Episode: H.I. #58: Hawk & Mouse

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Grey & Brady talk more about if Brady does or does not touch the microphone, Grey's animation and writing habits, productivity, the news, Brady goes to Dubai, skyscrapers, 1st world internet famous people humblebrags, accidental follows, plane crash corner, and should humans go to Mars? Brought to You By: Igloo: An intranet you'll actually like Hover...
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Automated Transcript (Why is this transcription so bad?)
but it's true i disgust every section aslan imprint on the settlement that it hugged the abbot and i have not ed it hit that we now call on in in jeopardy that have been so zealously confuse the benefits of total but that little bit but doesn't like that because of their things up so to bed and you've got a name like the feelings letter of my head like a second by the jared and third is though that but and it hits but it's what you like it's like when you kids and that is an added us the few weeks by the press and those below that winds up in some of what goes on greg how to win divided what the next which we did it or a all this this is love it decided really didn't happen yeah because you are in the california which is awful for many times on reasons we have gone over before it was impossible to record that is night time for me and very early morning for bringing us wasn't tread greg needed revenue no it is to accept said decipher my dear observances go brady at this crucial moment number fought for that and didn't it it's been ugly elizabeth guardedly and now an as at what miss the you were there so often it feels like a good maybe you should just tell me when you were not that the spiritual on number full house what i'm what plan well when you're in england let me know when you're not as bad as assigned to a record is aiming at visited it should be the screwdriver devoted to that but i actually haven't spoken to since you took delivery of the package of classic in perth legs the signing sorry i am as one big one is low the flags woody's finding touch them and the handle them for the first and i was quite impressed with the flags that you were able to get made at sedivy were extremely quality feeling in the hands of the low knobs and rising nice and pick up in a public morial that this is a flag that is going to be flown somewhere up but the one thing i was wondering as i'm sure have have you have you kept one for us ratings those of us to give it up like a little bit package of flags and so i remember people and i'm sending them off to the watch the post office as it was going through that good package and signing of lies one by one of bob they're going to be a flag for me to fight him actually lord owen have that attitude unveiling on getting to the bottom of this i don't think there is a flag for me quote week we have is like an engineer and because i saw this privilege of the batch and then the orders came in from people that wanted these with that quite expensive so i was unexpected most unexpected logos that reflects yet but there was anyone for a flag lifted the end said miss i'll have more my age does anyone and is a busy two of us and popeye's negative myself back at what that bodes very show on as didn't think it i didn't think would you do that you would somebody put a baby out so you just i didn't think he'd won one of the b. b. at the design nodded when i am happy brady because if there was one of the box i would but all that's really lovely i'll give this to pray for safekeeping but you're really kept one dead alive to me we crossed my mind that he would already have one in your little brady clutches has the argyle we must've to send them all out but no we didn't of course so as i know what it does i would have looked at it admiringly for a few moments and then send it right back to you for safekeeping well i have the once if we ever have a novels of a public event like a top federal state and the summit we have one that can be so both florida to the event was a mean if necessary if necessary if mess and i think that is absolutely necessary then this is going to be in our in our writer whenever we do events in the future that the flag must be flown above whatever venue we are going to be at god and blood if one of us evelyn shot stamina that you should generals asked if one house must of things about food yes and we would we would request that all of the hell which red flags around the world be flown at half mast if i won the child could shut down or i guess the only memorable day one of those guys first there's something settling this is really quite morbid but yesterday when you inevitably die before i'd be worried ahead i really hope that everybody puts the fly get a half months that would be the respectful but i wonder if you want to see the funny side is he died at radio signal light day for lagerfeld about my league is lead i think i'm more touching thing could not happen reading it that but but but but adams so i'm out of it is only a mental image of the officialdom ahead david event of my head and about a village and suddenly serious i'll buy that she'd taken the protests across the market temporarily because it was to such a fast packaging them and so on an eminence and indeed the signing him but even though the club president still full of this is like taking lives time enough up and this is alive listeners of the coach apart as might notice that anytime there is a one off thing that happens one of us the brady of us is the one who always handles at a time the iceland good shows up on ebay had any time is flags for so you recently didn't like it at the special o'brien t. shirts on what he's praying that was separate you did the the two animals t. shirts on tuesday everything that the one off is really a bree off because i will not heights one off things with a hundred foot hole 'cause i just i heed how much of the fact they are like you say it is always so much more of the pfaff than you think it's going to be an even if it's something simple like those someone's going to send me flags and is going to pass them on it so ways so much more of the pain then you think it's going to be and not my own experience it was as i know not for started doing the crowd fund raising thing up one of the rewards that it was a dubious hand written postcards there was an apt pupil while they were really fun to do and while that people always have the right really funny things were sometimes quite touching things actually in the post cards like pushing people happy graduation lot like all these other kinds of things i eventually had to stop it because it was the was just like this this flag problems like man is takes up the soup rising amount of time to do these things individually and to send them off the post office and so that was my lesson in scale ability i will tighten your projects they cannot scale automatically them but i'm very happy work with you brady hughes you like to handle offset bill complained the tools to do it you're so having depended on my 'cause you had to take them all out mom fogleman sana month i'll come back up and put them in the room bullets said i did it for the nation brady and he was our flags i was happy to do it but still you handled the bulk of it and i felt like the least i could do was eventually get around us on i have to send our men is so low we get asked for the signatures a lot but i'm always reluctant to knobs on something intimate someone inside out never knocks on something i met someone because i remember when i have asked papal visit nudges and the ones who is refused than the ones you haven't anna's burned in my memory to this dive fell much it meant to me when i walk matlock matthias agreed to that and a great tucson seven forming an ulcer member the people he said none who said no who was the most heartbreaking bernie and it's okay you can share with the group i'd rather not go into the night is actually feed its decline for the men refused her an arrogant and there are not men you'll share when you're ready now to how is it then it but i'm supposed to an autograph reviews upheld sewing up that that it did at the month of the of the germanic to the dramatic events it's dramatic events deny that sell the book has the story about when i met my pretty parent i don't know i think so but i don't know it's been too long you tell it again and you a semi pretty good it was a wish to keep to the west indies cricket to include jeff dijon and haygood child from cricket by this point and he was no coach of the critics n. and i think it should have happened to be an avalanche those working by this point and i took my lunch break off work most trusted my denied my shed untied everything away down to the cricket practice was without training so that when they came out of the training session of the trial has resulted graft and he was rushing from one place to another penny was refusing everyone died postel the autograph collectors debacle that ona said jeff can use can you sign is critical for me and he says so should you said ticket guy but other than it does it jeff have come here in my lunch break and i like held up my tanaka grabs my time and held up urged and should you might tie is proof that any looked me up and then the soros trusted my word to tie up and that is bruised bleeding faceless it you my boyhood hero is what that and he does that you've done that in a motive and so on my gloves and the minute he did that a hundred other people can run ever lined up and it does on livings as well but but but you know up i love him for august to remember about us to remember that he liked the baby out any amid much ice annie so i ten so leon needed me is so let's see i'm pretty sure that you have told the star of the pockets before now because i remember that's a definite so do the story has that effect on the contest will hear about it the comments that case that the path of them but they exist to mind me get at is how how sympathetic i am blow to the celebrities who don't want to sign autographs the u. you do hear from people all the time with these stories are burned into their mind about is less a person for it for a signature and they said no no no no uses to look at conflicted about these things that people sometimes to relieve resentful about that the bigger the celebrity is the more he's definitely but you don't understand how much of a pet can be for that person i work late it's not just you what it's everywhere they go all the time and immediately once they start signing something of that other people are gonna come up and it can literally be is really they could be stuck there for hours sign yet people are always gauging this on the way i would love to be asked to sign my name on something once in a public situation and they're not thinking about it from the scenario of the abyss liberty and the premises before but there's a video that i think is the best example of what being a celebrity is like and the video that jim carey took in brazil or he's been me that trying jesus that you have you seen this video mona but it's astounding because this is jim carrey in need of keaton is filling himself is building a space in the sunlight on him in brazil up beneath the gigantic jesus that you and he has the camera handouts here looking at the view that then he just slowly turns around so that he's now facing the monument what you do see behind him is just the sea of people crush right up against him all of them have their phones out filming him that's really the most clear example of showing that like celebrity at a certain level he's just scary because you see you like he is crushed up against the edge of this monument images that disk we're out of people who just want to get close to him as i've met everywhere and jim carrey goes it must be like this all taught must be just awful that's why the feces celebrity leave them alone that's my advice people who are good but isn't it isn't was gonna packed up their anywhere but by the wizard of it a thoughtful and as a good student super words it did but half saw it while i have been isn't it wakes up aidid's bitchy ballet on the weekends bones i thought was good at all when hung out with bad debts embarrassed at the moment gaitan oh it's air currents asked him that would be worth going to l. a. for it was due to date we didn't really it's a weakened and while our moulin and mrs deck was away is just the fellas that i got at doug was like that still riding on bicycles lot johnson at venice beach in 'cause everyone so outdoors in that and i'm a little bit ashamed of our mother outside the moon we had derek had a bike parents are i had to borrow another one from these night i we then had one helm of the dryness and that pele right to connor crazy move into the rise in all these minor it's the battles as it was cut off yeah and lie just got off the planet mop up of course i can ride a bike what type of late but i don't ride bikes often knew that assertion of the minoan reds allows been up on and off up often write a book without helmets and even though it was a switch to derek even that was derek's helmet when he did offer to let me wear a i did not take the high as those options fanned by tobacco but and the funny thing was we then what has become the sophie's onto it says and people were like condemning derek for that were dealt with it and he did admit is over at the sacrifice is no movement at least two club that the bing bing not sides anyone is the soul is bitches and thinks that there has been on siphon doesn't wear a helmet he was sacrificing his pretty face an amazing brian for mike in fifth place and right and he should catch flack for that because he was being not safe out checking normally where is the helmets that still though derek belonging to this winner off a helmet when you're trying to bite the hell's wrong with you ma'am if i'm ever to visit you inoue they can do it you dead i love the windy day old mum's in protective lobbying mosey but it is that stupid is ridiculously stupid disappointed in you derek i'm really disappointed and then lie within five minutes he was pulling eddie's plan and sending a text messages whoa we're riding alone as well as to when i want a habits adding one and now this is just so you've often that though yeah but that's where you draw the line that is to have you two spell the way is still protected that is the fifth on this boat and that is both left that's over the line now for brady's that we agreed it's protected now and then it but there was a very funny mind that when we're riding alone in his eyes lot pots on the big city can rot and i'd juno is over there was over a lovely will planning on saying moscow that not all of the souls i'm newt said we had to call him up and so you as we were riding alone we going up and speak of and ends the right side by side will hit mogg was was was blasted out of un will up with talking to him but looking at the phone and it did occur to me that if there wasn't a bystander who was like really didn't educationally yuichi videos the food they would come by with book was that ready and dared describing bust 'em but i would say new visa was videotaped look at how did his dogs is macoutes boys blared out his bones that michael sounds so much lot martin is it is studies lot he said the same doesn't that was that bullet might take away the first time a michael winds when you meet someone who does the u. to channel there's always a moment of calibrated in your brain the difference between them on camera and then i'm just in real life i have never met anyone that as close to themselves on and off camera as michael but when you begin your inner room with him and he's talking to someone behind you did you bring can help but always think like someone just playing a piece on studio x. where someone's playing abuse on study on the phone that got out of the room with my colleagues is does have a few paces behind me talking to someone else that's going on as vodka will so i mean we really gives the faded from moscow we we went bike riding the fence that and then we walked up the mountain we went up to the hollywood zhan hu sweat not the halo that was kind of a everett ironic my money go to the top of his rage there was a left turn our rights and on the left hand would take you to this thing called the wisdom trade and the rotten would take you to the hollywood sign up and we say when hollywood have as a visibly so ironic been repeated dead choosing between does the bin ali would hand he's moved to hollywood though derek has chosen all other he's deaf night in west hollywood will sit together was to trick the best thousand seven hundred made us aware that after the bar with a limited to the most noted is not that i did not i did not felony was a pile allied victory of the knowledge of the new book on the mouth that the country is good and evil snow on mount go to naples that the tree in the garden of eden and as the burning bush of homicide but we did in the event is and as to where the muslim with cruelty to his open support for ivory a lot going up to the hollywood star did you act like in the movies they always end up sitting on top of one of the letters that you and derek sit on top of the letters and hold hands and now this family enough s. already know what's what did she get a move you janette deacon an evocative from baja and to refute meshed fenced and it says it's like disappointing that was disappointed in awhile lots and lots of the gritty nuts and saying let the ledges on the back of that isn't she might've let corrugated are and walk away the corrugated carton an enemy got to the summit there was a few of our love jacuzzi says all he did number father and that he tried to save their chests in could've said he was at his word is big masters alien that this token of as bait that says i was at the hollywood sign talking with the number followed us talking about spade mouse is the at is that happened in at the pentagon derek's monroe and eddie's name in the dead wood to live in a couple of item houses 'cause i think he's he's looking at some of dublin dublin's umbrellas that say we have then been in eyes when i went and house's together like that but what people were coming up to us and so he goes looking folks this is really was the day we get the air two young guys above looking to buy a house together his advice that say why he would be went above and beyond the colucci to be basically shut finneran took me for not smells wined and dined make their there's atlantis is a wicked sorrow it was it was fantastic set them up and stop calling in depth that didn't only go so far so excited by really solve strongly strongly think it's time that we do some follow up on guns jensen still no no the one bucket with us and assumed that the crisis that could have invited myself this is going to those two that we will do a follow up on gonna certain still by swept it's time to preparing for the show i look at all of these notes and all of these winds that i haven't is like i again i just can't you have my guide to the have to load all of this stuff into my brain forty really talk about at billy's this time i have an excuse after excuse to put it off because actually by the time his punk ass will be out i woke up probably put up the second part of the video solely then ok what does get it all over what's next time but we're not getting this time you not to drag me into a brady the bullet just seen the other video maybe to god i hope so but satisfied that goes up but i'm not kidding into it now i'm not giving in to buy love i love when it it people put things off and is piles up after sunday getting worse every thought because if you can begin office to rise apartments that i bought by lived in this minor minor we used to like not do the dishes into like they was not a single day shift in the house can agree with that name we would like to have the thing that we would have dishes day where we would put on music adjusted the dishes develop move about that i thought i was really funny you most of it is might've my backup and he said that's nothing hey had these mites his house he used to go to all the time of iowa but real slow the university nights they never did the dishes of mine i use the boys sleep on a couch and use the house said he felt acuity lucky items on the moon so one decade he looked at the kitchen and so i am there was dishes panos look almost to the ceiling like that i would just go again by more dishes robin cleaning dishes and things were getting paid donna was like he said it was it was on believable cities on the day these guys are five unlikely surprise them for letting the stand the house and he spent bo dietl poor poor the sleeves up and spend all day scrubbing these dishes like chiseling third of them practically what they pay says he spent for five hours watching news dishes and pile them up old gleaming in the kitchen and these guys came time and he's a sense of claims or you dishes and there was no new wiley is adapted to four five hours of donna and i like you did all the dishes bunny suit yet might've been laid up and they went into the kitchen and i said did you do all the dishes the city and in all of them my son even the ones in the laundry and he went in to talk about fenner whoa for a fox house more dishes louder than go to bed they were addicted to do the dishes and started moving them to the laundry and add that there were four of us up front cost would dishes again does continue third quote unload it not wife has nothing to some other muslims of walter wyatt occupied hell's wrong with the achille circus with that but it is only two things to do with a sneer you buy a disposable plates that you can throw out paper plates plastic utensils just by the peso cheaper to buy them or you have a dishwasher they shouldn't be anything in the middle of these two options if you don't have a dishwasher and you couldn't keep moving the plates into another room for long term storage shed light disposable manner rawhide they did they do thread there's loads of either the ones in the laundry minutes without the back of smash them and put an end and vasily were disposable wanted to spot the expense of disposal lagoon major religious material whom today's episode is brought to you 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into that it was so what would they be going on 'cause i have one and grind and i'm glad it seems it seems that in a writer was it too obvious ah i mean i would never get aground by you know that is very lonely i wonder thirty one has made the greyhound c. g. b. gray hair and it seems inevitable now that which is good with a only a matter of time but whoa gray hasn't been a little bit of news i lay down on my mind was that by this story just say that has outraged me good outrage so the gambling industry which makes a boatload of money from greyhound racing and the greyhound racing industry is not some unhappy to clip revolt that this place these dogs when they're racing days finish traditionally have been treated recalling sometimes i have just been put down it's been terrible is not as terrible as up yeah i would agree with you the putting down dogs after they're raising dither over is not good but the thing the greyhound i help racing is just to something this really weird about it good could i grew up in a place where there was horse racing which i'm sure is not exactly like a pleasant industry but for some reason when you grow up near issue we're hearing everything into seems more normal i never saw greyhound reason to lie came to the u. k. and i was the person must care for where was it some big greyhound restricted close down a few years ago know what they're up around the sun friends because they were they were friends of that and with less respect was was a agree henry since the strange thing to see that these dogs that have been bred to be like she does say it's like this my doctor business like that but look the rod office some reason my ideas just conditioning was racing khan is ames normal and then it's like you would make up for jacoby good bristow puzzle we could read and then but now they would really did that but i didn't do that right now show and it's probably the history longer than was rising from london about it the same did the same sponge net present yet without without a little renew superbly these dogs to be amazing rocks at work as a threat reyes stressed their biology as far as we can to turn them into running mushy so you there is there is that it is so those are packed hide greyhound industry when an industry is a charge a way they they take these dogs off the bus finish the racing dies on their behind them that is whether that comes from you the was a racing don't lose raced hannah semi successful racing courage she was retired she went off to a try greyhound dressed up at the job of finding a infinitely emily found on him with us to put high grade and is strays funded by the racing industry itself another mine and is abuzz about going on in the in the parliament in the media about the betting industry not giving enough for some cases not getting any money ted tight race in good hands but by sea level fallen trees levied on the amount that they giving to the state to the tiger else has fallen by nearly fifty percent in the past decade to spot the prophets baying in the hundreds of millions of pounds them is that the company they're running the race tracks or whatever then they eat they have signed up for policy of self regulation is so don't worry we'll choose to donate the surmounted by it was a continued care of greyhound that is that the current state of things that they're just popping to do it that's my reading of it does same liked it so it's basically a public relations fundamental to see the greyhound racing industry can get slapped a lot full of excitement builds quite right leg and i think the payout reasons they have they have these things implies an easy going to play by that into a greyhound racing event as well by habit always have like a section of withdrew the blood up right a couple of the typewriter on some local about the retard greyhound just so's obviously so that at diffusing payout tactic to decide we had we we support the stokes afterwards the best support is clearly whining is one gambling according to this article is one very famous gambling company and he chuckled that fed and i announced that he is a guy that was stopping a fallen tree contribution of nine hundred thousand pounds a year i think is outrageous i've read this article last not an outside angry an awful up our people need to know is this which will preclude us and if i may i have some way that could tell lots of people about this and that is of the kids may opt to caucasus easy because maybe homage for that another matter in a crowded out of it no i won't happen no people today but as homicide this is outrageous right and so wonderful wonderful animals and this makes me angry did you think of it the betting company should be required to pay for the greyhound says end of life for housing or ubiquity think is the ideal outcome here by thing that should be forced to end this is what's been devised a column i think making his love of vivian payment compulsory and not just of all the treaty often i think the people who are making all this money out of the dry house should be doing more to greta behind them and i think if this company but i think if the industry's mating two hundred thirty seven million pounds out of crayons i think a reasonable chance of that should be going towards making shaw that these greyhound seven knots lopped off the woods and judges get killed and have the da capo offset the people caught sit hat to be pregnancy and not until it does not raise symbolism of his impeccable question for the no problem probably one of the arts is on his luck stood up by now try to think that at no ad does anybody yet but senate sesno that big snag words that if they don't get rid of the bare minimum of facts maximum motions bread but that the pile of dogs at a of these bonds that up but that this is live this is like i did i had been followed us from our idea i've gone to a greyhound charity events and boom and we've been very involved in penchant for which are going outside of this is very close to my hobbies like it's been since lucas bubble to the surface of that live in is because you stories going around about mistreatment of the dogs in the in an abandoned oaks found within a busy amazing and things like that as coming it's got to step up the thing to me it isn't me these strikes me as is an extra malady in economics does it cost the company doesn't want to bear what they are a producer of that cost the case you have this industry which journeys through the greyhound that that they don't want to pay for the retirement of the great hopes for the baywatch angle the prophets look on macvicar is doesn't play okay i am anti extra melody in general because then you not incorporate like the full cost of the thing in the picture now these are bad wonders but it does occur to me as you talking though is who'll calms the greyhound during their racing lifelike uppers presumably the betting companies don't vote on the greyhound that are light on but they're on vibrate isn't there people embrace the months ahead and the staple maize people are also under the cautions not like i'm joking about the arm the banking industry 'cause i guess the bidding industrializing make the most money i think they make more than the bridges and also the betting industry said to be the ones who are in the foreign lot of the mind and whether that's because they're the ones who are reneging on that commitment and that bridges are not reneging on benefits because i'm not a dead in the current status of whether the bridges of doing that it and says the betting is today getting slapped around the uruguay rot that visa bred by unit people embrace graham's for living and i believe they have obligations in this area as well i'm not sign it is just the bedding industry's that responsible the bad news is what drives his industry what is the betting is betting on grams which ended tomorrow at i think greyhound racing would would end within a year that's what i was as one alike who are the players here this is the visits occurred to me like it seems that all like you to come but i get i don't know anything about this because the men case of someone else must own these dogs the plaza the break is the tracks in the entertainment around the people figured i'd still be isn't males to biblical what should the betting industry presumably t. v. and radio about the how much that says supplementing the gambling in how much because what for the fun about that they're they're multiples dakota's here who are the work extracting value to use a cries and from the jokes and says i think ben should put some value to their retirement if you were emperor for millennia of it would you allow movie greyhound racing industry to exist then you get to determine what percentage should go to happy graham retirement or if you are numbered would you then greyhound races well it's interesting question of men obviously 'cause i have a greyhound i love like but i'm glad that the industry existed before because it did brother you to existence said read that if i presented had beaten him for tomorrow and that would put me in a very interesting conundrum that one has to buy dynamite my fist instinct was to say to stop a balloon if i was ever an all powerful and i see how much pleasure lou jets from running says she's never happier than when she's running really fast you says she was bred to love but that's i mean if i was in burma could have every every joke pam didn't on a big though with payload beating his favorite biggs is an end to one race awake and then get an ice pack afterwards and lots of people watch it and enjoy it and i have these amazing retirements in and if the left is the level of care was like luxury spa arthritis level and on and brazil i can dictate that will you give dictator percentage of the company's money that has to be spent on the great happens but i am welfare rat you get ability to start taxing people to just take care of greyhound which attacks in the hall from all these inhabit the u. by the thousands of problem and that that you could say like a fifty percent of your profits have to go into greyhound luxury services but that's it you can do bodies as stop a minute we should be using animals in this one but i ate meat and as i dread bottom line that's really good question i think if i didn't ever tomorrow i would phase at greyhound racing who i've been to race but integrated raising the fog but in that on their own greyhound races acid is ahead and pop pop pop pursue that was income would be comfortable phasing it out by the time yet even if it meant the greyhound says ceased to exist eventually i'm willing to be a big gray rational about that inside of the dogs that people love the dogs and break them though continue and if but then they weren't so survival of the faintest idea how much fat pat pat pat pat pat it accurate that i love the idea of survival the purpose of those any kind of natural selection with dog greek myth of it that is one at the evidence in a row of courage example what it's like it's more like survival of the key just as the bible the best survived was appealing to cubans the or at least appealing to his subsection a few votes right this is this it was anti natural selection that can possibly be as long as there remains a small group of humans that are extremely dedicated to greyhound breeding like there will still exist greathouse i have caused by that night and dilemma maria on a recent holiday new is running on the page news was running on the page that is like that his head nevada with and i was filling it with mafia and allows filming and slow emotions of a defense motion great united glorious majestic footage of her running along the bitch and she was running towards me an absolute top state and there was a paddle in black on the page that she couldn't say that i was oblivious to as well 'cause the watch was very clear and still am when she stepped into this pablo she had the most spectacular crash if you could imagine she i may use in the footage of the sea she smashed down head first onto the neck she wrote on to head back she slid for about two or three mates is on her back across the wet sand or droop or too little too well it was what she had to leap out of line because she was about to get cleaned up like that but this gets aloof bio bio bio would go ends but first the second awful limited britain had met him was a bit and she was cut by the straight away to jump up shook the will to send the water advocate way to tell them was ready for more running shoes absolutely far as soon as our lives as she was fine and ready for action the sole also appeared to me but his films this insulin mention it but it that n. at another that some low life with a smaller matthias she was just completely destroyed where'd that lizard was said about is that to my wife is it i've got that failed at an ad at the water good dog owner and then she was a bit disappointed that she was a low heat of this family was a look she's absolutely finds his way to the time she wants to run we put on the late for ten minutes 'cause we wired that maybe she should run the g. is one of them when she went to run she was absolutely fine this happened a number of months ago and that i needed to do anything with this footage of a show to a few of my friends who'd because part of me now feels like it would be romas makes it take advanced age of like and mishap up a lot of being told about whether i should like put this up would you choose to become to the patent have a laugh at or i should just like so you is embarrassment we lose our country and that is not not that close she's not on issues of that i felt a bit told about other thing maybe the time has come to put on you cheapest eyes were the hogan and his permanent omitted that it's okay because lou is flying and i have never seen again more magnificent filming of anything human or animal tripping up and says to holy crashing in the way that she does in that video and again the very fact of love or little audrey realizing what's occurring and ron think of him out of the way it is making it the video is just perfect in every every way that could be you have to put the zapata to bid is that every bit central one until isn't a bell yeah but that does give it to be everywhere immediately but isn't it amazing that by the big you would be a great reviews which is regular video the fact that you happen to be filming in slow motion by this occurred is that you put winning the lottery still make something like that you have to put up that issue put it up and some have done for the gray announced to the crime happens whenever you get tires off man justices appointed to the bed i heard you do for the greyhound syria donate the money that's that's raised about the great hunters are whatever man just like put up with it up it's great effort to pronounce the shark whenever he'd sign off on your conscious about id sickly low because it is so amazing but of course you do have been hearing about this for months now i think if we don't go to a lucian up with that money go to prove they just do it go at that billet what is that that you know now we're doing is our guest and i promise you brady and walcott out this part selig this is going to go up and that people are going to harangue you for it if it's not in the show notes so you have to put up no but that it is is this is my mentors the chances to build up more anticipation is now be disappointing and even greatly to the i'm giving you what you want which is that i am checkmate you into having to put his video up so that you can feel do you have the responsibility of this you doing it for the greyhound right here in the year and the moral clear on this one lady because i'm putting intercepted fainted your good friend happen we're good friends who bullies you when you et and you did you didn't blame and you just you 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on leaving the european union would start the mechanics of actually the u. k. we'd recite boom on that day so leaves out it's been like if the scottish independence referendum had gone differently that would have been at the start but presumably it possibly multi year long project of scotland to eventually become independent i'm guessing that the same kind of thing is going to be the result of this vote one way or the other vietnam without actually we seem to like to track her referendums and votes on the spot cast things about this is a thing that is going to be coming up something that we can have on our radar for the future it's a great tragedy that has an today is not in one of these pockets networks because if we were we could've had opposed the referendum that the people decide if we should like withdrawal from them at work but we couldn't didn't like me to the flag referred them but that's not the big does not let anything helen and snuck in the you know ourselves so we haven't we got like that something will be consulted aside from the us because we our own independent nation here brady reverend hats are not in any abuse coalitions us there we're mighty remark to mention the senate but i think like this a million questions about this i'm sick of the progress connectivity of it nothing will not listen to me these things but the million-dollar question is this do you think the u. k. should be in or out can you can you buy a bottle and now that achebe gresham is if i can vote like hard voting status is entirely based on this funny arrangement that the united kingdom and ireland happens to have with their citizens that has nothing to do with the u. but if i was an italian citizen living in united kingdom would not be allowed to vote him national actions but actually never occurred to me and so you just asked out if i can vote and i wouldn't be surprised if i'm not allowed to vote i don't know what the rules are i may not be able to on this as an irish citizen in the u. k. buy can buy a bottle out by high up on a fully fledged you take this and i have the life of the kettles boil up to her get a vote i do not yet know how i'm going to but i'm very i'm familiar with all the arguments which i'd cut finger batista n. n. is now move by a completely in actually reserves the right to change my mind that if i had it is someone put down to my head right now said bread is it hold it together i would fight to stay in the u. to every particular reasons why we're there to target feeling it's partly doubt and it's probably about a film like some of the people who want to leave the yacht perhaps have a more in sheila i then made in chilean like that a judgmental i but then what in the u. jenny they love orange lopez on the night they see the year is an external thank them and that that that might because of my work i travel into the u. of what the business back in the years i like the freedom of all of that and i i suspect if the u. k. was muslim they invaded they would be to small barry is put up to a non acero insurmountable barriers and neither was a time when it was stated business to happen to that has become very easy having the u. is one big saying this to someone in my position who says for purely selfish perspective a lot of traveling to business in the year without much in conference so as often as good things in mind what would be with him in the case you're whispering before like going into a corner from would make a video about this though let's talk about the new projects like it's eighty four eighty likely that i will end up making a video on this topic the music is that every time i have looked into doing any kind of video on the u. of which i have only don juan de just barely touched on anything that the e. u. and its relationship with all of the member countries is just so red oblique complicated and i used to be very much from more protein you then i am now after having looked into a whole bunch of stuff about it because looking into the details of how we're peeking in operates the go on to the book i used to dismiss as kind of crazy people about how the european union is super undemocratic big when you actually dig into all of the details about how the whole system works ago i've been out a kind of is an undemocratic governmental body linkages have so many we're done ways that so many on elected people make decisions so i do not dismiss the criticism of the u. out of hand racist it's the whole thing is very very complicated it's different way also a lot aside from it's kind of yeah right but overriding structure is a very slow boat a lot but i said the group criticized things that you'd been on the wastefulness and things and to the cows come home but by the side that's maybe it's not the core argument and the thing is without any one of getting a violent changing that rye whiskey was getting a violent leaving a right that's exactly it like this does it mean outvote and is look at the superstructure that maybe like to read you till one day and everybody has different feelings on this that the slang term for this argument often is is that the short ever people talk about the united states of europe where it seems likely that is a general political movement towards more of a united states of europe situation he bet that the various member countries are more unified and what they do as opposed to the current situation where they are less unified is to hide out in all of this complicated argument about what what do you want the european union to be in and do you want to continue to be a member of that i am definitely going to over the next few weeks try and then digging to as much as like hannah of the u. argument for leaving because my natural first response is like you if i had to vote today someone does put a gun to my head i would say the u. k. should stay at what that is minute natural position on that so i think believing would be a mistake about wouldn't put together a big yawn that's the cat i can just take my natural response and then just belair is or isn't the way to stay and so i am i'm interested in seeking out and try to find all the arguments for the opposite side of this should not take from this that you owe leaning towards a video that we have up to have more of a position rather than just lying at the facts like she should we expect of the year when you come to a conclusion and that is a somewhat you'd have no video you would mind no one is the thing i can say at the video comes a conclusion without having actually don all the research at a time like popeye guy bill route right buddy look look let's imagine right leg let's imagine this scenario in which my initial thoughts of one area where have gleaned about how the u. in the u. k. interact over the years of living here if my initial thoughts hand out to the way that i think them up i would be very comfortable making a video that that explicitly said something like the u. k. should stay in the u. if after philippa have done due diligence on this topic that i can buy came back fat i'd be fine making a video like that but i don't know if that's the way that video was going to come out and so actually you research more into glycol to my own side right which i don't know all about all that well and the opposing side like it is the one to be able to look it is more than just my initial reaction so i'm curious to try to find legitimate sources on both sides for this but again my initial impressions which into that may be very very wrong but my ate my feeling on this for everything i know about the u. k. in the u. do we seems like the u. k. has the best of everything when it comes to the european union with the u. k. has all of these exemptions from european laws that doesn't like the u. k. is not involved in the monetary currency so it doesn't have to deal with any of those problems the u. k. is not part of the shank an agreement to sell it has it's own border control is totally separate from the rest of the european union it it seems like all of the things that the kinds of people who want to leave the you talk about it that the u. k. r. a. has a lot about stuff like you already have control of its own currency in borders and and many of its own rules i don't see the potential games olive leaving our weighing that costs like that the benefit of being integrated with the european union with the ability of being able to do business much more easily that's minus on a bike to be wrong like to cut the things that are not considering here but those those are my initial thoughts as of right now but would you say is as though that the weeks and months go on people start having more arguments about the sinister looking into it more deeply like i'm a change my opinion on that but i think my vote would be to stay in auditioning you don't like the flat that is boring things like the boring corporate find themselves was wikipedia bank flag who knows what that does not extend again on the wreck of the fact that at that that end met before and i i don't feel super pashley about a dozen sullivan isn't that its job relatives of genetic super national structure it but what if he's if he said on the big if he said it looks older looks kind of italian it would be doing its job with the f. job number one is to be bland and an inoffensive hovered over the budget stars in a circle the time it is in a in that with whether good or a penny with the other pick the most corporate of all colors blue in that respect it is as a designer will and who don't have led to someone said the senate led the hit someone come up with that like that diabetes a brief i'm done tonight's episode has been brought to buy square spice this must be the simplest way to create a beautiful landing by age when saw it all on on stole up i've got the city's tolls and ten flights anyone and i mean anyone can cry as stylish where pipes as easy to my entire by his quest was 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often turn halide at that websites that it's a diet and thanks to square spies for this apopka elements met him have you seen all of the curve awful over the u. tube system really busy with a lot you're making videos but i don't like how things were continue to have you been following the law by a befallen a little bit out of the living bob in getting a good flynn talked about this yeah but bob alive i've been at the center or three pushing stole home fact and the last wake the rio spy and i visited by this to teach it did facebook free bird should be gestapo clue to such a point that it became at trending topic on you geographical was the third biggest funding that it was the third biggest funding topic on facebook why was just at that and the victim coins it's probably coincidentally but well tom tomorrow's contacted by the wall street journal that that that was doing an article about three basic story out and that and want to point to some bozo recommended to them by the interview is over the base old now but doctor sought you out of the world expert on for good well i'm not an expert on favorite thing but as the corner of the west as i as as some people may realize i think i have a special place in the pantheon of predicted for and buddy i was thinking of the diet island to know how i lived giacometti brag about how i came up with his word that's taken off booze that's only one should brag about what defines into the wood murder i'll be proud of that i do not he maybe this is the kind of i'm i'm realizing maybe it's the claim to the infamy the net but he be hugo the alimony to get that list and it is it sometimes you say anything's the don't even know how to respond this is what you say hey is that it could get it you really do is to keep the roman this brady wrench into my brain and all the cusack locked up problem where brain is trying to correct but how do we explain to him the coining the word is not the same thing is participating in the thing that the words what the law rain is going to happen as lady audience but you must understand the behemoth does not make to explain to me to what i'm saying is if you invented the word madam would that be like a nice it's like if the disease gets nine left in like is that but that's not a good thing is at the scene played the vera way you phrased that does make by bring them back to king who was that it's not doing that thing right like lou gehrig didn't bring lou gehrig's disease to the world it's named after the deck not exactly but he's live forever so shaken up right like i think that i think people they're blaming lou gehrig's it is to say he's but he's associate with an iffy kenneth and if we could bring him back i'm asking the questions said do you want this disease to be known as lou gehrig's disease this is a bit different now because actually named out doesn't but still the reason is that this is this is the classic braking maneuver of taking something and turning into a vastly more extreme version of itself was like yet i don't look for them what would you do you really we go back you're really sample of like inventing the word murder how can anyone possibly possibly object to that exhibit a climate of the word were out at what lovely no one really does exist if you would sir the victimization did admit it like when you looked at him and pray that this break hugo in primitive in its target like forever isuzu do with this end he clearly calm to the point of long ago maybe even a year ago now where the vast majority of people who were using the word fried wouldn't have no clue who we want to add on it for us at this let's get that idea like autumn forever with us to vote is the good of r. u. thou who are already a bit longer relegated to the dustbin of linguistic go history of my friends but it'll only get over this corner the internet that if any idea and it's withdrew the revenue side is is the alberto altered or you've got what cup and a well documented of the visions right into the bank had happened and that you're the remaining do but jupiter like the new back to you in a thousand is like obviously obviously every time someone's is free basing didn't like the devoted to that but a thousand years someone was i wanted to stop calling it fried chicken with some packet to make my start researching and and stumble over a unlike no one who care about what i think people evidence on that that like a white kids a lot of my job all that made the a.'s will anything about sex that is one thing by passing the guy who makes the attitude he made to the thing is that margaret is that i think it is not a larger at letting again you're investing people a thousand years from now remember and we you are not know of what now at a that but i'm just making the point that to you going to be associated with coming up with something that is a negative that i feel like you understand that you pretending not to 'em back then and that is as the the dogs that are fundamental problem hey it's like no beads on the left mike up any idea what to try this at a thug and had you invented for putting bambino be be happy about it in him that in the future people look up to the ruby ring of the word and for brief second able read your name in the book long after you're done forgot i'm letting you the kind of person would bring some sort of sort of pleasure to you don't if a best case bob but i didn't apply to like to think of things ended up from nothing to do but but i think that my hope it does for existing is said that i can add enough money to buy tomorrow's dinner i do like to think there's more to me than just sustaining myself into my house of states including by daylight i don't want a good today by reading about encyclopedias anything i have none visions like that not like to think not is a bit more to me then the next mail by the majesty of negative association with free but if it that and it had at that part as they did that then you i i didn't look like to visit but did this show into the biggest no bullshit gentleness and i'm and the end of the position was and this is my opposition at the moment is on just exhausted by bought a minute and i just say to model these people which we too many miami mabel the scene at the scene now this web sites taken a lot these supplies flying out what's on fits on all of these facebook pages nap and this was a good bye to the weekend that she was with that and assigned to him i wish but but they were telling me um i don't want it to stop telling makers and done didn't know which is good but almost wish that i didn't 'cause it just became a cognitive legend but the one that i didn't wanna get all upset me go to the mattresses ivor i just bought by this was like wisdom and i live on just this is what happens there are so this wall street journal guard called up and i think it was hiding the audio file up and down the rampage and i was by is the signed him look man i just i'm just it's so supplies to slide new jobs of the progress of it but but then as what all and a rabbit ran the world look at that and he asked me if the questions and got the five that so i'm a i'm a busy wisecracks towards the end of showbiz be anything that will get used to the article is anything gets used to be out go on i'll come across as like an angry wisecrack that if that's what i never talked to reporters let's have the effect you should know that it if i didn't come across this quiet i think the overarching fame of made on the issue of free between now and copyright is one of jaded exhaustion and bob's been beaten down beat up speed date and he said he said to make it and it seems like the white ford for the aged is also the cheap signal it for this just to stop putting all their videos on facebook so the paper to put on facebook first move and i said good-bye said go to state what tragic why tenth of the water and if they win the war that why have them in the thing is it's like that it's a serious consideration of course at the thing that i have totally tested out of a couple to follow me on my facebook page will notice but occasionally tested putting native videos just on facebook for the exact same thing of like a try at least be the first person to post my own goddamn video on facebook and try try to get some some number abuse from that eleven is is the whole really depressing to to end up doing anyway that's not that's not the mindedness dine on this political clout it that says i had the side issue in the never-ending exciting adventures of copyrights quick to talk over the top about now look at this to the the thing was to recess navarro is the dumbest the club or in the caucasus loses it's very inside it should but that's why we that's going to be in here pretty redhead who says there's nothing else telling people that you don't care about copyright turned back right now because there's been a bunch of stuff about a woody one of the novel these new bursting to get out there have been for videos in relatively rapid succession which are all dancing around the same topic there have been two videos from grady andre jeter chappel i quite like that have been talking about problems broadly in the u. tube system channels getting taken down copyright infringement of a similar thing away if i hate everything another gig you to tell talking about the same kind of problems of like copyright strikes against his gentle and then the oddest alder could also put together a video talking about fair use on youtube and what all of these videos and are walking about to some extent is the content on the system that exists on you to and that this is the system that is supposed to allow content owners to keep an eye out for boatloads of their contents on you tubes system that could happen feel that like the plague fiber this thing from last time no one mentioned something like that relates to me before we get into this conversation than sixty you're talking and before about how like you did anyone here about how your video kept getting three buddhist everywhere all over facebook is going crazy just like it to just press after awhile them and so i hate in the past few months have gone through something similar where i have for very long time upon should love google automated google alert since searches for my own view is being uploaded elsewhere by particularly on you to put some would be searching for titles were or are very similar things of the titles of ideas and who would send e-mails like any time something similar popped up and then i could do the normal thing which is to file out that the take down up and reciprocate someone just as real good material on the channel honey fill out this long form that can get it taken back but a certain point it became just so many notifications just all the time the day became does the depressingly overwhelming think what i wanna do drugs like possibly spend afternoons of my time filling out the same d. m. c. a. form over and over and over again to take down videos on you to both of my staff people every uploaded so at these elect her novel but to the alert because my feelings like that but you way unless you winfrey gooders like i'm just giving up that does don't care right they don't even wanna know when you wore that michael this is an upload hear about the blood thinner than i realize that openly admitted isn't this the whole point of the content id system that you two supposedly has is that people who are rates holders can do this in an automated fashion like isn't this the idea of this thing and so i tried to reach out to couple the contact i had that you two go i'd hate i know that i'm not one of these big multi channel networks that you guys love to work with but they i have a content orderly can id please also use the content id system to try to automated that recognition of what people upload my staff and long story short i i have a meeting with u. dubin not couple weeks of the good news see if they can set this up for me right artie immigrant happen now this is this is one of this is one that many many frustrating things with you to bride is like the eric's seeming capricious nuts and so some people are in some people are in and i seem to be in some pizarro in between land where i need to convince them that i should be able to use the system but got caught when you're talking in the last of the senate that people think it just like press a button of other people's videos taken down by haven't got that right but if someone raya bloods my videos it will be identified psychosomatic lay about this and other weapons a person gets up some kind of notification archie devry voted on it but israel tonight and i never really save much and sometimes oak all look into something and also i also said in a pinch to video them in assigning the aged and i think one thing that the problem is big on yuichi the name all i think that causing the problem is much bigger outside of bitches and that's like them would invest free for all we have none consolidated is partly why like when you two creators are talking about the the palm of these books recruiting behind him implicitly what creators what you something similar to content idea on facebook as oh the i. bring all of this up because i want to have this is as the starting point for this conversation because it's very easy when people are complaining about the system to complain about big companies giving copyrights tracks right this is almost like whenever i talk about politics or for duty on politics never wanna talk about the specifics because this is you talk about the specifics the conversation is like it's over before its we got writing you then people are thinking about their team and what the hell they want their team to win sobel we have on you to visit his leg in without any specific teams you have these two broad groups that you have people who are making videos the people who want to use fair use contents in their videos to people who do like the reviews or does the whole is a hundred people that fall into the sort of extremely broad category of replying videos which may or may not be fair use but let's say because certain number of them definitely are that the people who want to make videos and who should legally be allowed to use clips for other people's we used to do so and then on the other side you have contents owners who want to be able to tax themselves from people just endlessly we got loading their richard all these are the two sides and you too wants to make the sides happy right leg and in many cases later this same side rights people like upload videos and they also want to protect their own did you think it's it's a very very complicated case but that the thing that i didn't quite realize before this latest turf awful these shots how far the content ninety system is relieved bands in favor of contents owners like the structure of the way content id works vastly vastly favors the owners of the contact induce favors creators the cringes are not as a concept by now i know rightly azaleas melancholic or on the stand and i have the power newt when i create content that is someone steals a bite at by contrived take action and move and the president and fees may la cama whole close to the sweep on them and protect take what i might buy it but i'm also a mouse every time i blurted it i'll even see it as someone is going to bromley athletic accuse me of stealing content so i don't like i am with people of every day of my life if they howdy howdy you balances that is see here is the hughes my view on like this is the local all what's going on and let's say right now like you do listener like you are creating a u. tube shadow and let's say you pablo video in which you have some and arguably like fairies material and i feel put some some video be able to permit tv show the jury view or whatever right the way the current system works is that the owner of the material that you have used can automatically laying the claim on your video which have to keep things very simple will basically means that they're going to get any money that you would have earned from advertisements on a cut but it so they can claim the video the other reason that this is but on balance system is because you with a video greater can then start a process which says all but this is fair use like i want to appeal this i want to work through this whole process of silicone of this is totally the back process can take quite a while to happen can they can take up to three months depending on how super long companies want to wait wait if they wanna wait until the absolute al last moments of the thirty day window when the psychic to be three replies back and forth the keepsake forever but the boy is that all all how while will the video has a claim on it the person who made the claim is burning money off of the view that you have put up yet and if you win your claim you don't get any money back that is not slip the person who's led to climb takes the money throughout that an uneasy despite the navy is the original little battle wins that was the use they did get the money for that as a model three months that is totally crazy but the thing that compounds epps is that you as as the person making videos you can only challenge three of these claims at a time when the three of the back catalog of like a hundred videos and one day you wake up and discovered that ball hundred reviews have been claimed by some media companies i like how we know what are you have our material in here right yet you will hundred videos that are now earning money for that the person who's made the claim with a company that has made the claim you were running no money on any of those videos you're only allowed to challenge the three year the time and does mean that okay you can be looking at flaky years before you can clear all of those claims if they all take the absolute maximum time and so this is where the system is her rhythmically about has become like okay content owners can lay in infinitum burke of claims but for some reason youtube has decided to put this arbitrary limit on how many claims but channel confided watson's lawyer k. we have this ridiculously on balanced situation where did you our company that has access to this whole content ids system which you might as well just lay claim to everything but today you can set up the system to have rules about what you wanna do how many seconds do you want to allow of of content before the system automatically flag said you might as well just say like i'll allow no seconds worth the time like any use is not fair use claim everything and just have the pot go automatically way in claims across the hall of the u. tube landscape there and and then you just start collecting the money from the white is no incentive for that the claimant you have any kind of respect for fair use it even if you are as a content owner like you are every single one of your claims comes back is invalid right you to conceal the system miko this company in the past year it's made ten thousand copyright claims against other people do dudes channel and every single one of them has come back is invalid youtube is like a thumbs up that's fine but like that's legitimate business practice and in the meantime they are and all the money while those claims are actively cats whoa were easy to get sick call really amount to power to get to the content owners when on the flip side like he repeated the u. the people of alluding to their channels like he could only dispute three unearthed a year you have three go the wrong way like you channel get to read it to such an on fair system or is it so lopsided really what it's the other thing i didn't realize was happening and i know you go this is in the narrative but it seems odd now's the time to bring him up the thing i didn't realize was happening somewhat naive lei is this isn't just a case of 'em then dana gray area that was that's a visa was nothing is this into the company's his modus operandi is too make claims against other videos that on in this grayer things that just to make completely fight claims that they clearly have learned nothing in the video though it would be like if i win client you'll love c. g. b. crave it even though i did make the videos and amid the music of an animation addis ababa to some guy that makes up in exists and on to sign on my back on assigned by my debts do he took the line item is going to say bye bye make that are claiming a completely not to buy into the lake is completely fight is what it's almost become like a wiccan nigerian in most damn thing where way companies can discredit is like shell company claim every single videotape and he issued as something they met in geneva that never made it could never find a piece of content in the last ends as becomes the center revenue make excursion to some people would fossett some people might not neither declined against him and he just yes has become that this leather ga are probably aware be close to the diaries that because after saying that i hate everything video that so it's like all of sudden thaw the that computer you get the yeti i hate everything video is just that is is the absolute pinnacle of this question because then that it's the it's it's out it's it's amazing what it is also just the natural consequence of this system work hard every somethin' and says bob k. we can make claims there's no penalty for making false claims we're going to do is just manually identify videos that are getting popular manually put on a claim on the senate and so i did everything as example or is like o. this company called merlin the high seas c. or something but that should they claim the section of his video is playing a song by someone they represent but they don't represent that person and the song even in the media really does it is a movement own debate about this but nonetheless the way the u. tube system works is like okay but that was i hate everything's most recent video it was the was rapidly running toward a million views but this company merlin icy see something like the cause of this bell system like they get to make all the money i hate everything will get any of that money back when the claim was proven to be false in you to just that has no consequences to making false claims like that to me is the real quorum that's like you can have that would content id should be this system that is trying to balance these two parties right and to keep everybody happy but if you want sayyid can act in a way that has no record caution cycle of course they're going and it totally exploiting it and then this that i had everything situation is just the pinnacle of thought well my as well just start laying claims on all kinds videos and his clicking and revenue kids go real easy it's really crazy can i ask a naive question lou if i make a claim against it but i think you used a bit of nevada new president you should've it's moot anybody says face every day through this month few months processes of us may send you stole up beside no i didn't mean so yes he did and no other has given the ground how is it ends up is the final on by on whether or not settling was used fairly low bye bye to folks so my andrew standing is that it it's for the person who is claiming it is fair use is the default winner so that so i would have to take you to call out in the end that's rather than an afterthought the three months it would if not when does no one gives after three months to say you supply the winds and orders colt part of what is being decided in these documents that are going back and forth is that the person who was made the video is basically setting themselves up to be sued if a quick end to lose really baby if the court finds that it's not fair use yeah right so late that like that's what happens is when you were taking a bunch of boxes as the video creator old whole really screw you over if you're watching so that's why i think it's a false was good that the creator being that the fall victim because of that okay well that is the buttons of situation whether screwed you get taken to court at this really is a big problem and it ended just it's over for that i cannot get away for the first time that gives me some small insight into why this crappy system maybe was set up that way but because that means if if that is that if the big bad wolf takes the money until that entails the notable fair use this and wins the diet you could only see why you would skew it he would skew that why because if the big battle for turns out isn't that big bad wolf you pretty unlikely to take someone to call it's lets that slag gives us to this guy little bit so well you gotta pay someone is to be someone is taking advantage of it in the end that person is going to win 'cause an architect and call up the possesses candidate bullet for everyone to know can attack and the court said a little bit compensation you do get for being exploited is you take the money for that this model to an now have an end both good idea to explode you for the next hundred days because i wanna die yes what happened was that thomas not the case but it so he could only see why he would set up that way now but if it wishes that was see what i would get in is once he's aware that i have never had to follow this through all the way to the end of had to do a little bit of this but not burn much copies of those have claims are released after just the first challenge and it has a really gone super for so i'd this is the case grimy be wrong about these details are but let's let's just loses assumed a look at this this is the case i can see the argument yes like okay will give you some compensation the meantime to make up for the fact that she won't go to court but now that the problem it's anytime you drop the price to zero people are going to use an infinite amount of it and if it has any utility all that so when you two has done with this system this has dropped the cost of making claims to zero which then in zen devises companies to just lay it out in the infinite number of claims that's where the core of the problem exists and if there was some kind of penalty to just constantly making false claims then this wouldn't be the case that says there's no penalty he just might as well make all the claims of the world itself was amazing that i got an id has existed as long before some genius at merlin icy zico or whatever felt like i know how to make hope that somebody was doing now that the u. states it's astounding excessively is that so it is one of the rare cases were i feel like there's a boozer relatively straightforward answer to this which is youtube imposing a cost on making claims so that you just don't make an infinite number of claims je maine like what ten cents a minute york at a pet all over you gotta pay ten dollars and i'm a bit odd or even meanness and they mean it cost to send in the sense of any kind of cost some small house of money or some who like strikes or getting your multi channel network were moved if you have too many false claims i think that will work i think that's good enough father that because people just create these other shelby's shells were than get an and then have like a week photos sleazy every one of them they get straight off the network but oh yeah yeah so i did duty to be clear i also agree with you with this idea of the escrow at the other very simple changes if the video has a claim on at all the money is held in a separate accounts that goes to the winner in the end but by then by god that plus a small amount of cost for making claims is the way it affects us and it's because it's unlike our conversation last time you were talking about how to fix angry internet bob's right we're addicted babies into anything that you can do that is it worse nepal the church on effects steamy scenes like others are relatively straightforward solution to this but i hope you to be implemented because stuff man makes everybody angry this contemplate the system a tale of a few have a viral video and locked in a service like a potentially thousands and thousands of dollars sitting in business group called who suddenly that five cent of their use guns that get nasty doctors say let's suddenly the truth is more but it could become a real menace the amount of money is in a different amounts of money which acuna now it feels to from the truth if it was different than you only get really cynical about the need to say or youtube as an incentive to prolong the process to make a yearlong to they can earn interest of all the money that sentiment is corrupt is that so that the fit into double the number of form that you sent back to full hut et then mrs does is tears into a buddy and the arabs there has to act as with as many of things we're discuss bonaparte test before i can i just i find so much of this new tubes that business stuff just exhausting like exhausting in this really boring way that it is fun like man hate is the march and we like oh we know back when it was small was amazingly was little community people making videos together like that that's not my feeling of that what at another says this is something about like all of the lawyers now that are involved alike i just wanna uploaded video on youtube that psycho but this multi channel network second and if you want to be creator you need to sign up for what these mafia's the style multi channel now works if you don't sign up for one of these multi channel now works in the public is whole other big set of problems to work with on this new to go on top of it and is constantly de system and gigantic media companies moving and insist that it's all very busy lecture so much stuff to keep track of them is on us so much love to worry about it says it's a deal better than the money every she can cause it to knock on his rubbish and then it's it's it's absolutely this is absolutely exhausted so much to think about him coming back to face just to beat the observation deck the collapse of the second i have caught him by famous people misunderstand that you stop idea not at that and we've talked before about outside fair use doesn't automatically mean is that is that but this would be much less of an issue that was um maybe up to become more aware of up this feels like it's becoming a bigger bigger thing of people just being like to refer to mother original and i and i met able to say hey man is the thing is of the mix and fats like ten days into side but let everyone just makes them and stuff if people choose korea eight instead of doing what they call korea which is reacting all reviewing what twisting or changing what other people of my age this would not be such a big issue the ba'ath i think i think it's lazy and as the controversial thing to say 'cause us it's an act of creation to transforms among those grisham but i think it's lazy i think because it's easy more more more more people are turning up as what's creating you stole morel what's phase i'm also face someone's copyright not it's 'cause everyone says database events taking taking to the work of wife was probably be committed if proportionally a smaller number of people actually make new stuff that she got with a camera and film things will you sit down and rotblat scripts polis sit down and adam i'd submit the estate was into becoming us but that probably grow into the cavernous bowl of proportion and is this growing growing growing group of people hated just wait too greedy lead to foul these creations and just watch them all comment on them and see and that and that's what they did to make the money as as someone who's in a small group had been friends a bit frustrated neville is is frustrating and the facebook thing is now a total of about it in district and a papal to doing it and just i'm a later one of the bit more respect for people in our bed every time you make a video does any good there was a whole legit able to just immediately gobbled up to put on to facebook yeah and there was another group of people hated him out of the whole country mouse in my in box from facebook the polling company said we saw this idiot can wait can we please put on tap class other people who are doing the same lazy thank the least they're asking permission which i give them credit for this justices this growing industry that's sitting there waiting with with them mouth item to be spoon fed other people's creations them they can be taken that argued the dispiriting wham you were one of the people who put a lot of work into making a new thing and then just seeing a bunch of people who make money off of your work and isn't that amazing clap that it's in the twenties who the first grade a andre your detox protocols with you to this amazing clip where the d. yet so called one of these guys who does these react channels when you try literally is at the start the video is like it's time to make money off of your heart or the perfect before he goes to just film is don't face watching other people's videos on madison migrant flag and i tell you ought to stick to reactivate my rent for second this is where i'm on snails 'cause i was filming us today with a guy who designs clever things like mathematical models and dawson things like that movie and then he must be chases them and he can seldom is really clever guy coming up of these ideas and i said to me ahead getting these my occasionally you know you send the design charter that night and he says that's normally why did the battle is a big step on either that because the minute i send that to china to be best for just they rose to the design of a thousand other people will make knockoffs of up to date and obeyed produced by the company's new person who's doing is mabel sell it to other companies and then i'd say that it could've been everywhere said that they put a mass produce things feel that now as to discredit the minute days into the wild breast of china nobody such as oceanside of china is going to get stolen because as less protection for them and then an cook drove into a true prophet that's one of his life in a narrow never a maximum i think is anubis special annual interest but pull it off to like all the minot the minot prescott live in egypt sodomy physics ought to put on filing to be sharing this with the welsh another part of me thinks this is a mime animals are giving it to polish people will is fried dishes which is waiting with them outside than to gobble up was created it puts a different feeling on it when you know we've almost one hundred percent certainty like more people will see you buffeting where someone else's just taking your things on your own child like if you distribute all of the fried you do to buse that happen elsewhere i could it's very often like a larger number than the people who see it on your ritual that as a doctor on why why am i even the soccer who's doing this any more her heart like why am i then why am i just feeding this whole economy of parasites on my back and that is cities dispiriting unlike you say it's the way related to him the past few months is turned into justice were more global industry of looking for things that are popular and then does leaching off of them and a pragmatic you righteous and as someone says are you she just be happy has been saying by simon yves abel tell leo what happens to yeah that's exactly right and that no one ever feel that way when it's it's their own is there of that but the i'd say they'd like it was said before i feel a bit we're ugly defeated in this whole process of nap having deleted all of the alerts the ladies to keep on top of other people uploaded must offer us like man is just too much i just can't you with us at all satisfied unless of the situation like that i don't want it said that the u. to contemplate the system like this is not another thing that i wanted to us by the secretary i guess i'm really go into a meeting with you to ben and have this done and figure out how to make this work and like plead my case for please allow me to try to make claims of my own videos that are upload all swear that act as the cattle i don't wanna do this but i've been forced into a situation where just have to because it happened just going to watch the noblesse by yemen you have to the mature channels present easily massive anathema to attend habits and having grind it has become one of them and i'm already thinking ahead to helen been edited video and sometimes i'm always thinking blood ties to the video they sometimes i'm thinkin' about some out of the black it's just bought the white mcbride works life and now afonso make something about it and in a lab or in an office was someone and i can tell these videos in the really good at every sinking ought to call the basins and then at the tennis in the republic israel reach the point where while i'm still recording while the red dog is still on the spray in i'm already thinking about the fact that these videos can be free but it felt like that it's eyes are already thinking this is given the gravity is much bigger than our wishes is gonna be one of my read big ones for the year of all set at the time thinking amen does candidates dolan says that for but this path in the edge of that fire into my princess that's how much of how my consciousness is now banks are reduced fat that there really is so out of the mirror you're semi weekly dose of happiness and what was privileged about death was the re elected as such a good job with of death or is the taurus slender though is that though is that thing but is it is the defeats in our voices is that like the knowledge within the recognition of of the slick economy that we are feeding into with our own creation via the gatling that is that they meant to suddenly feels differ about as opposed to bother earlier congress is that we have rodrigo individuals are off loading our own style for this light on out now this is the whole economy about this and tying it to you to contemplate the system has like now is that is even this absurd at length of people making money just stu weight off the work of channels like i hate every day for false claims with what is the reason that the wind up putting anything connected to the table too literally steal the money irma channel by putting him at the met consequent you know me brady i don't like to use the word stealing frivolously but finding a lot of stuff of this continuity system like nobody is dealing with them is not believe that was as close to that person's pocketed it could possibly be before you diverted into your own pocket with this false claim for which you too will will never punish you you steal it do not pay we sometimes sound like a tidal wave that somehow we semi the music record companies did five ten years ago when things like naps terrible this system status and i didn't do him piles and piles of sympathy vote with us so what was happening was wrong but i didn't think you'd call record companies i thought well you that you make money anyway and but ten pieces on the fortune of the some of the stuffing unless it's ellie weisel one f they think the cia agree with you read that there is a certain sense in which we sell like the record companies right horror what i think was the record companies problems with their refusal to acknowledge how things were in the world and i was why witness of the before them and this is the thing that i'd try to be aware of that's why for example public and i want to set up contents id because of the like okay where was doing things is just totally unsustainable and the other thing is is that as we discussed before that this is party wire feel like i'm just kind giving in to facebook at this point solo but technically is the k. well if my videos are going to be all over facebook anyway might as well be minded threat by my visible post them on facebook isn't that said that he did that before they found a way to verwoerd chief of enriching this out is an asset that i won the battle that would have it emily really is but it's also partly why would i have tried to change my business over time to adapt to that balloon aside the curtain for little while part of this whole in recognizing things are getting free booted everywhere thing is one of the big decisions about was finally are solely to this party but finally said look okay i am going to pull it imbedded add to the end of life idiots the cap i was the one alas the channels on this train but i decided to do in no small part because i was already thinking like okay well facebook it i will be able to earn any money from advertising on facebook because they don't have any kind of revenue sharing plan so the only way that i can make money if i'm still close to my views on facebook is the thirties and imbedded ad in there and i can count those views as part of how why so the advertising to who's ever sponsoring those videos like this is this is why i've been trying to change my business very slowly to adapt to this new situations like a lot of my videos on facebook but i also just can't can't stand like it like a rigid stance u. n. refuse to bend or recognize the changing environment around here because that way lies do and so if in the future that means later okay well i upload videos on facebook and i have a better that than them this is just the next step of of how all of how this business is going to work the universe to the use of his book tour niceties of open to face but as i have facebook pages for all those projects like this is a good time to tell the people followers on facebook ah come on phil said gregson but seriously to follow us on facebook up at was that no this is that of the mo but the arm rest of my chair designed to seven inches of the oldies home that there is enough is it out to the arrow where it will hire you to do something in it my rent to do to fiddle with a gun have to come out later everywhere we go i was born to visit this