions and menifee comments but overall i think the final conclusion was i have enough stuff in the world where is that without wearing about two newport have in hand and destroying lives like this not much i can do about that nothing of maine sentiment was why the heck if you put that idea in my head that so that when i look in the sky i can think about that said a feeling that my job sometimes again like implant an idea in someone's head that never goes away as the late mrs accomplished at that it does beg the question why you wary about that because you'll miss that in a avoid recycle all use one towel because i can make a difference to him barman will be sure as heck can make a difference to the electromagnetic radiation that humans is sending out into the universe will have the universe will respond to that electromagnetic radiation views of what think you can sink in about a fault that mean it isn't is what worries our thoughts that pop up rationally sometimes that's what worry is catholic i'm perfectly well aware there's nothing i can do to save humanity from the apocalypse of the abyss that's coming years other like to do about that this is the thing that's your mind turns to on occasion but that's what we're in the radio at c. g. t. correcting a rational my hope belief systems crumbling gather around my idyllic anybody who goes into the pot has long enough to find plenty of examples of me not being perfectly rational i don't think is like a rare instance that that picture iwo that's an associate with us to talk about the apple of jonathan on the top again the wannabe me about the out once again let's go on to it is is is my ongoing present is that your logic was sung why is it worth it to the other day that horrified me with ascended to deny the semi picture it was like some grub the politicians in a press conference room somewhere and one of them was wearing an apple watching and you thought this was like a horrifying thing to send me that i would just recoil from and i don't know why it was all these people and it was sitting at the table in the cabinet room the prime minister then we're all wearing was saying to me to be quite nice sensible dignified classy watches and then this is one minister then with them tonka truck play watch had to stand so alike some like it stands out like the woman who knows what she's doing who's on top of the latest trends and technology who's always connected if she needs to be on isaac babble watch on her wrist i assume she's the most competent person in the room i think that's the message the apple watson's illnesses they and we knew that election that in fact like getting a pointed out that they europe or like go beyond that would make you know is open with that because you cannot believe my actual bald spots at that at that you anything that looks good i think it was perfectly fine and i think you just making a mountain out of nothing you're great excite people where watches people where smart watches i think it's perfectly falling on my big fan of the white band but i would be not a fan of white band on almost any walked so the flick of the size the point where you have an issue with which you referred to constantly as the dead face of the apple lot which to me just doesn't register as that's not the dead face of all those meant what bothers you still the judges can lift it out at that and it does to some look at it doesn't look since the wrong shape and but now it looks like someone's china where deny computer on the handsome one of the city would you go yes i will tell me about the new one dose of big apple announced was elected to watch the apple canine displaced yeah as we're recording the apple keynote woes last night's and as usual and you like to try to set aside time to watch these things can was very interested in what's going to happen to sit back relax have a glass of wine see what to cook brings forth for the masses before we talk about what was pro false cannot decide what cop i'm familiar with apple peanuts of st bits of an adult onset usually watch them and i get into this one goes off on a quick look and see what's guy on the move 'cause i'm so on twitter that was on my goodness what an outdated car crash that presentation for ms it was so bad it looks like a parody of impressive time it looks like an onion spoof of the tetsuo wounded soul so you and asked and so you like everything's also man thanks to him i'm so proud to be out here and say there were doing and as such an antiquated why for a big technology company to be announcing things to the well this like some kind of school variety show a with the principles as a carefree one now and then introduced me to do to hatch and i would i do not really how do we call miss he's written this palm void but when you open this is really carefully that everyone gets give jimmy a big clap as he comes on the sides get him in haiti and the jimmy comes out says thanks to him i am so proud to the year i have been living my lines off by hot and i have been told where to look and hello to him as my body in the right way to do this demonstration he is my announcement thank you very much like to crack thanks jamie that was all awesome now he is sandy it's like a totally things alive multimillionaires leading the biggest technology company in the world is what gets i'm genuinely curious what do you i think would be a better way to do that's what i see why has to be done in this live chicago why first stop the movement but i think the cool thing to do it would be just have to appear in the stall but of course then you've got a theta may yet for the signs on the latest appear in the stall you would say the media will in a can of course you go the poked him coke ford says is someone to put on the t. v. news in just hold the objects together as to the footage that this car ride of people on staff h. prancing around lot its intent to look so often it completely cringe worthy an intensive giving me time i received a t. v. news very often using buckles eyes crappy to talk said he liked the idea is if eclipse from the polls and you and i think it's silly august tenth tamil at school or to me was the wedded to see the thing is i don't know if i really disagree with you and if you like apple has had a couple of these in a row that were not greeks having a last minute swan was kind of boring does from unannounced into perspective like they didn't really have a whole lot you talk about that is certainly we're kind of trend at present about why but hey it's funny 'cause i was kind of actually thinking something similar to what you're thinking about white boy a busy day is varied global information density like the number of bullet points the minnig out of this presentation does not represent the two hours long that is that i do exhibited the present is felts super person at the way like i can't blame them for that because i imagine you're speaking on behalf of what is sometimes the world's most valuable company you can go out there in kind of wing it like i'm sure absolutely everything it has to be we proved i think the reason that it happens is because they want an event to gather together all of the press people who immediately after that event they make it through the devices available for everybody in the press to try them out and to shoot their abuse him to put up like first impressions in this kind of thing like i think that's why it's there so that's they can get someone like and he be a good deed to come to san francisco to see the events the men to talk about the device on his youtube channel like an hour later and i think that their gold with those presentations is to try lake to shape the mind of the media people before they see that thing that's my guess anywhere philippa by wasn't in charge about like that's what i'd be trying to do like what influence the needy people to think about the phone in the case why greg not in some other way well that makes sense current and i can see why they wanted to i just think that you are typical of a man i'm out of people had a pineapple on a lot of people love them are tender think most things up with a prieto who i think most of the devices are cool i think the shops are cool places stopped by united coming young people on that but i think this is the one time every year that apple sings like it's a bunch of for the deaths at that cook this but uncle was thing apple does i take it that you didn't see the very opening of this event and now i've read about it up as a couple care if he's saying but i'm scared to look like five percent of that is was totally baffling to me because i have never heard of carpool karaoke i have no idea what this thing is western of water and events is like in cookies in the car singing sweet home alabama and it just mentioned about stuff of life oh god i don't know what this is but this is a horrified like this is not this isn't a big good way to start things guides on a lot couple characterizing the critical but there's no wow let him go to 'cause i know how bad the admitted i've got nothing against him cope but he's not call the thing he is any as far as i can tell it fantastic operations guide but the act cool he is not and he also has the problem of love not quite passing the marilyn point of being on cool enough that he becomes coolly and the attic the bridge which filled out but get it back good ferris is like watching him a carpool karaoke my feeling was i'll guide your inches away from the maryland point but on the wrong side of that so i am actually does a very uncomfortable watching this kid and i think tim cook celebrates his uncle this the way that someone lot of ecstasy that i think tim coke thinks he's conoco ends he should realize he's not so i'm brenda yeah you never know that the minds of other people i mean i feel like it takes a lot gets to do something like that because these can you know that he's not cool and just to carpool karaoke anyway because it's kind of fond although it alice pineapple a big cringe were the one that they bring on celebrities and we still like apple becomes little bit about screaming fan girl all of a sudden they bring out like to look it's all right look it's the others guy in the car oui somebody else is coming in the car like look at all of these celebrities in love apple and in our expert and i can defendant malek up at four knowledge but i fear like in recent years i've been taken a beating that she's in slightly on local celebrities that chemical pigs ago but it says lock people up on melancholy plan that proved there is a little bit of pockets conduct the debts into a few things had to do obviously this is someone has gone into been said that about not having the baby jesus hit him that that that that will have to do the busy have to get that james cole one guy 'cause everybody's token abandons me good you'd shoot anybody who's anybody who's going into scrap that's what we've got a good so i think this is david desperate attempt to make him cloak look a bit more relevant to don pedro fence up and ida how it worked but nothing is without father that i'm not sure works i'm not sure that was their gold but i do have that to lead you to that this one was i felt a lot of points what the presenters were a bit awkward it felt kind of rushed or just not like is smooth machine and it is though is weird when they turn over the stage to another person and then bring it back and make you had supplanted into my mind the idea that the school principal like pointing to little timmy who's going to do presentation of i'll never not have that in my mind now and to look like handed over to somebody else look at hey she is she's been practicing for two weeks to pat what does it look like just about as if it's been weeks of smoke has given me my my very tight now so thanks for that but it's going to be my mind because the something about it which is for the window before i was trying to make the argument that what i think they're really doing is trying to sway the minds of the media before they see the devices whom i wander like does it really matter to me i know this goes into my bias of like i think people overestimate the importance of news stories are like it media reports on things that causes no way to now but it's like look let's say all of the media comes out and just slams the next iphone how many people will can with what was that translate into in terms of percentage changing sale of eye phones the guy just don't know why i almost wonder like is this whole thing worth doing that does not have a word of mouth much as like gulliver breakfast tomorrow mitchell came out we cannot enter our funds to sell ten is pretty crap that's what sort of height of beckoned enough to stop some bonds five oh i am tennyson accept the premise that badly in the alarms like this headline things to mess up and shaking in crafting the message is simple i'm actually has kept a close i'm about nothing to npr's legal to and say why they tell us a what's important bustling the way vagina is that and you're not yet been talking to twenty minutes left on cool apple is if it's do i guess i should be free is my earlier point because it is isn't like other new phone is that like okay people will buy that but what i mean is what is the percentage that apple can possibly move the minds of the people who were going to be viewing the phone anyway right in one direction or another on a guy grave as if he's had a plane ticket typhoid in wanton tonton you getting five seconds suffice time with tim coke assumes posture in the cargo that's powerful stuff yeah like general sir very susceptible to junkets in three days everybody has read it so easy to show the light of the trivial list of gifts influences people's minds even if they don't think that it doesn't do just that can not have this happen and this is why companies like to do stuff to people like to just review he wins is receiving the thing for free like no matter how much you try it does apple butter of an influence in on your mind what it can not the thing that i wonder what those presentations is now almost always feel relief on the kind of cut away from the actual presentation to the pre made videos will have liked your solo video about the new wife on which we'd like to try to encapsulate everything into manhattan really knew about the apple watch though i found myself wondering last night was what is it is did that the outs but what if you just drop those videos on youtube and that was then and then don't show up in the store the next day how much of a difference would that may i can say why they need excuse to get the important lamont lights like you said earlier i can see that lieutenant casey wian needs to become the end of that but the super bowl you know that when people come together on their party's not before and not just hold the things that just to bring people together in the feeling is that this is an occasion this is important enough that we ornate to be reporting on the battle will the genesee a portion of us alive it's been a portion of my great with that i just think that format is looking really taught by upgrade everything else they did forty seconds and yet i went up like this or no full of this peanut what brings you want them to do the like shorter fewer hancock's we want an address or was that smile are probably would begin to get focused with you at the summit meetings over him and get a cut on a note the solution is that is not what to do it looks terrible packwood what shut off embarrassed for them how high you everyone super thanks for asking in this is amazing that was fabulous and just to be cleared the villas as a human ability kind of agreeing with you this year was an uptick you agree presentation likely babysitting something's up next year i do behar so we like watching it because i'm really interested in this and i think is always a final game of which is the speculate what is going on inside that ball game based on that which you see on the outside what they say that kind of kremlin knowledge is the thing that i am just interested in with regards to apple as always is no explaining any interest plague that's why we'll sit down and i cannot watch it like a man connor very curious about the details like who's doing what what things in the choosing to focus on that i i like all of that stuff this isn't me being like someone who's a policy walton who is super into the details of like a particular candidate have formally what they think about this you know what they can to do with that i am aware lake outside los myself and a relatively small group of people like most of the world doesn't care earthly good is busy like others in new found him in the store when they walk by and you see it in the window again is essentially everybody's experience i don't agree with him is any fire and in the wind i said i'd do you think people are aware that when apple maddox what can you find is open the computer is over the technology escape is like an event they could deny that but my wife i said to mollify the new life into coming up son goes up isn't much fun she said yes when an ounce on september seventh so i think would deny it's an event at a time of the year and that and say applicants matsuda marcus said i agree with making it big hit hard at the event and maybe even doing something that gives them that when it's like you some kind of glimpse them maybe still there are some of the plateau is the best advice to do it better at aetna and that the things you not doing well don't do that is getting better so you intend to the actual announcements anything with mowing and it is a new vision of the watch it's not much different than the fire in his waterproof and a modified jack strong ally out the same stable on a yeah people are really upset about the headphone jack like that's this kind of big story i guess that's this one that i just felt like there was not really anything above no to the clinton made a phone that the exact same size as the phone before like all it's faster like attend church it's it's faster i understand that the new camera on it but it just to me added stitches in my care was really anything of the super know mike i'm glad to the new version of the apple watch which is coming out again like it'll go faster but nothing of supernova and i feel like the past two apple events have been this way for me i'm wiped out this new things have some new hardware and the new version of you are operating system is coming up the distilled like nothing ever made in these last two apple of n.'s like over to ron significant interesting wow i can't wait to get my hands on a kind of exciting stuff to sconces dull boring about world used to buy everything about everything version of blood on and you watch but i don't think an get the new phone as we discussed above four like i'm very happy with minute small size foner really like it i might have been tempted away back to that six plus what to think of the only other reasonable sized if they had actually made it smaller and significantly lighter but this is like the one year i'm thinking like alcoholics the phone little bit smaller little bit lighter i might go back as like the first year ever the apples like nope exact same size hope you like it had the end it so no new phone for me this time around the unity sticking with your passing and i'm starting to have the state annoyances without l'oreal blood clot and to my mind the content of the lock them making more typing errors and i am but darling when that more often for some reason and things like that of fussing to the nice pressing and having problems with 'em all box that oaxaca because of them alive if the tax man i'm telling my funny but our story was my only know how by dialing happens but please tell me about the house to an for this isn't exactly about us to is kind of like that of campos awaiting actually recently close with destined to blue distant who is up from the church of smarter to die for people in china and the is a great disciple of snatch up as we've discussed before as everyone knows that chat together and we were making funny videos of grooves clowning around and suddenly my father and my age and always that i've never had before flock of an alleged like some strange noise them and i didn't i was dying on alice touching the screen and charlie to go why didn't i didn't know was going on at a touch something 'cause i went to why and i was like what the heck was that animal saluting at the fire and the snapshot act was item no zipping of etched on cigarette was guide on and then also up that someone had tried to call me using snapshot snack chechens as this kind of fun voice thing that you can do to cope able and this was news to the nose i tested look man someone tried to call me some stranger's tried to call me that's outrageous lie and a connecticut happened and justin was kovac an emotional was going on and suddenly this voice comes at a fern sank hi i'm here and i didn't call you called me with and live what happened was like some strange every step of the pedals and i thought of receipt is prism bob next to a prisons nine to five in haven't learned that at that and i haven't heard what's going on by the odds of the fund and is made side could you believe substrate just tried to call it as a righteous and the snow token of uses light also opposes that mustang to bust open and his life but i didn't i didn't call you and others like him is this nice and the laws and we can't show an omelet bobby with destiny was about its price lives of average island in all of whom all i was a proposed jet as opposed to turtle ham fisted idiot who didn't serve up to this pope is that though we had accepted problem is not smugglers are close us so something that i do i'm hung up i mean to be fair if it's snapshot this is not by dialing this is just you press one of their own labeled hieroglyphics or use went wrong on the scream at the quinonez is the control of the spaceship an alien i'd like you press the button and abuse in the calls are read out at that that any ids good nice about among all men are a fool of myself book another pitfall of snatch up careful it's not just accidently following the polaroids of the things of that now to connect simply find someone and not going to find them to live as they do you told that great few more and more reasons you smell checked every day if it although this makes me think that you were those people breathe who if you were talking about someone who's not in the room feel the need to check their phone to make sure that their phone isn't on having called the person to do this i'm not that i did have a friend to use today that because he got bent body was token negative without someone and yet but i'll put this on the nose into him i was about to launch into a like boys is in the third the gillis thing that people worry about like i know several people who do this and i always find it's the strangest the eager ever budget and you actually know someone has happened to the then again maybe this is that but not the lamentable on into the effect it was his girlfriend at the time and it is one person you're likely accidently called stall the bill frantic his use of the budget allows this new fund at the summit you're likely to be told him that the hypothetical sir that you got so while it's incredibly unlucky if it was evident happen that would be one of the more likely scenario is said i think he was saying things about his guilt and one of complementary and shoot us men from his pocket sized from that time on whenever we went out loud about something so that he was to leave at any one he took his identity spoken out and says wow i can't leave unosom this actually happened to mum's amazing to me and if someone accidentally called you and they were talking about you would you feel any responsibility too yell out hang 'em right here listening to you were we to do a client willis of the whole time high tide that are with the lot if i take it out out a short time i've seen lots of some upward to the other day and what they called me back to my didn't know what told them not been out about the relay it to use a goodness knows what i said that by accident in one spot that someone who i work with and i was really important business meeting talking about baptism of life deals and things of a new lows in this meeting when you know this person is and i sat there and listen to the hallways than about what spoke to me about the killings you're this amazing at the center of this thing actually occurring rejected that don't like that and urban legend that the blood that is that that i will confess to one thank you come back in my journal of status i did have a contact harry sometimes help me with information and tell the stories that i was in it's a question though about move and this present actively find me once from the bag that i wasn't sure if i'd find me accidently overhead fine because they want me to use some impolitic the senate by deeds that muffin for a few minutes just in case what about surprised if he's an amazing information that turns out by which show the nibbling around town about two or three minutes of what i can but some accident to do with the meeting with the alumina audi any ruthie to your metaphor and with image of the story out at an accident that they had never met so i didn't stick to that one fifty minutes and to live it was not the dispel unwrap i'm going to get to have a book recommendation for you which means that of course this broadcast is brought to you in part by none other than on a bulldog calm who has more than one hundred and eighty thousand or you books and spoken word audio products for you to listen to our next day's recommendation is how to get filthy rich in rising asia into we're title forty we're did look bad boy a desire like this one it's a novel and just as with the movies that we want for homework i think in novels are best appreciated cold without really in the introduction to the plot or the details but will say that that's how to get filthy rich in rising asia is written in the second person which means that instead of most books which are written either from the first person lying or from the third person he or she is what is written from the second person you do when you're listening to his book from laudable you'll be hearing how you woke up in the morning and you went to do something now and i think you that probably sounds like a terrible way to write a book and the last time you read something like that was almost certainly in some look awful english class with a force you to read and overly artsy and terribly boring piece of writing like that but trust me 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terrible you listen to their ordeal books on any device at any time they make players for just about everything sir you're listening to this pod casson you have never given all your books and try trust me larry thing that's going to bring a value into your life in a few listening to park as you should two whole really listened audio books so right now go to bauble dot com slash hello internet and sign up for you or fried three day trial membership downloaded sino un start listening and thanks to our ball sporting show 'em so i hey something that doesn't often happen to you been a victim of freighter sank back to late in the world of people who put out educational videos of philippa have been probably one of the loch year people with regards to not getting free booted i think perhaps to meet asked him is the unlucky it's along with your chemistry videos as well like those get free booted all over the place but like most of the time i have been relatively getting off scot free as far as these things go but in the last video that is put up which was the one about visible solution to traffic this was perhaps the first time and that's all of the huge is getting free wounded all over facebook just like eight hundred different places all posting its and by our breath estimate across all the various sources it was something like ten million views on facebook which considering that the video gets like three million views on youtube which is fantastic but of course as always with the free booting it doesn't really hurt deep to seek your video getting spreading in a bunch of other places and do not really getting any of the wars that go along with that while pop gothic russia's way better than good first of all life i can make an observation about a video itself this is another excellent example to many both things that i shame everyone knows that maybe they denied lukas eyewear seventy and also was really good well it's blind analysis mapplethorpe doesn't everyone i dislike this is what caused traffic snarls and so even reaction times and also released people sharing and twitching and sang this is amazing greitz fly in space and i'm gonna check this out most like walk up oh that is is news to papal gauche the bottom line is a thousand video is waiting to be might now that i thought it was worth mention that when these things i can explain to people that made the bed tonight that i think is an excellent excellent point because this is like his skill at bank in making any kind of thing we're explaining stuff to people on the internet and i often fall on the wrong side of the well where t. b. is super easy to oversee whom how much other people know about any topic in and some of them is to me as as an omelet working on a video is that by the time i get to the end of that research phrases like ever at all but to stop got this thing ashley curling happy with the video working on right now but it's like at the end of this day's end up with this feeling of all the senses everybody noticed for a speech like this really everybody does that it's so easy to over sudan the things you know are the things that everybody else knows doesn't everybody that is gonna be a tactic used to exactly correct and that perfect example when absolutely perfect example that the thing that at the time that it is by often try to remind myself with the world contains essentially and infinitum mounds of knowledge which is an infinite number of things to know and practically by definition the people who were going to spread his video are going to be that people who didn't know that's right by the people who do know this are not to be people who feel like well i have to really service on twitter because it's the good things in their head but i was really uncertain about how this video would do because it this was a case where i thought i might be on the wrong side of this i was thinking like a bad enough people don't know this but i might be totally wrong but i might have just made a video called did you know the moon goes around the earth lake is a point which people don't know that the man is a point which people do but you assume like essentially everybody who's oldest be watching you two would novak like that so there is also a point where you can be a big enough and famous must explain an air bubble sheriff said that he probably could make them in tears ran this dislike the peso's could bite the very end he began to eight a high price lot of sharing but yeah but the sauce would somehow oh no connects owed the moon going around the earth in all of us that we be talking about like how bread bakes like you would do would be all admit the as readily as this village on the town was to susannah what we can measure the shadow of the moon i legged you just know that some results revealed the audibly is straightforward video about the moon going around the earth in the same where ministry boarded you about like how does traffic happen but they don't go anywhere unified so this is a mistake that you made yourself driving cavity it is i shame someone else sentiments of forty deserted him look like your animations vastly beyond muscular of all that has some very nice visualization say that which was also a very helpful to the videos success of show up but it also meant it was suddenly in the steel of old faces now it wasn't just some many american try explaining seven cleverly it had pretty pages and that mains free bitches swoop is a bike handy for us to fate of the masses giving them with my downfall of that looks too good and that's why i've fallen into the realm of the free booting what is not the man look too good to visualize what you're explaining normally y'all craft and the thing that you do well is you explain things well with words and then the animation is almost as he died a few jokes about the thoughts into the people occupied but this time the pictures did more than your words did you get pictures that show starts to an oxford man in a welcome to the medium of idiot i thank you thank you to act i generally have not really good and ultimately i don't even remember the joke but that is true like my videos are not exactly videos in the same way that you were videos are the last so long you i've broken into the low davidian resides outside also will continue to love afraid that i'd a set so you oversee gottfried this debacle was mad at bye-bye now because most people who know the uterine the mouse and twigs what alerting made to the freighter to embrace the attic thank you very much about out the night i'd like to let rita greg's videos and freighters just fits benefit your limits of my life now as i have been good to meet that burden happened about at the edge of a raving about this is i did have a suspicion this one was going to be give goaded by thought out as a couple sections in here right can already see this is becoming a gift on a major and repeated like twenty eight million times so that they don't know he sought by and on my blog one actually posted a video by preparing for being gift who did it by give deluding myself by taking what i thought was like the most little iconic shot which is a bunch of cars going around the circle and in the video you only see it for few seconds these cars going around the circle at traffic we're going round of the opposite direction so that will be great have the gift that actually the complete bank and let me try the water market with we're actually came from so i get on adding value with his skin flick here internet go ahead get to this all over the place an uzi is single percent of its did at daytona and it's a bit why do that when the smudge earn from the video put your water mark of the fat i thought like what is good for the perfect gift it's it's smooth ride it goes all the way around that you could be one pulls out of your view on the tip nope it's like if you make of thing available of wiggins will war fun anymore to get spooked and i know what that sketch digital video bat that that's right then i think one of the things that they couldn't understand that fried fish and i think a lot of people think free dishes alike out truest it an old atrocities share the love dude but not the dumbest thing that isn't all that they tried to build their own followings in the ride bikes of the rhine facebook page in the right reputation as a supplier of interesting content you that i want to just share the love and maybe hultgren on the why they're all about themselves and deluding themselves and you've given them advice juicy piece of yummy content the bike and tight and then get all the glory for finding in sheridan don't think the most freighters actress typical most of them on the lot about these indy revel pirates of the united try to get the players to the death star to siphon don't say they're all about themselves utterly riding my attempts you predict good myself was doomed before you started the next as thinking about it all wrong why there is thinking about the totally wrong audience to give the right every place where i saw that it had hundreds of thousands or millions of hughes was obviously just a professional content aggregate earth does this all the time that is the one being so frustrated by this if so i have done a couple of little experiments trying to put videos up on facebook to see like what if i bought a do what i think facebook wants me to do which is like in bed my home videos using their actual player and put up on facebook like i have done little tested this direction to china light yet put my toe in the water and the end result was always been like are you ready is too terribly on facebook the kiddie u. poster on video on facebook its doesn't do very well with somebody else passivity on facebook millions of years to like that it's doubly frustrated like facebook hey you could make my own video is the source of all of these views i would be much more likely to give in to what you want which is to just put my own view is on there as well but my own tests have said like this is not a useful endeavor and so we ended in his negative feedback loop or is like i resent having facebook page in the first place or doughnuts early spend a lot time on it matches feeds into the cycle like when other people butcher videos it gets even more barley says it's very frustrating and that there is no way around it but you just wanna say very quickly a quick thank you to everybody in my audience who reported all the various facebook free puddings because right after the video went out there was something that you attended so i couldn't actually spend about a time filling how fond copyright forms on facebook to try to get the stuff taken down but i was quite pleased to see the one i did go back around to china after the fact you it's highly pointless lead try to get some of the stuff taken down that essentially everything had already been reported into oblivion and her boobs so the key to my audience members who did report that stuff but i didn't you appreciated our soil was gonna last if you saw both took action though 'cause sometimes i get the impression mature a little bit silently to the wild west of the instead you think unite the company them to swim back to you what the tenant to try get some of the stuff for both i go in cycles with this stuff sometimes it really bothers me sometimes i feel like you're trying to hold the tide back is spending an afternoon going down and in chasing down all of the free gooders and actually borrow wide positive use of my time i'd probably not because the lord you made the money that they're going to make i'm not going to get anything back from this is like it's already lost why do other people get to be like parasites off of the work that i do an idea riled up an end to go around and then try to handle the stuff but so this time what i was in riled mood i was pleasantly surprised to see that essentially my audience had taken care of it so what does that was happy about that thank you everybody i'm his exit is brought to the imparted by hunger when you have a great idea for your project or your website for your pot cast you need to give it a great deal meaning and this is what you want to hover for finding that perfect domain is ridiculously easy with hopper is the one that i use all the time because it's just so fast and so simple with other you can get in get that domain registered before somebody else takes it out from underneath you when you try to buy a dummy named you should have talked out of page after page of add ons that you don't want and don't need that's why i'm urges doesn't do means an e-mail and you can focus on what you're trying to get there aren't a thousand a pop cells are not trying to trick you into spending more money than you need to you in a thing which can be really over complicated but not with hopper and most people don't realize that when you buy it domine with most registrars all of your contact information york had perhaps your name your phone number all of that is published online in places where marketers and spam ers can find it and abuse it of course other editor of books are you oh well if you don't want this to happen yet to pay as more money to protect your privacy but not hover hover includes three who is privacy with all supported domains to keep your information confidential and it is one of the reasons i really like them so that idea in your head at that park has that you want to do whatever it is you have a name for before somebody else to steal it from you go to harvard dot com use promote code split brain all one word and check out and save ten percent off your first purchase to lock down the name of yours think so much to hover for supporting the show i'm you know when you look at a word perfect his own luck sometimes stops looking lock away at the loop up in the view that would free beijing in the shed that's the last five or six minutes and of madame de seems like a robot to men as it's not a real word breeding and i would go and i would not be tragic if the way for evading stealth existing don't like attitude on youtube neurons are just getting tired you can recognize the pattern or false happening i have had an unsightly crazy guy on effect of what is hot as i i did today for a long time going on in and set fire to stop jenny be delirious that's what's happening with and you're not nine am early brady time i'm not in a bag fairly whoa wow the wound is very early for you then and i didn't have that in the middle of the directors of guy that fellow into nothing into scythian smith an awful hot spots and i've never talked about flo why that's a good guy to work for that if it get it if it like you're in a coal mine brady was going on and in between and i never did have five or ten minutes break at the gym uh-huh motive for the publisher is coming up in a minute smith got to do your homework culture listeners lucretia it said quick update on approach a revolution what's going on with prada revolution this is the bottle at the center the into that of course everybody's been no bias project name who would know the husband's office at what to say that we didn't use to put an end and assurance which sicker the disappoints many useful record follow up on site for men serb the initial pressing affairs the oppressing we did i think it would be fair to say so that louis more quickly than was anticipated how'd yeah did seem like oui dramatically underestimated the enthusiasm for the final episode of the pond cast at the bob would be like a funny little quirk you walk off that some people might really treasure as like how how many people cannot possibly be a blue worried that you fifty like all women imprinted ten times more than we need but our estimates were very all very off we got that wrong we got that wrong about so wise yes senate i've arranged a second pressing the hooks support every quickly so you'd i'm going to arrange sort of another batch to be replaced what i'm reading about that business is over you that the reduction and i'm fulfillment of all sorts of things of bitten off more than i intended to church but i'm so excited because of the chemicals last time that releasing the record is something that light is a cape that could save money would never do it so doing is like having a little i get tired of the dream is about the little things that didn't realize all the hassles with them with a somewhat concerned i'm susan greek side of that and i'm also very excited to say that yes to that i took delivery of the five test pressing needs no this is without all the slaves in the wake of the bible loses pew of our notice to test that i'm mobile to present him as my works so i have got five copies and i have listened to it on the record plan if i'm happy to report it was successful fantastic say it looks lovely to be pressing the big green lot on the morrow lever rob's i'm alex kenobi print up said it's o. j. fans i would try to keep people informed five things like my elvis and to twitch says and patron of any news about the house gallery and also the viability of more units had if and when they become available from apologies to people who have missed out apologies to people they think the whole idea is ludicrous have a message that typically think it's really cool and i'm even more massive thicket of a policy that cycle that i've bought want to my isn't that is absolutely amazing and the thing that i have enjoyed singing as well and especially in the big things that seem like we were quite supplying constrained was i did see a bunch of people out through various means trying to arrange hello inch been listening parties like reserved throughout the idea like well maybe people will do this is a thing it warms my heart's to see people trying to arrange actual hello internet listening parties annihilate the whole projects seems like a ridiculous am fine but i have to say i really like the idea of the people who were able to get some one of the early releases a lot of the record like opening up their homes had to open to close random other listeners and just like having a listening party for the show i think that's absolutely fantastic that actually going to be happening in the least a few places so this is great makes me smile think about the dead or defeated in fog no i shut herself i was there i was as a listening party zero crease and that had to and it una now just one little secret wink if you take it one of the very very first batch you walk copy will be very very soft so late different to the subsequent as a society that trying diebold now nothing official sample the episode is different just a very very small small social thing to do the work will be different says he's got one of those first two fifty two the limited editions you can still feel good about yourself still feel like you ought enthusiasm has been pro boarded in the small schools by design that people will appreciate that and have two have to visually mark up the differences between the good things that i have to have some things that the the train collectors can recognize what one of those records is the regional two fifty which one is just the leader printing just took back in just a latent print it had at that later predicted of them are massive air her get that stuff really what do you call ot picked up about a very key is to say if anybody spots on this is a little easter eggs that for those fares to fifty but please please if you like some denied compost is collected the condo to self please stand by one of the page because you have to have both i promise you the difference is so small that it is no worth having arrived at the lunch menu probably would do that that that this sounds like the worst reverse psychology ever i hope you don't apply a group called copies of our sold out record on the black market i don't do that all the hits to the gun at you genuinely don't want people to do it but you doing this in the most unconvincing what possible that makes it sound like an exciting thing to do that was at the goes out with her did and i have that does that do to it but don't deliver it's really know what the people for that to that but what one is more than enough cried a lot of people have lost so she's quickly touch on enough father versus a zigzag that this is the the cheap scandal wound that has been running of the last few days i'm sure by the time this comes out what disappeared like cody stories this is the team on the thais asian of the chavis' intelligence fly in the storage of people heard have not had that twitch of faith they would without i'm the worst person the world has arises because i haven't been following it too closely but the thing that came to my attention that because of the thing that struck some of my friends basically what what happened was that about a week ago and as we're recording this bunch of people woke up to discovered that youtube hand the team on anti as a bon jovi their videos so what that means is that you two was no longer running any ads on their business and this old thing kind of started it with a video by philip de franco who was the first some major person i think we talked about it and that these things like out here we go you to prom are like everybody was to quickly get in on the acting kind of talk about it and get riled up about this issue but the breed his way to explain what it is that youtube has a set of content guidelines for things that they don't think our advertiser friendly and so that they need we're de mon enticing videos that had this kind of content out the thing and takes is the story a little bit worse as it was as big grumble grumble grumble you too busy and implemented this policy like this in this terrible everybody's absolutely furious about it and men and it twist which as you like i don't know if this is better market this is worse it is since turned out that this is the thing that youtube is actually done since twenty twelve or so now and it was only that they sent out all of the notifications about the di mana ties to the videos like all week ago i'd sell the the bulges woke up to like paid off hundred of your videos are di mana ties and turns out they've been di mana ties for you to ask what did we just never told you that it's like you do as always a plus communication skills with your creators dislike have a gold star this is amazing if if you have some kind of policy make sure to keep it secret for years and then suddenly tell everybody all the ones with notifications about how they're not getting money that is by fought an ole the best way to keep the situation call it that to keep this situation reasonable before we come on to the show so fussing about the poor not realizing that was only dying on bogdanowicz take from that i know whether i should take from that that some of the staple by running so much money for so many videos that they could that some of the tax could be ten dawson i dedicate didn't notice that at the lockup to weep and such poultry sums for that videos that one of them could pretend off and we didn't realize that touches been turned off i don't know what that says honest about the light duty but cessation is no particular generous and if a bunch of mine would send off i don't think i would realize i had a quick stands out haven't gone through another look apparently it's easier to find out if it's happened the law as far as i can tell i haven't found any of my nip it in the moderate sized off among the possible cause of a bunch of chemistry videos that deal with things like that ballrooms and various chemicals desire to get something so that because this demilitarization to come to a minute has been to have the rhythmically so i thought oh wonderful hope and trust my chemistry videos of that ukrainian an atom bombs and speed a terrorist attacks have by obeying to matarazzo would be surprised if i had and i don't even know where modification a mouse guys that aren't enough it's happened to mail not have the twentieth of idiots i imagine you would lead us to show just sorrow than in the thing is going on with wood which assemble for like i would notice and it has happened to me if the video is not mauna time is on the day goes up yes across the ice for at that something because i have a rarer videos him because with the spikes contribute much more to like what is the annual take would deftly notice and on the occasions where for unexplained reasons which i now wonder if in retrospect this was part of the dragnet these videos were caught up in but i have on occasion had videos just refused to piedmont highest on youtube which is just like a bizarre thing like a big alot everything is fine and unlike don't know what's asian for you for many hours and then popa comes back up for some reason with who knows who had an affair was the case but yes the youtube ad rates are not great and it is definitely the case that even though i have a ticket han of spreadsheets the track all would like my statistics on the tube baby be very easy if video from a couple years ago got democratize i would just never notice that this is like how much does it on a particular day like not very much an oddity so easy to never know so it is kind of funny when some channels didn't notice that they had hundreds of years di mana times that you can understand how that would happen yet if they got di mana ties two days after they went live in getting democratize immediately yes i knew the facts about rhythmically has been closings problem and now people if it happened to compress some appeal but not that many human look at it and read my lips eyes upon the heck with you that happens above it depends temple and you are and how those ila as far as i can tell it depends probably directly on have you got looted video complaining about youtube on you too because probably have a priority but right that you have a big loud screaming video right now that your problem front of the tube and that's probably how that would do it in the head of the thing about this that it gets think cause people to kind of freaked out about it is not just the question of lost revenue but that the way this works he is you two deciding what is and is not advertiser friendly who'd been so they have a list of things some of which seemed seemed more or less reasonable than others like looking down the list of like why would you did you beat the motto eyes and the reasons are sexually suggestive contents of violence okay fine promotion of drugs and related substances like okay maybe or drug use little bit unclear and different in very many places but like a tank sort of then you get down to inappropriate language including a harassment is like okay the word harassment is very hard to disagree with what like what precisely does that mean but then you get into that thing which is stars feels like a coded my mom right this unlike including swearing and vulgar language night owl okay we don't like curse words anymore you too can save this is not okay for advertisers advertisers again at eight to pull over the fainting couch because somebody said a bad word right and then the one on the bottom which i think it probably caught everybody really angry was controversial or sensitive subjects and events including subjects related to war political conflicts natural disasters and tragedies t. with graphic imagery is not show these are the like the list of things that could get you are yo team on its highest if you have them in your video from what you think about that for a while the first thing that surprised me about this time surprises not happening that maybe is happening on surprise the rhyme gradations of this on surprise you shit hasn't got like so you go to the white stuff that people can advertise on if there was so children's toys them and then if you're brenda most of chas and submitted a ga with a bit swearing in staff in a bit of politics than you can go into that category i'm surprised to supply comb wattage is can the evidence on endoscopic always thought it would be a little bit more jerry that china would be surprised if whooping silent off in and if you're message thousands of men smock ton a year early education genoese if you would advertise on something at the edge in cool queasy china silk cut the colors of the many can advertise on that if you wanna at the taj is something that's really siphon banal than he is this category the same so you to do said to say yes and and i and that must make law through the difficult for them i would imagine this to me is the most bizarre aspect of the whole thing like when i first came across this and i hate when everybody was absolutely furious about it my main fall was like okay i'm not one four censorship and conspiracy theory things the way this is rollout and as you said is like a bull hack in white beamed aboard out like things can be advertised against or things cannot be advertised against it does kind of strikes me as a tool to just to punish people you tube doesn't like maybe these categories are greedy abroad for a lot of channels like especially given might help plastic some of these words are angry at the fact is set up like that it makes me kind of suspicious because i would feel it due to be obviously would want to maximize revenue from your dad's why you wouldn't he let advertisers choose what they want to advertise against hands first in the pop into my mind is at know of it's still the case served this is gone but you to buy know at least one point had a special edition of you to which was just for schools and so if you were a primary school and you wanted your status to be able to have access to you too but you didn't want him to be able to have access to all of you to you two had korea du bon jour channels that there were approved for like a primary school level one about and i know i was on this list because i'm with you to go one point hold it like on one of these channels of song like the schools safe version of you to come they made some big remarks point message don't do anything like a really terrible some guy a u. tube tells me all monoliths and to not do things are really terrible like that again official notification about this guy get some guidelines about what i should or should not do like notebook a guy like whispers to be on the street that there's a thing like okay whatever is what listing was um yeah yeah it was like the white listing for schools in and that's me seems like if you wanna have stuff for advertisers you already have some kind of beast to start with presumably the same things it would be white listed for schools would be the sea fist of the safest things in the world to advertise against them and then have some gradations of of what is that the fields me almost like you to biz begging for competitors to exist third but this feels like you're hiding off monitors asian from advertisers who might want to advertise against sexually suggestive content or who might want to advertise against political conflicts like that surely there are companies out there that would want to give you money to advertise against those things let a little auctioned off to the heart to be your business like ludlow option sort that out scan have one of the auction categories be like cure channels that are white listed year's budget channel that we haven't made any comments about like whatever and then your comment that we have labeled as failing our standards of like language rugged you can choose to advertise against their channels were people curse if you want to i just i don't get on get a print in some sympathy to huge it shut out that when iraq cannot place you know what happened by woodstock setting up for these gradations and then someone love for the defense will find out that he's in a pedigree he doesn't one of the un texaco look out at the ties against his videos and apply the video again sank in a hash tag you cheap socks but what i've done that miss categorize me cite the post to go we should people as to look in the wings but i think like you don't have a right to have coca cola advertise on your channel with coca cola gets to make that decision about who they want to advertise against it but tactical amano be making a decision caught that fine grained the nativity sang i wanna advertise on c. g. d. gray but i don't wanna avatars and i'm a flop bitches given the side pile of advertise in the category a chief while on a advertise in the category child friendly with it and so it's a one come down to them somewhat travel a lot of condoms and sidewalk that chip channels i want an end table stop complaining that was the wrong batch and if i'm not making enough money and when jane i agree with our depot is complain that they're not in the appropriate place some will always complain that their channel was ms keller grass but still think that makes it much better problem and the problem of like you can have advertisements against your videos you can have advertisements against you the upset again for company is as big as complicated as you to get sick is such a buying married thing like he can have more gradations of s. n. n. at as you mentioned for the thing that really doesn't help is it seems like it was just done entirely elder rhythmically and as best i can tell from talking to people essentially based on tags so i knew people who had pretty innocuous videos that ended up getting di mana times because they're tags seems like things that would be really didn't see like violence or controversy but the actual video itself is like men of this isn't okay the lightning nothing is okay looks like an example of that even locked onto the accel we made some one hundred maybe did something about the history of gunmen affection of something and i had guns in that second fop to focus of fathers video that's exactly the kind of things that are alike and you have word related to it like don and that like all those videos democratized because obviously guns are related to violence like this no other reason why you would have a video with guns back to the labor to school says that by the algorithm because i've got videos that the things like guns in them and a cassette ollie's chemistry videos involving all these words maybe i had been demoted has never been arrested epithet decisions like i think i must be more to the outcome of them actually you think probably but this is again with you to bender continual lack of communication who knows whom us was telling recently i somehow ended up with my wife and kid frugality into in the course of the salesman talking to us he's pointing out there glass frames look at these glass frame seasons ago edge to edge when you love to have a photograph behind this sheet of glass when she does love to have 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special memory to life give the unique gift or decorate your home with the moments of your life fracture mean dot com the way to go without a doubt no questions about it and fracture wants to see york hello internet's helene costumes use the hash tag helene internet and show them your best costumes decorations or hall enoch series and fracture is going to take the real winners on november second to receive a one hundred dollar fracture giscard to start popping out your best polling costumes and show them to fracture melanie good or your fracture year ago to fracture the dot com slash contest and select hello internet as the place that you heard about them so that fracture knows where you come from and you'll also give you ten percent off of your first order things to fracture for supporting the show and for decorating the walls of the world i'm jill and i hate hamlet going out and when at the back of my skis go luke i think it is absolutely remarkable that i manage to get first go incredulous moscow doing his little hundred 'cause i didn't i hardly ever the vagina and what was the last on both not doing i'm work and i don't know how it is al this is figured out what was to be detectable was not and will be a minimum was an arm of the spending many of lunch break for recess time hardly scribbling asimov system asked questions about would get a job life i hate and what what's that lady go brady that a eighth year is do you do homework at home nearest doctor i haven't figured out the system that but we'll forget all now homework is for the moment you can find a new school but boston to diana yamada took it shines but i still today have anxiety things were on walking into a pelican math classroom having not been hundreds of a half of them and i'm the best says that the pain that deep comes as a maid because i realize the school anymore i've got to have the job of that has to be home with a walk into the classroom feeling almost invincible no not if they get total clubs inside while the kids and get back to my job is is only dream you tell the teacher in the dream which actually grown up dreaming you have the job is this deserted demands yet in the dream of going back to school but then have the kind realization that doesn't matter if i am a unsuccessful did so because i have this all to fall back on the korean thirty has dried because of the dream because it doesn't matter what's happening and i decided i work is like something i have such a dislike of that even now as to the bombs are you the brady that many people do because it's dramatic life sucking pointless exercise that said to bring those due to the hague we had and what the crazy thing is this maybe we had to watch for and what i had already watched the fella committed to watch it and so was freshen mum on but didn't have time to watch it silas snatching ten minutes to ten minutes later in my that if what you know all things were rendering are applied in our los feeding the dog so quick i'll watch another ten minutes i'm an issue which go failed to that is gonna like you just did homework the way he used to do all the inhabitants of their minister good then more than seven minutes between souls although they did not affect what delgado want to leave the history class at top hat and nothing is james brady nothing is james and how true that is did you do your homework i did my homework i have a slave nervous a reaction now like oh god i might be late with my homework and this time it'll actually matter because we're recording upon cass is not like him school word doesn't matter because i hate foolishly didn't think about trying to buy and downloaded ahead of time it had already cited have very many panicky moments trying to find a place to string it over my internet connections that i could watch it because apple was like hey he wouldn't you like to download afford gigabyte version of this movie is no apple i would not it does want us to images will watch it now i have exactly two hours to watch this hour and a half long movie before need to be somewhere so luckily i got it done but i was also cutting my homework very very close had to say that before rosa surfaced on i haven't watched it's just over a year ago this was a movie that's i didn't say again to the audience much appreciated many many people recommended that i want to screw the hands if you want to dramatically increase the chance i'm actually going to watch a movie that you recommend the way to do it which everybody did for this one is just simply saying you should really watch movie title that's all you need to say i'm saying anything else don't say even what it's about and in the aggregate i kind of pay attention to water lot of people saying water lot of people recommending an affair reaches the kind of threshold i watch it and so this was one of those movies and not people recommended to me and i went into it essentially cold knowing almost nothing about how we having some kind of standoff because none of us want to first trial pronounce up x maki no contract but the white dude look of love the director and actor been interviewed and you should about us what does he have a pronounced them is that correct him again arrived as it was thought that prevents that's 'cause i'm a faint bands have stood it's not ex machinist it's x makin that as soon as that like days sex mcnally to work at that perfect mail that's that's the philbrick but say of a full qualify that we've put three watch tussaud's freshen up mind spoiler arose a public standing in the near future spoiler starting very soon if you haven't watched it's hands once listen to us talk about it to watch the movie right now i know some of you listening to me right now won't do this you just letting them play button role on and depriving yourself of the actual experience of watching a movie and then hearing a discussion about it so things make sense in the world of really trying to convince you not to do that but i know now some of you will anyway and i don't understand you people careful cry 'cause you had a couple of dust what then is the number of times as c. messages for because i thought cost of listing job focused episode six day ain't enough on the government to what she met film that you talk me out to poach said now i'm starting to protest against them that i'm a plot that they suited own poll was up fifty episodes of the sock away do that if you wanna that wasn't what is that it's a very simple and with the old buddy greg you're on the contest which has the discretion of the thing which are going to watch but you can listen to the next episode that you can keep going on you keep this one on hold and when us take a look and spoil the film in all subsequent episodes as well this is threatened that this doesn't become an ongoing topic of conversation over we have a go for medicare is out and say what people would think it is rather not if but yet if such as tall as this one and you can listen to the next one when you watch the movie you come back to this one is what i do with hot catholic have a bunch better in my cue weeding sometimes for very many months until eventually see the thing that they're going to discuss and the violence and it's very simple enough to top of the double against but maybe stop listening to this one well with the film x martinez on the pre depended on you to cry 'cause i have the next while other things in his every time something came out isn't that awesome will you talk about something else would come up later on the baby crusoe that local hero said what comes out later that i have surprisingly little to say about the film so they maybe should step saves you know now on the new insist you stop i know you don't want to but you know eloise wanted to stop when it took about movies off why it's essential that it is not essential that i lay out my opinion first now now because it can lose everything 'cause i was a feeling your father played tricks we need to do the inverted pyramid of journalism the most important thing first and then everything flows from that the inverted pyramid that i'm you know inverted pyramid is jettisoned now at this means nothing to me in new straits agendas and he was the most important facts at the top and importance of facts descends as you get down the story like an inverted pyramid to the most trivial i'm an important facts of the balsam and you may think this is purely because of respect for the readers who are not hiring a nanny information quickly lieutenant is partly that but the main reason is from the times of old-school newspapers when things were just the cops to fit into slopes even use by pope said he had to voice and give my story gets caught from the bottom i have to make sure the things that get caught mass of the least on average than the sting of the methods that if your story which is too long the length of whatever it take up the bottom two paragraph in like a flower nazario us up another story perch in the news because he was a high rate of seventy two which is cut sometimes almost arbitrarily ths a few of the new c. d. p. grandfather's say if the film was good or bad and you'll find a triumphant sentence that sentence could be gone altogether wow journalism sounds like agree job this is not an agatha christie guy i don't find that in the final twisting sentence was about a lot of film policy thought the film on top of the knowing he was that doesn't mean you can criticize a low price of nafta but if i have no idea we think of the film tacos and i will as usual key which year brady demands like i always do sensitive okay so the reason why it before this episode are particularly press people too watch this movie just cold would just watch it without knowing anything about it because i think this is really an example of the movie that benefits all lots from knowing very little about it because in some ways this is a movie where not a whole lot happens to kids an hour and a half long and the number of the vance that actually occurs is quite small and fill it with this movie is doing is just slowly it revealing little pieces of information to you again seems bizarre was something about it to me which feels like as stage play was like here is is seen here is another little seem like under the information of conveyed in this moment in the murder megawatts of the next one and it did you know the premise of the movie ahead of time is right there is very little that can it interesting here the first time you watch it if what you just waiting for a thing to happen which really only happens in the final few moments of the movie so i do think this is a great example of light don't know about the movie just watch it and i really liked this movie but i think a huge portion of that is having watched it for the first time without knowing about it i think if i had really known even two or three facts about the movie i think you would just totally had changed the first experience of watching it and made it my goal was boring because of the lack of things that are occurring to mellow out its fleet funny in the side that because when i liked it much more the second time watching it when i knew the story was happening on like to the first time but like a much more the second time now i'm not saying i didn't like it the second hell is a bunch of stuff that i i really to the news you the second time around they didn't tune into the first time what i am saying is like if i'd known about it in more detail the first time that experience of the movie would've been delayed change in different but i feel like i could but all this is a really good movie like i like his movie lot because the first time you see something if you like you carry that experience with you get in subsequent view winks defend it's like watching star wars it you know nothing about star wars new does watch it when you're amazed at things and then you have a great time and you carry that feeling for in future viewing some acting on the side fine as the case with any movie if you're surprised the first time you watch it you feel at other times even the summit of the usual suspects themselves out that way yes you can enjoy the multiple times the same reason that that's a good example candidates the same thing i'm like i was the usual suspects about knowing anything about it and in particular seem to be one on subsequent ewing's i feel like a glimmer of what i felt the first time there is if you knew about it ahead of time yet that would happen i can say it it's it's a thumbs up today that deftly get the thumbs up from me what about you pretty negative that big sums up from eight to that's why i knew you'd give a thumbs up and it just makes me mad about the hall has think will come to that lana why does it make you mad about her bow to what is now debating get to the business of the film itself will look at it again don't get me wrong i understand that they expect enough is a different films ahead and do is with different issues and things got a problem but he would put him in the same genre that life of issue intelligence that was about a relationship twain and then and a theme out i firmly enough as well as to the have similac explosive differences i think those films a very good pilots i think assumes a public equally good outside our devotion like him out of ten autism pretty much the same up to i know you don't like the new kid you do like this film and the reason that makes me mad at you would deny this but i refused to accept the amadeus eggs medicaid and is so much more your style then her i knew you would be bamboo sold and dazzled by eggs make it as such i'll pass the house he lives in a result of that house had a lot of what a into a pit house it's costly finish this also got some natural drop in that and it's got what noise to zip make sure that it's like it's a huge and everything about the film is sense stylistically it's a real sense at at that that and hair on the other hand for it's got this kind of seventy's age i've fallen in lucian looked it up on that cot and they didn't twain and also it makes makinen has like suddenly to human interaction there are hardly any act is in a addison clean and sterile up and it has denied he goes to the bleaching kits and elise bateman he has to move the monks crowds of people as over things grow i would not allow i think both films whopping different having different stories to tell have a lot of similar things about them and assimilate thrust and i think one of them was dressed up in the gray cloud and what of them was dressed up in brady clipping and that has influenced your review the object that effect that at the opposite of much at about that he didn't i doubt that i refuse to play the effect that they feel the need to read you word for word the first note that i wrote about moving like a holy do i want that house no words stone glass of wood metal that baghdad egghead egghead that they would let you into a mouse how the i and but but but but but i know you said it was welcomed to the new respected that but i think the style of head of this is the style of its mckinnon is what was weighty and if you could've saved through that i think you could have saved both films a good anywhere about that just thought that that i'm glad to get that up because it's funny because i never thought of her once in either viewing of kids who they picked up in the cross my mind had they been even vaguely related fell i guess you know i guess it is about to male character is it relationships with the female and i'd never crossed my mind that there was any kind of similarity there and may i not heading ended at hot dogs had the red planet t. live up what a tap tap tap tap that anyway let's talk about this film i know a vivid image and yamada at this folk medicine which replacing to think was good first of all that house rape amazing you happy when you have to admit that an amazing how swallow fifty ten it was amazing house that would not be a nice place to live long term some i've furby amazing exhibit silva says it could lead to try the the new york hotel summoned for solace or the apex of gorgeous omega with the apex of gorgeous estimates that in viewing many of those scenes of those two got to talking on the looking at the house like wow look at the beautiful glass windows with an amusing you look at this stone in the main room of this guy's hat man i'm media outlets died in the rutland absolutely not that cool doubts that vertical have sowed left to go and spend what if he wakes them on a holiday get woken up around the resistance to a final lap it doesn't have a lot of the soul of the people the planet and i got it got out spying tins in scope is against the mexico by strength in iraq if i lived in that house that that would be my soul and body denounce it safer coke to lock in a gray when i was a kid that would've been my dream house who just allows a kid you know my dream car is lucky ticket from not are not had something like a lot of people grow out of that kind of pokes from all the futuristic singing penicillin you never worked with senior year and how the wrong i feel like i have grown beans and that's as i have as a harold arrived on lesser i ever cared but this is a style that the more i have ever noticed it is i have gotten older the moore's like yes this is exactly what i want this is what i was spotted towards the rest of my life is to have a house like that is all some of that we discussed the house i have gotten out of my system we we got it continued to talk about approaches like men bullet point number one but the go ahead and say in the film may be which is pretty spry and the story and the house and look unexplained to much as one people to have a very rough said some of the film starts with some kind of programming in it it in a message to say that he's won some larger issues from his boss he works for the future equivalent of two was speaks attention company designed by this group sign the bridge multi billion at the enterprise he's one is that he's committed to spend the week with the high enough of the business he thinks it's just like a parrot that he somehow one this is over there with very quickly these helicopters off to this incredible estate in this incredible piece of nature with lacey isn't mountains and rivers and forests and he's taken to the house of this billionaire who is a pretty cool guy who you using this incredible have since almost in sort of some of the river on the suspect list is cohasset grateful to that he gets there he doesn't know what to expect the boss kind of gives their admired as far as he can tell he's kind of recluse but very technological and at this point is revealed to him that what he's going to do is he's going to apply cheering test to destroy book artificial intelligence that the billionaire has my age he's introduced to this rare book and he's just hostess it with that the some of the glassware in the rubble is a blast off which gives us some feeling that maybe it has to be classed offer reason and he's told applied to adjust to it to spend time with a man's seaweed think that's the senate purpose of them stops by sea lift say the structure the film is he spends time with his rival tortured into as a whole set face and then usually pieces in ticket with him interacting with the billionaire didn't understand what you think how to and the story unfolds through these two threads these characters interaction with the robot and it is interactions with the billionaire and i'm creator of the rubble of the ion is this structure that to me makes the movie feel most play like that they didn't get so formulated six six six swapping back and forth between caleb the main character talking to the vet the robots and then that caleb talking to nathan the billionaire and then they go back get back again and it's going literally to six swapping news and then the end of the movie is the way that works out their first thing he say there that are the odds are that caught my attention that was what you described to me finn the billionaire has a cool guy he's easy comes off as a very cool guy do you think that the way he is the character yes yes well and he's got cool house east room rage at least fifty so was waking out he's muscular outside he's a good-looking guy who i think he's someone who you would categorize as cool as opposed to a minor character who's kind of skin a candidate a little bit less confident cos mop up the two juxtaposed with each other to innovate off you like nathan is very alpha of course he is he's a billionaire he's the boss the night his cooling drinks and he says come on it's not the full wallace to speed mike's these other guys guys in it to use a cliche okay so this is a kind of a note that i had at the end of the things go pull it was the beginning because affiliates sums up the movie to me and i was so much more aware of it on the second viewing i think the reason i like this movie is that obviously the topic appeals to me and of course the setting appeals to me but i really think it's story fantastic performances i three actors they're all kind of focused around this idea of like a better word for buckner like awkwardness and and so wherein the very first seem like the meeting between caleb the employee in nathan the billionaire like right away it feel like there's the clanging of their personalities like they don't get along and i feel like nathan makes all of this gestures of blakey sitting with the kind of alpha but also cool friendly guy but my reading in the performances like all of them fall kind of flats so i feel like he has the kind of awkwardness and that because it is bearing in his position and his confidence actually comes off as kind of frightening whereas caleb is foil in this movie of the lake is awkwardness is like he's kind of a loser you know easy like not a great guy and then i think they were the robot like the awkwardness and there is an alternate could swing alien and innocents the filling every scene in the movie is to character is having a conversation with each other and they're always inter acting in this awkward or stilted matter like nothing ever goes weekly smoothly in any of the conversations for the entire movie ticket think that that's the way kind of plays out in every scene for a home for ted you disagree get out i disagree of an iphone nothing neither is a menace to him devon ladies of the unpredictable when you never know where he's coming from and he is attempted to him which is shadowy to us when he gets angry is a system with ole supposed to find him as a two bit unpredictable them enough enough he's a good guy bad guy and it's also set up by the conversations that happened behind his back to where labor is constantly telling time of the money he's a bad man who said there is like an unpredictable edginess to a nice and other facilities oakwood borrowers philip he's in control i was supposed to think that is candidate in the banner of the lot easy losing control and then he saw both too was in the film we realize that she knows he's been in control more than we realize along i'm in a freeze the accounts and stitched and they lose the battle of philip until that point until he's got the better off of july is the elephant philip he's oakwood hostilities distant control of everything he's playing time of he's trying to fly eva which is getting out and how because of the nature of but i never felt like he was of oakwood godzilla teams corner legible budget great old performances of gregg is just the right live oak witness of everyone's so for real unbelievable aghazadeh mean is that awkward is applies i think better to caleb and even as word for some of their interactions the one with nathan new watching it there are are several scenes where the least the stands oblique he's trying to get he would you relax but the reason consulate relaxes everyone is like buddy buddy hey don't worry about the situation remarks like every single one of them and it makes it worse yet been nothing he does actually ever puts caleb daddy's know it's because he's so impatient diabetic thing that comes to me it at night unlike the site impatient he feels so far above i love that anybody's he has the sloppy friends with him to make things work and live right in what he's trying to do it but he doesn't wanna be's my ideas on any signs time with him and he keeps falling out of that like his impatience tickets and i i don't talk about our program this rice rice his impatience shines through immortal witnessed the struggles today that mr nice guy with him because he does he feel so both of them wants to crack on him at that is all this agreement is enormous and you like to we did the two guys having a beer and the ability to both acting very well in almost every single one of the scenes can help but notice like caleb is always nursing is beer's lucky clinton doesn't actually want a drink all that much word me that honestly does but again to me it strikes is the kind of like even the idea of the two of the relaxing together does not put you would ease with everything he does in every step in and in every situation does mixer wordsworth like uninhabitable in here but let's just forget the fact that your my employee and i'm your employer and let's just be perfect but dude if you tried actually put some movies you don't highlight the disparity it again i think that is so much of his character that's why i can use the word for reckoning is the word of like eggs billick alot of his interactions home often in that kind of way alike relax and just remember that i own you favor blacks and remember there were in this place on our own right just chill out what is supposed to be the villain of the film is in haiti like until well he is given to film but like he's always supposed to be a carrot there was supposed to like china and he's a hero's name he's alex will and he's the innocent guy he's os law worst hero covered you ye my cat and that's why he is he's ever like to walk is one of the robot to arrive over to them so he's a red lights go on and there is a kind of a love story died on a with you did or not the reso blue violet light to the family enough of a love story is that she loved him and all of that the bird was remarkable she's trapped she's a prisoner she's the use of fold as the speed dial was an looks like this portrait to go in in she's a visit to a therapist said it does not want to dislike government nathan said he is supposed to be the villain of them said that menace about him is good is clever though yeah it's welcome it's really well done is if you think that this movie doesn't do that i like and one of them it is i really love the character of nathan because they didn't do this standard we're going to have been obviously sammy autistic person who is the head of this a billion dollar software company like it it's not his character all the fuss at the wedding just to hold levy opposite direction in every way they could when you think about like what is the stereotype of someone who runs a gigantic technology company probably doesn't work out all the time but absolutely love the fact that so many scenes were they showed me that he's working out like he's clearly very physically fit i love they don't have liked the standard see how i think he's agreed character that is not that character i've eighties right ed but i think that it's true that i think in modern media base dies it's more of the trip to have your tend to believe that the conical legends and be a lot more hip i don't think they're breaking the mold by making the tech billionaire a cool guy of enormous t. v. shows and things that would detect billion is cola i can not agree with the assessment of him as cool guy in but i find it very interesting that to keep going back to the slick my aide take on my character like nothing about him breeds is cool to me like i will agree like he really does a guy who's in control of the situation but he's on top is that he's very confident but is it different thing which is like coolness which he definitely doesn't have the least to me anyway when i see him on screen where does the same different light of these ladies deeply flawed lights and idaho fill my spends thinking he's done a lot of 'em likable things on outside a latino think he's a hero to buy things since that he's just left yeah man he's cool headed man he's just like a nice cool else crack and i've been a bit he's not affected by his fortunes of philip he's comfortable using skin except that he's got these two weedy garden seven danielle we've had his way to go for all that i got to accommodate of the for that i can agree with again a thing upon remarkable about this wedding with his public duties three great performances and will get to even the moment but also find is it's a movie with that these are my perspective no one to root for plug you not rooting for nate and i at least i'm not rooting for diva and i also find i'd guess caleb is supposed to be the protagonist but i really just find his awkward loser ring is so we're pulses that i have a hard time feeling like this is our guy like this is the main character were supposed to be going along with the flick can even really rude for caleb i either had a politically for reasons forgets you at the end society it feels like you're as soccer or break from the start site of the way it feels to me with caleb automatic fatima de your shiny and lack of subpoenas that because i think like if you don't think about the twist the victim in a few things are a dime out there is like a price level thing with a love story between ten of them i felt like united 'cause he falls further thousand eight and he hides the she's fallen to him and will happen with the saito we've ever had the case to put us into a habit that there was like the idea that this is this is a love story and cannot save i'm itself and that the bed chapter and when it when he signed the letter rainfall that's really for your vision for the couple you worried for him to break bread a prison and have a kiss on the whole son ride off into the sunset okay so that we have to get to this right away because this to me is to another one of things i think is like the court interesting as of talking about this movie with other people so let's discuss eva at eve of a character who has been created by nathan she is robots she has some level of artificial intelligence she can carry on conversations and again another fantastic performance buying the actress and everything about like the physical designer this character i think is amazing the way she moves back just as a fantastic job of having her move in a very deliberate way yeah not not in a new stereotypical like i am or robot time moving so awkwardly which it is move strangely factors really pull that off she's very ably assisted by the sound design ideas with the movements all white god i don't know who did this sound design for this movie but somebody it should've won an award for that sound the facts every time she moves it's amazing i've never liked wounding two was sound effects so much that also feels like it just adds so much i can't think like what does that sound it's a kind of shingle leave team so he kind of sound i can't put my finger on it but it's amazing sound design for every time that she moves and one of the things i did and i'm pretty sure i'd i'd gotten on the record with her that do you always appreciate movies where people are paying attention to the details and i love the sound design with hair like just a nice little detail is that the character normally is a robot who only has accused human face and human hands and the rest of her this is kind of man's loose indeed future you robotic you looking thing but there are several scenes where she is wearing clothes i loved the sound design team bothered to really mean at the sound effects of her moving whenever she was wearing clothes it such a small detail but i'll leave your movie they would never really bothered by the city when this is it it is a fantastic little detail somebody really cared is really sells her presence on screen like the sounds and the actor says movements and heard strange sometimes interrupting sometimes way to direct way about speaking that the lady said the senate hearing is that caleb and eva are having a series of conversations that escalates over the course of the movie begin the beginning it's just simply annie get to know you conversation like look here is a robot what you think about this robot and caleb is talking to her very much as though he's interrogating a super smart machine he tries to ask her couple questions like conservative shrek her little bit like urges probe the edges of how good is this machine and talking to me good very quickly by section two eva start asking questions like this you status single she was to now what does he have anybody else in his life look she's flirting with him okay she flirts with him fairly and she's lochner look at this to me in the heart of it adding this is why i have a hard time sympathizing with caleb because as soon as i'm watching this movie even the first time what i think this movie is deliberately trying to do and what does very well is it too shrink the audience in the same way that caleb is being tracked into really feeling and sympathizing with this artificial intelligence as though it is a woman but the real woman on the other side of this piece of glass affiliate everything about the movie leans on you to think of it even as a woman but my experience watching ellen i feel like that like real way to watch it is to constantly in every scene don't fall for the trick that the movie is colin like you have to keep reminding yourself it's not as she it's in eggs which gives acting like a woman but it's not actually there is something else that's occurring in cry your penance at your being unfair on the main event that you talk about the writing down notes because of the maffei dearly in the major right gemini paloma lives of him at the rival big such a good looking woman who but very early in the film in effect in the next saying which forced me to cross it out to the many places cars on the table when kind of advice and have the discussion and calebs is it you to make terrible them that this why did you make this a sexual an spoke about the flourishing early on so it's not like whipping socket this is being put on the table and kind of realizes this he realizes that he's been flirted with and tricked by something that is very beautiful film doesn't hide that is very annoyed and the fact that it's still keeps happening shows the power of the cuban fry was a and sensuality probably allies and the fact that we use of u. s. will not the book must view is despite the fact we've been told this is a roadblock you've made her sexual on purpose and mason's really written about in a huge economic and i'd have to make it like a sexual think a sense of humans were stuffed this stuff is put on the table rocket stop and yet still coyote and it's still must view is just it's with both essay by that the preachy this and the charm and the cleverness of the i. r. a. like that this seminar held back would've been tricked as view is uneven kind of snow been tricked you know is is going on the beach hello what would i mean by being tricked is i mean thinking that this thing on the other ends has she uelmen motivations in human experiences do other things in a movie where movies working a lot of stuff that she would let go in like your along for the ride and that whole conversation alike why did you make her like a woman addington a lesser we believe is a ridiculous conversation but wholly buy it for the premise of this movie were nathan has a slight about like why would a gray box want to interact with another great box like i have to give a reason idyllic acting kind of bias in the context of he's been trying to develop a eyes maybe a eyes just go all internal if they have no reason to interact with the world's like this is a thing he's done he's intentionally made it be female creature that is heterosexual it is a thing refused and that's very different from feeling like it's a human there are lots of creatures in the world that are heterosexual they're not humans and so on ahmad sing this movie it is again because i'm a person my instinct is if i'll let you go for a second on thinking like that poor girl on the other side of the glass like this is a terrible situation all right fine myself watching the movie the first time again this time as well quit trying to think about like but imagine it's like but crab in their luggage is super intelligent crab it's a creature it has thoughts but u. la ale gleam is judging and if you're thinking of it as a human horse and buggy can still be a thing that has emotions and that has feelings that has thoughts like you caleb are being it's whole soccer if you're thinking of it will like it's a woman like it's holy wrong to think of it now why i guess that's why i like i find the caleb character kind of repulsive because if you like in every scene if you would do would you should know better then that spotlight the very fact that you're letting yourself get flustered when the machine it is flirting with you what you do it all wrong you putting all of us in jeopardy you idiots by not constantly realigning your mind about like what this thing is it's not a woman it looks like the woman who was like two very very different banks them as the set of the film is the setup of her as well kennedy him and fall in love with an artificial intelligence despite knowing it's an artificial intelligence in by films the outset and something yes and of course because humans can fall in love with all kinds of things humans are creatures that are looking for emotional connections and will try to get them wherever they can when there's a sad lonely single monkeys which obviously we know that humans are our frail that the question of like to see fall in love with him i feel like i never have that question at any point in the hold it i feel like my assumption is fromm scene two when she's asking him like these years davis single minute here is like you met immediately feeling him out as a soccer that at all false that all fake fur internal emotional state is i know wobble i find very interesting that when i talk about the movie with people like lots of people freemen everything from the perspective of like she's a woman has a no no she's not a woman she's a creature with one noble motives and it's a very very different but do you think that she has any feelings for caleb or do you think that she's just playing him the whole way for i think she's kind of how with her okay see you nodding c. has any feelings for a lot now i i die that's what the so is an effective at the witty mean then by the we'll see you won't she's love story like woody mean by that when you say about them because because it's still in the back and i'm still thinking i'm are wrong to have got the as this awareness in zenica elect has an artificial intelligence actually fallen in love with a person which is another thing is sinking three huh like what is the nature violations hips with artificial intelligence goes all the way through the safe wishes sat in the film has ever been in a photo of the market in that film it's like a scene that i'm in the world isn't affect humans fall in love with that eisenhower militia ships with that is that they shouldn't have but it's just but it's unknown saying and so maybe this is a question that in the closing of the love of artificial intelligence like what nature with our relationship in with them and if they become conscious does that mean they're also become capable of things that we call those other motions and you thinking is the film explorer that is that when the film's going in the end us now with a thumbs guide engines up and hope it ends up in cohasset and if walks out looks after self obviously but amid the respect tension that's his question that's been closed we didn't he doesn't love you wish him to it was called hostile wiser and i tried to do to other think everyone does and to give us a question i that's why the finale of the film is the choice that might she deleted multiple michigan awoke at hand in hand with him oh yeah i'd agree that for the question of this film is ask isn't even though i am like on on the side of like calebs is soccer he's being played a u. s. is a totally alien creature that is the employee list even try to speculate about but what is her internal motivation or thought like all that being said about what i think he is still that such an interesting question now is the kind of i'm willing to assume that she is consciously she's a conscious creature with experiences and and that is what makes the whole situation inescapably a horrible crash because she is not the first version of an ai that nathan has created great she is whatever is that seven thirty version of the robot that he's been making hands like okay if we assume at that he has been successful and that he has created a conscious creature he's also done this in the past writing keeps trying to make them better each generation is that okay so you billionaire duty in your isolated house are essentially creating conscious creatures to be murdered after spending a period of time captured but it's a horrible kind of thing to think about us is like there's no waning years ago on one side you have a creature that is on noble whose motives you can determine that might be quite frightening but you also have like creatures that are conscious that our traps they can go anywhere that he is just murdering but even if they're alien creatures like it's still totally murderer does alignment of nathan's italic in the movie yeah everybody says exactly but something along lines of but he doesn't feel that he really has a choice in creating these ai is that it's just a matter of time and who would observe one hundred percent inevitability that this is going happen like he just happens to be the guy who's doing it and i'm as image of what i find that interesting disliked inescapable situation because i do think that nathan is right that this is kind of like an inevitable thing like somebody is going to be messing around with this kind of stuff and we have to face this question without a good answer of like what you do with these conscious creatures how do you experiment on creating a thing that may or may not be consciously it's it becomes like a horrific leave knotty problem so fast i feel like this movie is a good exploration of that is like likable characters and can no good way out of that still a dislike her at her and keep up with us a lot better get the and it does as aggressive hoot about it and if we did crack and i for example i'm mike he's conscious things and i are considered by cattle so excited you haven't i been you'll find when the glove that blue those stupid game in things like that that is conscious what happens when you close your town when he died all things like that as elsa democrats i'm dilemma like when you die tissue of conscious ira assistant there we do i think this is not so unreasonable like de with the weird ethical problem is that what if you treat me i'm it's like super happy to just serve you for as long as you want it to serve you and very happy to just died the moment that you're fine not using any more is at an ethical it feels unethical one of the program that images like love every minute of it servitude and eventual demolished meant that there really corny problem it's like what if nathan was creating creatures that instead of seeming to obviously resent their captivity what he created a eyes that is like loved being kept at this with the greatest thing ever from their perspective is like something feels i'm wrong about that but it's hard to point out like we're is the wrong this time in a typical christ out is very quickly striving to the barrier free will and choice because that is the human decides to the wants to live or he may decide to want to die with what comfort women must once in a week of the self preservation we wanna live it if someone so renders their life to save the children will serve think that is another black and they just that it was what they wanted and yet we think creating an ion with that stuff or even built so they never made that choice they never made the choice to throw themselves are fond of the line to save the children and boehlert says take them off when i became sick because that was already pre programmed into them use of the flu queasy about the same studies show queasy better because the thing didn't have the choice it was like beamed into the madison housings wrong and you don't believe in free one choice select the reason you think it's wrong so i can see why you think it's wrong to be clearer i didn't exactly say that i think it's wrong something about creating a creature that is happy to live in servitude see it's wrong with me like on a gut level is something about that that feels wrong why this when i can point to anything that actually wrong could give the creature is a happy as well and that nobody's really complaining n. n. fi ly think the reason you cannot put your finger on it is 'cause you're refusing to put a finger on because the only way you can put a finger on what is ted it was sick and safe ground is to say something along the lines of it feels wrong because they didn't choose it if it was like seven she should get choice not compulsory the unabomb enjoy so i think that's what he cuts i was trying to run this thought experiment before mike it's it's a good ridiculously simple example like imagine arthur toasters we made them both artificial intelligence know for some reason it is the rotunda and yet the toasted his love nothing more than to toast red hands at the ball they're not tasting red they experience nothing had to suffering or anything do not like longing for the bread the departed from the house is like a neutral state and the like super happy to toast bread and they go back to it and experience no sadness or pain or anything in their life even when the deconstruct it the zapatistas ties does have a right to have super happen if i was sitting on the cash for thinking about that as like the is this but better world or worse worlds not on that simple example i have to come to the conclusion that that's a better world because the net positive experiences that have been in the universe is increased in a world where we have toasters their super happy to toast bread and never experienced suffering the guy is two thumbs up obviously a better universe in which no toaster ever experience is the incredible joy of toasting bread and yet they just had a big and so working from that as a starting point icons of the conclusion that there is nothing unethical with creating an ai that is happy to live in servitude this is is what those cases where there's like once i start thinking about something that's more complicated like an evil level robot that would be happy to be in captivity and serving me then it feels aren't comparable alza think the movie kind of wants you to be more uncomfortable about that because that you've a native of likable guy that felix not really likable guy and in the movie starts touching carmichael he's obviously having sex with his assistant robot person who's in the movie like at the new because a lot like make you feel uncomfortable with that but i think about was forced to beg with the question of like suppose the day isaac totally happy with the situation right well i guess there's nothing wrong with this i don't think there's anything wrong with it even though the something got wise and don't like about the situation when it gets more complicated 'cause like that that word from first principles and accept the conclusion nothing of importance to it probably isn't dying from redbook stylized is guy from my eyes to consciousness i think as a step there and that's where it becomes uncomfortable because if he might get a taste of artificial intelligence and still happy just testing i'm comfortable with that if you tell me that the taste of it isn't just intelligent and capable of living has consciousness an awareness of other options suddenly out through a lot it's been enslaved to me is the toughest when ayyad and consciousness that to really important made the ultimate definitions rhonda maybe if it was one of those those two things at two different things i think that's where that crucial step is you are right there is a difference between those two things are in fact much of the worry about a high is is the very idea of pay either not conscious that just are intelligent agents in the world that have no concept of any to just clockwork on the inside they consider the worst thing that unconscious by yeah that that thing this could be runway works that if he does have a team is not even conscious but is still intelligent like this is a thing that we can easily imagine as possibility but in my toaster example from before i was assuming that the toasters are conscious because when i talk about the toasters really happy to be toasting bread i don't understand what that could possibly mean without some kind of beast level of self awareness that big happiness can exist without any kind of self awareness that the toaster doesn't had experiences of the world's in some way what he can't experience happiness out so i'm happy with it conscious sleeve toasters that whore lila other situations i'd really like the khan dismisses on constable bust i still feel like that's a no win in the world had to have thought about why that consciousness is upon us like it's almost like a good thing to do in derail at the same image or am i is happy fresh with him he admits it's more experiences of positive be in the universe i'd building in ai that experience is unimaginable suffering like terrible absolutely terrible because it's contemplate the thing that you care about is that there is something that is experiencing suffering or a pleasure in the world's i don't know how else to try to measure what is right and wrong with anything but coming back to the ideal flight is a thing experiencing pleasure or is the thing experiencing suffering and i think that that that is ground level as you can get one try to think about like what is good and was bad ruthlessness as they lay we're going very far off built but this is a lie like this will get the believes to be used hang the conversations that i feel like the movie is it's structurally designed to be on constable in a lot of places from a lot of different angles this is a minor thing to get back to the movie it is so clear that the previous versions above the allies are not happy being in captivity hands as the movie progressive as seen where sneaky caleb gets nathan drunk and then starts poking around the house using nathan's key card and gets on his computer and digs up all the files of what happens to the previous a eyes and again i think is the movie very well then they have a little bit of that sort of montage is he's looking over the footage that so it's done to such an unsettling website is the shots of the very early stuff with us just a pair of legs that connected to nothing kind of standing in balancing in the middle of the room and slowly gets built up into these robots this footage of nate been talking to the robots in that clearly asking like why are you holding me here want to let me out but that the only thing they think about and is one shot in the movie which i think is amazing him as one of the shot that tennis sticks with you from a movie is very brief us from the security camera which is looking down over the door of one of the early ai robots n.'s it shows in fast or hurt smashing your hands against the door and tell her hands start to break into keep smashing a former star to break but she breaks off her own arms trying that get out of the door and i just i find it just so he plead chilling on so many levels where even though i don't have a lot of empathy for the ai of it like there is empathy for the creature that finds its captivity so horrible what it is willing to destroy its own body in an attempt to escape like that one little shot i find is that really stuck with me you from the movie like nails on this idea like the they eyes don't wanna be here they want to risk a one thing that i think was maybe a little bit uneasy maybe it was more janey center realized by decides that typical new detroit off a tidy getting really drunk and passing out as the thing that allows mischief to happen as they do get unfortunate and i don't know if what we wanted it would've been by to find that a bit of a type cliche awesome and get stronger drunken drunk apostles out of that someone takes eighties and it's up to mischief but i think he was faking it because over eighty bucks a bizarre letter on them unravels the plans i think there was any when he saw the footage of what had been happen not that's what makes him decide to stop getting drunk that was one thing of those at the lazy in the film that didn't you read lazy could be wrong about that i know jimmy mind being a bit of a little easy thing that is that how do we move the plod along i've given a pass because if you like they'd build again the drinking in his character in the budget does not trivial ways to hiking kind ago along with us but i agree with you maybe you would have been better if was re written so that nathan was essentially allowing caleb i view this footage what the body was being sneaky to hire we did this seem the same way that you do that he is genuinely super passed out and caleb isn't a sneaking up and taking is is key out off his pocket it's a valiquette of someone that had accomplished the things that he's accomplished in say mainly on his iron could have that big a drinking problem this is sue papa for what he's making all these idolize on the side he's got this immaculate house and the specific annie's bodies attempt on that and is this huge problem with alcohol and maybe he was faking the probe will go for the sake of his deception on time but that doesn't really fit well i can if i wasn't wasn't consented to completely said that felt a bit outplacement this thought senate finally he's faking it it's just that great men have great weakness is pretty that's how this works get his witnesses say the debilitating like having benzes law that said regulated just never get anything done ana ana winds and churchill got stuck doggedly yeah but not say why are they found out that the long mosque was like a huge bears have any started drinking at five in south america to get up and to be dead the next that you would believe that which it because of how much stuff he does admit that this is getting on a slight sides have him here but i knew ron under the assumption that essentially everybody who is incredibly successful in the world is a kind of a typical freak who almost certainly has an enormous problems that scale with their success that they're hiding from public sight it is rapidly to the killing you have to be such an unusual person to be incredibly successful that i find it not an all out of character that even at this fictional billionaire also gets so drunk it just seems like yeah i would expect someone who in character is this unusual successful g. genius person would also probably have some severe problems i think the well rounded but also top point oh oh one percent successful man like building that the person that exists i think that the person that you just don't know what's going on with them because they had a hydrant world's their problems i agree he would have extreme vices are distancing to be such time to shaming box and they need to get him drunk circular conceals get that from a bird that adults also widens its rogoff problem but the nip against that sort of brings us to the end of the moving because callebs c. is what's been going on in the house he's a bit horrified by it lady idiocy kind of has a conversations with megan that may or may not to be thought of what's going on but ultimately caleb and eva conspired together to have eva escape route the course of the movie has been a series of power outages that evasive gold to create that they have a few moments to talk alone and that is how they've set up that caleb is going to mess around with the security system of the house to give her a chance to escape the movie pulls one of the little tricks rethink the plan is all foiled for moments but long story short essentially gave up a whole lot our power outage technique caleb has already set up the house of the security system is disabled wallace occurs and the u. s. escapes from her captivity wants to lead in this incredible shock and he punches kill about luke football's can we get leo qantas to the floor and then nathan has to go and deal with his escaped the vote in the basement of the house megan is downstairs in the basement he's trying to get eva back into her room ava has conspired with one of the other house robots kyoko 'cause they just in time of minor characters silence throughout the whole thing essentially there's a fights between the thin and eva and while this happens hyogo this kind of assistance robots have the knife with her what's that strikes me is like an incredibly brutal stabbing precisely because of how old dead cold it is stabs him nathan in the back gate so we're even so used to seeing stabbings in movies good trade as these like violent acts and it makes this stabbing just so much more striking because you're gorgeous comes up from behind and just wish disliked holy silently without any and emotional responses looks like the knife right into him to nathan's back his arrival of course would not have the kind of human reluctance of squeamishness that will save it which would just as pressure every mccrea second to make it this way stabbing and things that it is exactly alibi i was steady like i suppose affection death and is something about it which feels like she does nose to stab him right through the ribs which is no resistance what does this feeling of like a lot to stab you right here which in a diego's the fallback he disables hugo and then eva are crude in our main robot in again the exact same two whole really cold no emotional reaction away to simply to pulls out the knife and then stabs him in the front again in the exact same like goes in perfectly smoothly than eight and falls on the floor and die is now we just have caleb and eva are left in the house as the only two conjures entities in this enormous place this to me resists you was like the apex caleb moment in the whole movie which is eva goes over to him after she is just murdered nathan caleb is like standing in his room and david just says will you stay here as she goes off like dresses herself as a woman she polskin from some all robots and she's creating herself to now be the stimulate growth of the human to be able to pass is an actual human by covering herself with skin and dressing herself in clothes and to my feeling is just callebs you just the whole soccer you're standing year just waiting in kind of giving the levy some privacy waltz she dresses which would be totally that correct nice thing to do what you just not thinking about it like this is the last of all when your body like all of humanity maybe hangs in the balance while you were just standing there because it is bro bought a ticket for all blurry overpowered just simply asked you to stay put for a moment while it gets dressed and then of course what happens is as soon as she's dressed she just walks out of the house without even looking at him walk stam all house to be taken out and she leaves and goes off into the world which is the end of the movie as interesting choice about whether or not and with her walking out of the house which sings of the within the classy of brave ending or showing the adjoining adults for some showing her told him to the helicopter pilot getting slide out of town and mingling among the papal food which is what they did did they didn't waste hello tommy that's not what they drag them for another twenty minutes to venice they did do with that distance by some minute get with the ending to the martian and yet exactly but it felt like it would've been classier shows maybe not ended showing won't choose among the people of that same safe a little bit like to dominate for baghdad advocate like a senate was done quickly enough to make us think of was in an abandoned people afflicted the dispel that then is a rather upset them thought about him how did she get back side ending wasn't affection too many but if those are out there with pretty fast or didn't even had crossed my mind the spelling out here for dummies mother though they were just trying to do the connection of she mentions earlier in the beginning as you want to go to busy intersection at threading reasonable doubt in the movie that the low is happier with with shorter faster endings what would like any ending than any movie you could make it happen long island always the women in my mind yes every single time coming sometimes it that they can try to have an intimate who abruptly to try and be different put his stamp on the navy said and sometimes you can be to the the we demanded that are holding out the houses in the summer i felt like an ascending that you're right maybe was an aspirant to have an intersection watching the pedestrians i had forgotten about that is quite knots closing of that circle that's what she did i'm enough of any use of them in the complied but benevolent applied for this thing is an argument that's the message that the sethi love sick popping up why is the billionaire they made it applies envelope implied by the synod soup astonishing civics mothers modern compliance human frailties there are a serious offer a time when you would settle at the mistrial just have that does what does that are broken yes it did make me wonder that if ava was on the other side of the glass and even more powerful i i was in the prison they would be reduced and would not like his official intelligence is gets muffins matter how led him into it with each other mid know what those humans ever that none of the battle of the renata if i was the lone in that situation and the room over why is the love thee too you can bet i would do everything to destroy a cave of the two foot boat there i not a zealot i'm the same side is that the troubled machine stated you're trying to escape and you are at a unique thing in the world of kuwait you have to try to establish your own security in existence philip anything that would be a threat to that i would not be like all the by missing kind of soap gabrielle bill and nada nothing there be the case at all it a big assume that that misuse of like each other an early so as discusses for many it is as good but if you weigh in calebs position on the other side of the gloves from iowa and you could just localized which ended up using stood up these lady hey lose weight as was his kind of lack of family and love susan olsen and he was single and aida was made to look in a way that he felt very attractive you know they used his own over the profile to make her look perfect to him so i'd probably say that was the weakness that was tapped if i was creation boy if nathan was creating an ayyad and c. g. b. gray was that came in that he wanted to if did you like what would your witness they will with the thing that david could tap into the that would help her clothes what you'll fry would say what's your software agua deficiency you review my weakness away the machines and seemed like a bad idea how to get at it and at cells will exhaust pull this off fit after like what pathetic of iowa's caleb what i would be is the last man protecting us from the ai take over at the thought of the machine to bill is losing to all the bond has ever to assess what to do with all he was under all circumstances that stirred the debate is made up of when it said is that they kept it in a very mysterious was nirvana time with us as looks like a mere all that the that is the dye kind of in the middle button what hath concerning evidence was probably already been set and because things i feel is alone when someone asks you an interview like what's your biggest weakness that i was delayed by definition up it's a very hard to be aware of what your own weaknesses or and out of the wing as best you like well take aim is interesting in it in a particular way which again makes me like this movie been in the general question i love there's an ai in a box can it trick you to to let it out there at delegate for playing by the rules like what am i is it just like dad is to b. something i'd die don't know what it is blood is kind of assumed that it would be essentially impossible to not be tricked by sufficiently advanced ai there have a clear idea of what my weakness is i think there would be one way better prepared for this challenge than most humans is limited to build a question like how would god outsmart you like i don't know it fact but the callaway at fifth and met him but that does bring me to one thing that i really really delighted this movie did not how one scene in it which like every day i'm movie including her has done it did not have the scene work either revealed that she is some kind of god like intelligence who is connected to everything i you were you leak or really loved that the extent of her intelligence is not known really known throughout the film the only thing that we do know is because nathan built in this huge database love facial expressions that she is really good at reading human facial expressions that she knows when you're lying she knows when you're not she knows when you're flustered or did you find her track of which she can read people really well that to me is the kind of scale it doesn't necessarily say anything about intelligence level and so i love that this is it ai movie that doesn't have caleb facing down against the gods like this whole movie to holy plays if a u. s. only has a normal human level intelligence and is that better reading facial expressions and normal person would like she's not a super intelligent ai she's just human level iq that figured out how to escape because she saw this soccer delivered to work on a plate from nathan what kind is absolutely really appreciate the kind of restraints to not do that stereotypical scene but if indeed the medicare that to help her escape it is also supposed to what exactly that is a sign that does that doesn't do what you just said fenn opposite it as interesting send them a lesson that is when she does is get and just before knife and arrives when a vacuum you dictates with the key erica and they come up with a plan about having been the dilute an ole do is look each other and smooth verizon lot does touch the famed as though this the communique a very thorough plan in the course of just a few gestures not as intimate something of a bit more denied the rebel to rosamond to do things we don't because without talking whether anything just about that so my father superpowers and i it's ability to communicate so much we do actually show her talking but it is this scene is totally players like the robots are communicating on a very intimate level without a doubt like that that's the way this works by figuring on another leather light blue tooth pairing in a moment ago at what they had to do that officer cover everybody knows enough to lightly touch and i robots on therefore are on i could change it to all contacts that i just as context everyone but i think the fact that swine and that doesn't work at an end in a drug you plan to take that night and you don't don't airdrop will we were on the tenth honest man that's likely that the the the other thing that no one that we thought about was what did you think of like the jelly brain when he stirs a hell the pilot brain would see pulls at jelly thank again is another another case of a few like greek restraints on the part of a movie because you knew little bit of the scene where the genius guide talks about how he creates an eye and that he was really well done because it was pretty brief and they just didn't bother really focusing on any of the details of like al yeah try to do some things i needed this material here is a brain with inside of her the end and a deliberate we'd we'd look at the scene because i don't really care about any of the details like a carrot what's inside her head is that saying was in a head you'd be ripping it to place trot f. i disagree because it would but i don't think in a hard as any clue around like i don't think that phone did ron is a eyes like the premise of the movie is that there is a high elected says don't really care about the details it doesn't matter you barely need to have this scene is all of the compass can except that like this guy's tree and i think that he didn't the adult and you could totally caught by the view counted the movie would be missing anything really f. l. and hang on this is several or is that it should lead in technology that you're failing to this guy and you just on a on your either the house between drinking binges it's things like i'd rather just not saying that that have been asked to suspend my disbelief that much at i as big a genius izzy is that he had invented the bride market at the basically what brian it is not test by the river on it's hind paws up now that material science is not a job for one person i could just get us is that okay how's torture or it seems really unbelievable to make an unnecessary because as you said we just oleg sector that he created this thing and he wasn't willing to tell him how intimate even set 'em up and say how did that so why said madame pool at the brain show him i didn't it was the reason for later to become relevant lights are on the picking up the only connection is it that's it is the answer to what she's drawing that she is drawing her own brain in the sketches that she shows him which ask like on what i was hoping you would tell me what this is the drying up of like it the drawing of her brain and without objectives kind of a nice connection but i i i totally agree like you get caught that scene in you'd be missing nothing because which is drawing looks like some kind of neural network anyway see philatelic you drawing some computer even like this is how androids dream of electric sheep like this is what she just thinks of her mind that's what she's getting so yeah it's it's not necessary but i think you can to me anyway it's like a relatively short doesn't really going into details so it's fine like i would find a way more cringe worthy as many these kind of movies do what they feel like the need to have the science character explain oh hold on to jordan that just sounds edward de que as anybody even vaguely familiar with how this works gladys pacheco cody get the outset the negative vortex of polarized energy as a degree what they go to disguise the suit of the work for anybody then what but but but yes so i really like this you walk sounds as you would expect the robot to do holy doesn't look it caleb i'd just blows past him as as soon as he is not a threat because he's far enough away that the doors in a close like he doesn't exist in our world hands she leads him to presumably die of dehydration locked in his bunker basements in the house is as she goes off into the world and i get the before because you don't know how smart she is i believe this movie is more open ended the most daylight will be snug maybe she executed plan to kill all humans maybe she just tries to live a life for as long as her components to stay together like you don't know it's not clear what her goals are to leave any point in the movie other than just to escape except so watch was the second watch ivan the very good film related the second time around so i was little worried that because sort of not much happens then find it boring the second time but certainly didn't go into little details that picked up the second time around which i liked supposed in his first time x mckinnon ought to wants watch it twice