Episode: H.I. #38: The F-Word

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Grey & Brady talk about what it's like to be wrong in front of thousands of people. Subscribe: via RSS, via iTunes Relevant Links: List of the mistakes in Grey's UK video Discuss this episode on reddit Suggest future topics for H.I.

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Automated Transcript (Why is this transcription so bad?)
football i would do i would probably pay you to not stick before didn't your leg for were and if bigfoot eaten any mechanical people to know that is going to pull the follow up their few things for follows describe these eggs and she got off the ones big something that is from long time ago in which is that we made a joke at some point about surgeons listening to the pod fastball the former surgery inhabit would not be a good idea it was even depicted in that those keys worth of skis i cheyenne eyes as there was a comment that was left for us on the rats which is terrifying to me but it is from the surgeon says that it is not uncommon for surgeons to listen to things like audi oba purse during routine surgeries and he added we have good elaine out the rationale that switcher room which are most worried about a new surge in visitors urgently comes aboard and suddenly become an attentive and so they're doing very routine surgery that this is a problem of something like listening to an audio book keeps the surgeon impeached but i still find that notion absolutely terrified i would not want to know now why what wallet was under the surgeons listening to an audio book i just i would be very uncomfortable with this piece of information but now it is in my head is impossible to you on no but anyway so surgeons apparently do wasn't audio books at the very least wessels a hopefully not contrasts i might as well move them just foolish and i'm in the claim their ascension you'll be never know knows the ins and outs amoco themselves secret certain rights said i believe it onto a physician now it makes sense on stands in need set us up and says brain damage to get some of them said shit that is a position to say it is when you do in congress premium on dying united the same thing i've ever done now when you saw those than brains adrian someone who's in three serious resistance but so it does worry me a bit because voters going into surgery next went on all day like to start tonight she's been in having having babysitters or she doesn't have to be east though she's being fixed yet and poverty by moonlight massively where to go already 'cause you know she's a small and donna karan doesn't bring that when you i am now i will come and visit my head to the surges up and attention and sarah noting the going through the nose for the surgery the burden on the curb for breeding is related to the snow that she has on the kinesthetic a number of them in an arms wide times than it does is concerning when they come when the joints for any kind of surgery and also and holly convinced that secret surgeon is not that because it almost under the ambiguous to make amends leaving many paris and and sound that humans agent booth you tell from reading or comets and the threat of their human fat or not he made that is given said you know that that have to develop that's ends and the human surgeons they're both doing surgery on animals that is different kinds of animals but there were on sale at what the press the navajo comments to us live from russia is the last bit yes you're right the last bit better than women said one of the night one other note i arrived here via c. g. b. gray's channel which has been in voting me for years now i had never want to bring these channels before but now that introduced to them i have to say i am amazed however miss them they're all a brilliant that he was the budget new channels great stuff to do is make is that the bar the comet that you like the best care coverage isn't that what does that yet as you that comes up from the secret surgeon that you are you're channels and your work are all amazing yet i know said they decided that i have actually been doing surgeries and hooker us now as well now for the set aside by sight for the past couple of weeks all my patients have been operated on by doctors hundred nine grand ideas i hope it is not true i'm really hoping accusers in that you're not listening to this pod cast during surgery it makes me it makes you want to be very serious all the times we don't accidentally say anything that could be remotely funny to any human has been given to the maginnis urges the window with a knife in a precarious location and the like ha-ha-ha right and it didn't plunges the knifings is as the pieces now this is this is no good queens don't listen to the bobcat surgeons to regret if you're doing certain right and not at all like that image of the third you episcopal of one man in america iphone six in the other hand trying awkwardly region on the screen new in all my weekly and get on now is no good it's no good all this now anyway it but having a good job has not the cutoff of the goods of the cosmos and cedric throughout the night if the u. k. are you that opening your surgery skills i can i can reduce this olivia in the rain much is it to use all of us and told him the remark can operate nothing i could think of the public to houses that there is definitely linguistic conclusion in my brain if i try to listen to part gas can do anything else that has anything to do with words and i'm always surprised and very doubtful when people say that they are listening to the park as well doing something word related or is that are like computer programming some people say listen up i guess while the computer programming i eat i would not be capable of doing that i cannot refused to believe that those people are able to do that i think it is doing their primary task really terribly and the thing about the surgeon that worries me as i mentioned before that i was in dupont casanova new books wall and mating because these are different areas of my brain that the usual side in the linguistic simon is totally fine but i also do know that there's a tradeoff that it takes me longer to animated on listening to something at the same time like i can tell that the work goes slower but i'm making a tradeoff hear about how bored i get versus how long it's going to take so i i still does worry about surgeons having any part of their brain occupied by something other than the person's dots in front of them that they are manipulating one of these guys the most loyal and asked why animation is so boring the clues your honor my shoes donna let that be back the tedious and said but we didn't of that and if you was do that on the day that saw him this not really that was about a nap you got on other whether there was a list that that it did that fellow now we told them about but in elections in the last august and different people go wound up to different levels by that is anything you on the fall of man as it is this happens all the time when you're august is that immediately after the broadcast goes out i feel really riled up about all kinds of points and things that wanna talk about the ban but then we go to recording arts and david two weeks later i often feel like that that thing that happened in the past and lots more willing to let it go whoa whoa i have like all of these angry notes written down two point towards follow-up and things i want to clarify announcer looking at them and i think and i have one thing yes we want law and a small lot a question that maybe you can answer for me first test first marriage in which i'm not that we jonathan overnight it sire i must not stop if he you a is amazing that devils advocacy in the last pontoons budget will open as good as why is it called first past the post but i'll hold you know this one thing that isn't don't israel is as the price it's almost like that so much the definition of what this method of arching is not yet 'cause it's one of the few methods where you don't have to reach the post like the other methods you know where that is you get refunds isn't he going into some of its if it keeps an eye doctor post that is for us by surprise to the so so much like describing the opposite of what is it stays and it's the one with we don't need to reach the prize the name is is entirely misleading and that i was really maybe that are the reason why it's able to spread is because you suck tell people overs past oppose an invasion of horse race a horse races are really on ambiguous about who was the winner little bright guy across the line for us that we determine when is this must be reasonable voting system the guest of the first pass those voting system that name could not possibly be less descriptive and the ages and ages baffles me absolutely baffles me which isn't it why it's not it's not an ambiguous it's like willfully wrong yeah it's it's at twenty eight f. l. u. is almost intentionally or urges to random chance very confusing the confusing in a way that makes you feel warfare and more obviously is the worst name is the worst remember we discussed last dakota's the call adorable fed up the budget right right until august that must be the best way to bite the dust right right but what the boat adorable bear but the voting is actually a box full of snakes that's really acted as alan would you voted for it you are really what was going for him and vote against the as why most of them if you are a nerd in your reading the literature on different voting systems very often when people who are familiar with the systems are talking about them door for to it as plurality voting which of course is actually what it is sunday is that is the voting system that selects the plurality but not necessarily the majority of voters i'm naive enough that wertheim not enough that would use to those who lost hottest ticket you really shouldn't why why should i use that word is descriptive noticeable when you sell gennady token about an omelet omelets and normal guy like if if you said it's made by the reason that polarity virgin caught dead while i don't believe in plurality loading i'm just simply saying that that is more descriptive one seventy one side is aware that not enough people understand and i certainly don't understand in the context agonies of different nine that is not that it is a thing is that what it is among others ready come up with a new name thinks this is just a subpoena nice to be so unlike leading vote getter all on an unopened i've raised the nynex flames what is it isn't there are to be the weekend moved from anemic that is actively confusing and misleading to winning that simply means nothing in the minds of most people that is an improvement fair enough that is a way better so that's why i would still advocate for plurality even if i'm maybe the majority of people don't know what that word this maybe a plurality of people know a plurality means i'm sorry cool calm and at that time that amanda apologies for not putting the person that i can remember when i saw that you know my hope let me out thank the news at six to footage moon which is not as bad nigeria's he said because in some gossip about since been told to annette doesn't just rely to commercial transactions and i can just made that extra who sought to work though return to moscow to happen and someone said one knuckle of veal i've beaten yet footage that idiot soften the footage that what is so good to do it didn't do a different prefix for all kinds of media with a little extra things that we put on a hello which match on most of those beep hockney app this is actions about which this is not needed get much credit to her i like to think and that the director is the judges commentary on dvd uses audi yap commentary moon yeah well money's been aware of is the orchid to says this is this adventure to then again yet could become le genre that because of all sorts of gaps guinea after the subjects here that you want oh it's a spin intellect yeah yeah this is about is a freight train they can't be stopped at the knesset f. lee cadence but had to have all telling what they're staking all that food for evasion law goes into something other than enough readers in and that was someone's it mean nothing ascended to the lake to one of these socks that talks about the fining you trendy word sakata book scope and may minute but now they know you're means i'd bet on and i were pointing out that it's a place to their unholy she is the word had been written and i had left us out completely of that date referred to people the first place to live here in there and distance video and that other videos when was that completely on and on and that doesn't bother me but it was interesting i'm sure they sure didn't i didn't bother mayo and since that was in such way to the states has since been remedied any why don't we did it we did a credit that that's out while no one who is credited as usually in here again i have i think nothing to death that option for the credit but africa has a good no chunk of the credit my little blood that was filed by the thing that it made me think about that something that has just before is hot costs as source material they are like the greasy so source material with us well 'cause you can search the very easily we consider small room and wound up in a way to google search and then i was a popular in high profile is videos so something happens in a focused its condos is caught anonymous even though it pains me sings on the internet and in and everyone can listen to them and that out that they still condos hidden in the hidden things and as one of the things that put us in nice if if someone says something in a protest jaco i was upset that harmon of weapons into again it's i've gotta find them is just that either invisible in terms of searching for something they are totally invisible bannister i'm not i'm aware that i have to go on twitter sometimes and ask people where on earth we said something about what to blink two previous conversation we've had whom i wonder if this is part of the problem of the popularity of bobcats and no doubt they have gotten much more popular in the last couple years but still the good old gets harder than others sources of media to get people started in contrast the percentage of the population who could potentially enjoyed listening to broadcast is much much larger than the percentage of the population that currently dots eyed him as a bizarre high a barrier to get people started in pod castes and that that is betting that might be part of which also means that the invisibility of the mike woo where did they exist lego guy go to the website that well yes you can go to the web site but that's a terrible experience you really need to download this paprika bone and then search for the thing in the act and then put subscribe it but it's a bigger process then perhaps it could be in other ways but also if i might are focused called the brady loves bread contrast nine o'clock us every day three years telling us on how much i loved the coverage and one die iran one bloke simon's ivory coast blood that's all any moment now that may not raise the hood outflow the city left blood is the focus is the victim that it is using to exist as record the way that rita stefan they expect us as well something that is that is the strength of that is what boas we have discussed i feel much more comparable sometimes kind of just chatting about stuff pond that the pod gastineau way that i would never write some of the same stuff of the dedicated article on my block it as it is the very conversational nature of it that is in forming the listener but we'll be having a conversation we're just talking about them stop and sometimes we're saying things are literally as they pop into our head of the first time we've ever thought about something so i do also like though kind of low pressure world upon nesting versus bruises writing an article which and when you write an article the presumption is that you have actually spends time formulating how you were going to say something and so is held to a much higher standard it's like when on the earth yes i have is an excellent way to put it we're not under oath bob what guessed it but did you pass a movie ever would quote as c. was ortega's out of context with all of this in not under oath that moved the fed with caucus night recently cut domestic but is it as to time sink but if i if i have the week where i'm not going alone drive for a lot to try and fit eyes full of one of us complain when i sit on this take so long to listen to get rejecting you can be doing something else will you listen to the pockets new one on the many things but yet a few things that really clean the house or never use a hand over walk maybe get it doesn't take like to alice klein the house all it took you are right the park has that we do have a certain amount of time sink and i am massively oversubscribed du pont castes and so have to use the kind of filtering sorting system on my own park as cute even do it so yeah they they do take a call lot of time but i still say that there are many many more people who have room for contests and their life and then currently listen to bach asked us clarify something else for the record of food and is just one of theirs may you going to seoul some unethical because since we spoke about on the broadcast a place to the video images with the sweeps period i got them and the comments on the video s. owes a few people making lewd jokes and references to his smoking and the first coughing that we talked about bono man really been reading some of those comments i think some people misunderstood what i was dying so i went back and listen to the protest and so i can say how made it could be misconstrued my jennifer's 'cause of power spike clara was added to the what was that the sunny side is as critical when i say he has various types of cigarettes i wasn't suggesting he sits there with a pack of cigarettes has a first part extinguisher settles out about as ever the extinguish the best nor was i was a nice if he gets interrupted after some reason after five or six passion has to put about when it comes time to relax another one like twenty minutes later he would rely have used when he was stopped again he is in the garment is exclusively has affairs office i hate that is clear i thought that was clear from the previous bought gas yeah but i think this is again an example of how as stories get sold on the internet baby commies cartoonist versions of themselves and so it is almost inevitable that he is now going to have the reputation as the man who only takes a single pa from every cigarette the few that did that because you you can't see you can't fight against that that that is a certain kind of mean that that sticks really well in people's minds with the idea of the billionaires and it's kind of funny because game is just over here never going to be able to do on do that kind of thing hill just it'll be with him until the end of time at all said even if you say something is not for it sticks in my head not business how those services are parasites on the now the season not for but on inside a new life i swear to god i'm not even a bagpipe and did it knew you need to come up with something else belongs to cut back that do you wanna give them another go forward knot allied guy like that that is going leave that to my editing hands though chooses to zealously that would be that if it does make a point that you editing you have every reason is even if he knows something's not sure yet it doesn't matter it doesn't it was it was that i am love the engine and i love the way back into their conversations can unfold i think you can have lots of very different kinds of conversations and you'd ever could on that thing in real life partly because of anonymity partly because of a whole lot of other factors but one of the flip sides on that one of one of the costs of that you end up having to pay these these these these we're fact that just things get the exaggerated and distorted in ways that are impossible to prevent from happening but i got was a meinhold is video will make you angry video was was about is like having been on the internet long enough to see this exact same phenomenon play out in many different ways the old read over many different years and yet it's just the funny or interesting line has an enormous edge in the spread ability and stick ability over the boring true senate australia fools buzz buzz buzz about i don't know you're from australia you tell me that i made a joke about how australia was full of spiders in a previous job and then all one day everyone's we have made this article it says that upbringing millions of babies by yours in australia is this is this normal weather for australia do disputes by during all the time down there i'll wind in the winds of one who and how the didn't get bit hay haven't gotten idolize friends we it's exhibit where this is unit this this is this is the thing yeah felicity stories about rainstorms of throat so you can do you i don't hear these stories of rings rainstorms of frogs many of a debt to do with your little boy did you not my favorite books not love criminals old boy who that was a hoax of facts but michael caine pokes a fax or on which to just come mr coles obviously surprisingly hours into the schools before those two girls and then when you read those books though always like unit and in nineteen thirty to hunt for oaks for fifteen minutes and cars and it you gotta happen something gets blown up my life goes on distant to dissolve into some ceremony for about an act of uses we're just having this conversation immediately after the like widespread really fast so fondly about tennis jelly it displayed earned who reigned for i've been to you two were going gets a bonus either video complicate actually is very are greetings by as it from that says it's not as a story that some people are telling anyway i don't i don't remember every hearing about it raining frogs woman was a kid that the first time i've ever heard about a ringing creatures and it is of course spiders in australia as i'm standing by my statement that australia's full of spiders that definite rights for all time searching the diamond unify me raining frogs medium the it is what it paid out vocal range of animals it happened i thought that that bimbo wikipedia that that envision frogs other than mine once the token upset by the cia were entirely unaware that the coming animals jellyfish well got out of your fine jellyfish man i'm a fan of the jellyfish now that's ma lives achilles heels well they're awful i hadn't even as i do who decided that the apple want to have a jellyfish not that the horrible decision of the numbers are increasing as as the carbon dioxide levels increase in the ocean but let my biggest concern of global warming of what wait a minute you say we're giving the exit jellyfish now we gotta stop it is right now we don't need more of his jellyfish when i was in service recently in paris for jumping off a little injected into the water in there with jellyfish everywhere whether to jump into the gaps between them off and my kids were going in the water picking them up and begin upon to the gypsy and find them in a hole in the middle schools i mean i guess it's fine if they're not the stinging kinds in but there were nesting in private no good that is these violent warble stinging kinds on the beach in hawaii layaway can touch that because you'll experience pain like no human has ever experienced before i got a great kid we do we kill all of these things like either way that we can kill them because i would be okay with and no one of the things he gets done by jellyfish is you got paid on the person to make that go like this is like an urban legend ah is that at that i was under the impression that this is just like this starts because some friends wanna make very another friends they even worse but no yet the jelly is mel watt the rules and you know we have to do now we have to be on your part because of that got started our island of the national good to have been lookin' at santa thesis like hidden agenda as sides of the american article saying no this is not this is not helpful peeing on clinton back at the outset that i'm i'm absolutely convinced this is just someone's idea of a prank one day and of course again lives they spread very quickly it's very memorable that disposed appeal on someone actually been stung by a jellyfish services could spread forever and even a statement in a nice anything which is reinforcing the people listened as bought gas and took away with the idea that all yes of course we're supposed to be on someone when they get stung by george mitchell and i even if the notes entre los que telling the story got caught it's been an urban legend of the industry but apparently yeah but then the people forget that the urban legend at least a big sister member the facts lately it's been it's really an that is a couple of interesting custody but come across on this bill is almost impossible to tell someone the the one true facts and preface it with the fact is untrue unexpected six month later though or member anything except beyond true facts if that was turned it as it did help which you this i'm paid on you the ghost and blood jellyfish if they would work yeah of course because it seems like getting stung by jellyfish is horrible it is as in bayonne by someone you have to get to waive this situation the jury and i have a man of war and it's wrapped around my arm out we just had to pull it off and my whole arm just feels like it's on fire is someone peeing on my arm would make my arm feel better to play please give everybody just urinate all of my arm right how does any everybody liked him a little circle and less to do this right now because i i want to die from excruciating pain that's yet it would work of course it would do what would no doubt what 'cause you're the guy that would like and unlike shedding light drinks because of saliva on the abbot urine is sterile it's it's fine you're necessarily come out like that but to buy it if again if he is then with his right foot around with saying after we grabbed covers it occurred that let's say instead of up to start a new urban legend let's say that instead of your end he was deaf vacation that was the urban legends and up that can not sterile and i'm out it's like well you know maybe he'll make you earn your jellyfish wounds feel less bad but you're also risking it horrifying diseases and repercussions oh no the trade off here is not worth it but remember people don't advocate on someone who's just been somewhat unsettling for that and yet us let us look this is my turn the dial us that at home this episode of hell and that is brought to you by a fracture years ago when my wife and i got our first apartment together we didn't bring down upon to pictures and we tried to mount the monarch wall and want to find that glass minimalist frames and was surprisingly hard to do we eventually did find something we still had to stick our photos in between two 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is and then go to fracture mean dot com and get some of them printed out instead of having these images forever hidden in your photo library somewhere or on things to graham mount the important ones on your wall when you order those photos of please make sure to use the coupon good hello internet all one word for fifteen percent off your first fracture or once again that's hello internet all one word go to fracture me dot com get your image is printed in vivid color directly on glass him i know anyone status as solid as a natural urges effectively co and it has lots of cooley says o. lord talk about these watch faces an awful lot choose who these days for ten watches i think in the future we will go back to the fact that the garbage pretend watch faces on that smile or choose i think that was a bit silly and will be thinking what we doing that was that was stupid thing to do it was in the fashion got to that our ramos whose stock was down and now when i've really been lost on an old ruins everything seems full and i had never been to me one of the things whither to make things one thing is i think this item investment that is how nice determine time man is an acceptable to men who am i just think it can be on land that people use until the time of the zahniser scott and then lemon juice on low income along i'm sure it was a thought that i'd like a shadow on the ground are more some comic got an end and then maybe one clock schematic luckily we need the money cokes and in an old when a santa things for like they sent on us what we did coke school you know we've got to santa we've got it i said what is the technology oct and people are not unlike a prison you i've done it and now with wisdom and nothing new technology has come along nothing could make sense to tap engineer way of doing things and abrasion clock faces a secular and to know why they didn't have hands is because of the mechanism that palace on on the ninth who am one that's no longer necessary i don't see why you clinging to what it's like having an apple what touches the clock go but it's like having an apple watch that is has the sound on the screen moving across to us when to the course of the diary you could do up there would be like silly to be using metal fresh whom i've done things that my drive you crazy one of the apple was faces that we've got to an odd that son of what he does not until the time and money to leverage on it but i think these cloak faces of the darn bit that's considered let the series and when we speak which we've seen pictures of a bunch of eighty about talking about icing seems putting cloak of putting in an old fashioned cock fights on this high piece of technology to mate is this like inventing the camera and using it q h take photos of paintings or inventing a video camera and using it hewitt to records see is that implies that it's using is taking a new technology and just not having the imagination to realize these names i don't have to do or how i used to joke that last part is part of a problem that i do have with the apple watch jews as it is right now you can only use the built in watch faces yeah so johnnie either presumably as does the guy you as approved of the various watch faces an abba talking with some people on twitter and i think each of them it is frustratingly limited in some particular way and i really don't know if apple is ever going to open it up they would not surprise me if they don't i really think they should allow other people to design different watch hastens death as amanda this is kind and not the apple way but i don't let people designed to watch faces reno was gonna happen is going to be thousands of haiti is an awful faces and many people will have a terribly ugly tacky looking watch faces but when you open something up to bear the world's to try to change improve some people will come up with amazing things that's just the people apple would not be able to come up with on the wrong then and this is always the case we're getting out if you're looking at what's the what the best watches that his group of all five designers apple can come up with verses what is the best watch phase that tens of thousands of developers can possibly come up with the best one is probably going to come out of the larger group and so i think yes there are very many things that could be done to the interesting we show the time in new ways on the apple watch but right now that can't be done and one of the reasons that i think you see so many people using the analogue watch face is because there is really only one a digital watch based upon the apple watch right now in and he's he is ends badly designed not i took one look at and command i could never i could never use this as my watch face because they stick the watch part of it the tall aim at his his traps in the upper righthand side of the screen brown and i think they do that just to make it consistent with all of their other novelty watches really looked like a digital watch face i'm going to want the time baby and in the middle but you can't put in begun in the middle because johnnie i've says no he asked to go up in the corner because i want to match all of the upper watch it so i don't doubt that a lot more people would be using a digital watch face if they had better digital watch face options and i'm kind of driven crazy by the limited options with the two faces that i have some kind of always switching back and forth between these are two one called utility one called simplicity begins each of them has thing that i don't wanna combined featured the best features of both of these virtual let me do it so i just think of society of imagination and what he says trip and the johnny on things interesting to it because i mean about urchins know anything about apple orchard the united neither of these big watching the easiest anno wondrous he has some say this is bond chastity and this news he's gonna get to like designing a rolex or the vigorous on the nannies and he's filed to realize that that's not why he should be making i feel very strongly that is totally fine travel to have a bunch of recommended watch bases i do thing never open it up to let other people design different watch faces i will find that endlessly frustrating and i just wouldn't be surprised if apple says for several years now we're not going allowed additional huachuca additional watch faces on our on our beautiful device i mean ever played that just that does it feel like the kind of decision that apple would make ended a while i do like apple there are certain way that it is infuriating and you just have to learn to deal with back and stuff sometimes in business and this is one of the matters stand they can have had a right from the start but i didn't just feels like they might never do it and i really hope that that is not the case by habit i know i will probably stole away seasonal up watch phrase i understand our arguments that there should be something new but i you i quite like to a yellow watch face looks and yeah of course i do like it uses different watch i could use a different way of telling time i will i would like a nice analogue watch face on my watch i just think it looks silly hats and it looks i just think of what it is i think it makes people look so in light light light of the london optimism do you realize that like they're in and cold so we was abusing nothing you do realize it at each unit on like i do it i didn't know that they know there's no tears in my wanna had added that says no it just same status ames epiphany tuchman has that i send you a picture of what my watch face looks like and those are just now i'm waiting for you that you can tell me what you think about i just as a as a picture of the socket and as a screen grab dickhead consequence on your hand is what looks silly when you see the hall and everything and in cities projection of all watch is one of books zealots who well there you know my my suggestion for you is that you should never bought one of these and i the fact that i genuinely hope that you you stick with that and so on the weapon on a book that he gonna stay strong great ethos hadid i'm speaking as your friend i don't think that she should ever get one of these i think you'll always be kind of sad about it and your girl watch look so cool every time is that element of things that judge book on watch but the one thing that slimy slug me is what you saw a decidedly who both sides with a number of blue and asians say this publicly which is interesting as well up to such switch on my hoax lot though priest wrongly that are really yeah said adding that annan go on up ivory respond to game of fine my fitness center in alan i'm eighteen and older calorie counting devices on the excise monitoring and i declined to that so often that go set them aside and know what's going on sighed but it does make me think most of it is with the d. c. with the watch what i got for round or awoke and things that are still signified does well enough that i didn't have to watch i have been surprised at how effective the game if occasion of the watch has begun mm and i am someone who has been exposed to game education to all kinds of various systems for a long period of time when did you games do this this kind of with the target of kitchen comes from perot is trying to get their hooks into your brain with making you complete stuff or just working in and intentionally kind of addictive or goal seeking behaviors that are relatively immune to those things done and i guess i'm the couple was now maybe i longed for his desire to slightly under month but i am surprised at how strongly it is sticking and i think the real key factor choose whoever apple made the decision that the activity tracker is this series of circles that you need to close verses progress bar's that you need to complete i think that little decision was really genius and having a ban on your watch face of it you are aware of these open circles every time you look at your watch it's surprisingly effective and has a name unexpectedly large staying power the and selfridge excuse will summon us on an artist nosy and as guess the kneed shows visually anything that is incomplete and i think if you do little progress bar's the warden quite be as effective but but the notion of like all i can close this loop and i can see on my watch that all three of those circles are filled it's it's it's very effective now i'm curious to see him six months from now is it still effective but i would have it i would have expected that by this point my brain would afford you learn to kind of not care about those circles and that has not been that is not in the case and bill was also does give you the little badges when you complete various tasks ago if you're unusually active in a particular day it gives you like the little sticker basically mans hollis things that has things that i can i am never i was never the kid in school who wanted stickers but the little badges are surprisingly well received by the when it pops up on the watch a big blue went up a little bags now that's my collection on the apple watched as someone you in school didn't really respond to teachers try to get out cold stickers and things i wouldn't have thought that would be as effective as actually it's but i do know from my experience teaching that's stickers are shockingly effective but motivating kids from i never really used to sticker is that much when i was teaching it was because i i just couldn't internalize how much kids wanted to completion stickers or little stamps on their homework but i swear on the rare occasions when i did not stop the stickers of the stamps kids would kids would murder each other in their sleep to get an additional gold star was it was just amazing how much people respond to this totally arbitrary thing especially if you have to good stickers that some kids want it was the wizard it was like on ethical to use stickers to motivate children to do good a square could not leave it at the height i knew the very much but is there was a bizarre an ally by myself in the same gonna well i will let you want my sticker out there that bob is one stick of an all never get because something about quadrupling your daily exercise goal irony started the daily exercise gold being very very high very active life that is no way that i can ever reads now one half i might bring sometimes going you know maybe usages reset the school systems that you can get to this point have to trouble you exercise activity as to get the specter of like we we want you were using casting brain that we do worse with regards to our health activity for a period of allmond to get on meaningless sequence of pixels on up on screen and the brain says yes that is exactly what i'm proposing and an exam writers that coming out today got to respond to the outside into what collecting sports cars and those towels custom things are and i was young so intently attended to by partner those loops oui oui plugging to the completion is part of your brain i'm in the coming out on activity yeah but every element on appeared to have a good i don't know i'm i'm i'm still like that now once again is it that so late in the pokey mana fact enough if no one you have to get all of them how thin the boots and if there are the same one less thing with his watch by saying that just at the funny thing is it feels like blood on the napa which comes out everyone's like what is the main for all the glamour watch friends and i didn't have to enter into jason slouches i'm trying catch up and it feels like apple is a lot of it they're the ones who are traveling their watches look like a rolex a normandy your check their life or they're the ones who as you is it is a the poor cousins question they the pool cousins they should be just heading that back on the hall wise in setting up like a good way euro damn watches other than code which is a chair but unlike arthur dunkel doctor moore just wish you didn't and segregated dom watches and yet there's a new seconds if it happens they stand there like ole einar wimbledon and when you go look we trying to live in a meeting with trying it's like walking out just the good guys give those open to keep up the back sunsets is not how we roll him all instead they spot us image of themselves a disservice some of the interviews i've seen with johnny i've done some of the materials that apple has released it does feel weirdly like they are trying you prove themselves as a member of the of the watch world and that at that no we know we we're right up there with all of these luxury watch brands and i agree with you i think the smarter play is almost to pretend like they don't exist that an end to just say we're doing our own amazing thing and who cares about the approval of swiss watch makers do they think our watches are good or not we know we just made this thing and we put out in the world the end but it does it does feel the timing your comment earlier as a as a ring of truth to it to me that that but johnnie i've ones other watch makers to like his watch designs mm and anna's right now does make your own thing just it's a different it's a different new thing in the world yes it's related to watch is that come before but really it's it's much more it's much more of the next step in the world of computing the news the next a bump in the world of of watches as i see it that the science museum in london just the other day i was walking past so the early differing vengeance and and as i've said the little picture of my apple watch in front of difference engine number two is progress is there really do feel that is a much straighter line from the difference engine to the apple watch the mary is from our rolex to one apple watch with urges differing creatures are not even remotely the same would you send me that image of your watch prices second ago and if i was going to screw up in and it gets clayton symbol of all things are expect from this atp they were choice but it is almost siobhan goes well it's like that it's like a childish representation of that of an adult swapped for tonight yeah i really don't like the hands and i don't like the ring that goes around on my watch face that the utility watch this for those listening others watch these are like much better which is called symbol but i really wants the calendar that i have on the bottom there that shows what i have currently signed up by of course because of johnnie ives design limitations you can get bullfight came get below calendar thing on the bottom on the watch face that i actually like more i see no reason for that i'm thanks to all unconscious will involve cost them last time white chick portables listing more than a hundred and eighty thousand fossils in this range of borneo blokes novice bike and cherub that number seems to be going up all the time in fact i think i should have won visible counts on the website constantly showing what the tallies no lover see the need to sell your new idea of listening to what it because well you're listening to a point house right now if you haven't gotten to listening to coax the zodiac would you really showed one of the things are a lot but one year books is attack should be shared experience if you want to could be lying in bed with your partner are all gonna drive with friends may be sitting on its final using what those headphones which is odd though why it's really cool listing trouble with someone else to the end of the chatty can discuss what's just been followed what you think might happen next know what a potion was all i read lot for your folks have discussed this before his mountain near him a thing as something about that kind of narrative dollar you stop mountain books that really makes a compelling as i listen especially if you're missing want to make some money out those ears self ever spoke so boys of fibrous mondello says have to admit hate to coax a row center at night center recommend a book on my recommend a full page to life and death on the world's most dangerous mountain bike and these jews and david roberts i'm sorry i thought top announced its nine and three short of divers wrought this is a great mix of first person account and history of the man with a good listen it's an rage so you want miss a thing i listen to this one was on a mountainside myself to restock we've made now i'm a man says i'm nothing but no matter what your intake pipe and all was down to a portable habit and easy sana also an old books rile you can get you first spoke for ferretti it happened that donna here in my house over maybe you should say he decided to what do i asked anyone five oh two oh five e you are ill or to go home slash hallowed internet that would tell them you've heard about laudable on the park nasty and menino is maybe those cultures again one guy but on the wire fence total to buy a big big supporters of courthouse including us and it's over the pollo when it comes to a yearbooks 'em let's move on to the thing that everyone wants us to talk about it though is that pretty the f. word the f. word flags follow if the flag a portion of our show we have we have reached a critical mass of different things happening and requests and twigs and he knows rested no longer be are we to ignore the what the people want an outcome of the people want is great tokens let's set that up if it out in our show notes for a long time i have had a flag corner with a few things that i want to discuss on any particular show a video weasel to get out of place that you are entirely right there has been a critical mass of flag news recently no that's his time to talk about i want to start with what is the most exciting piece of flag news him which is the new zealand flag referendum is an eyebrow if america a believer in heaven or referendum this is the easiest decision in the history of flax i'm gonna we're going with them so why'd you think it so easy if they can id check on black which i think i should move that is nightline black flag with a silver vanna white silva said in the center that that is that flag already boom i could not agree more with you let's knife and that's not it with epithet up but if it's the hope it isn't that what this witness because of what the republicans of our guest by was a got a few years ago on the back soul lala ji so brats i saw someone basically do what kind of modified version of the black background and that the silver for leave him and he is and i saw that bob man that is just a much better flag for new zealand's their hands it is also i think fitzwater that the criteria that it is distinct there are not very many black flags and it did it makes new zealand stand out if you're looking at a list of all the flags of the world aids great looking at me have familiarity with museums of rugby the credit dimly i mean none of the team is called the all blacks who are out and they get a little dance the hot selling their odette so what hand it took gets the dances on the one the weather related is it is that it at at its awards mortal wharton's them by us but that that that i had you mean fitted me to say that it that it was it was the good all blacks being dinky and i think what they doing little spins and things everybody knows what it is then infinitely astride ready to go in if you let stringent letter read on it who yesterday the fugitive incisions but up about that i have a fibers i first came across this on on a documentary that i'm going to recommend out which is called murder ball down a few seen as an ops are i think that love murdered all of this documentary which is about wheelchair rugby and i really like stuff that i expect to not like it all going into it and so i was thinking your documentary about sports about and embarked on what this one whom i don't identify have a lot of interesting this is light at one man was it is amazing to watch a lot and it is about these guys who have there is reason to be calm paralyzed in somewhere out there but playing wheelchair rugby an articulate call god what we know how how are they going ahead and and pay our dues rule with each other and is an amazing documentary to taco is often called school huh yeah and it is a very i had to say that the whole way that it works in the paralympic games was very interesting it began to this sign points based on how to able bodied the various players are and so it team has a certain number of points that they need to distribute among their their players but those like more able bodied players cost them more point wise which is their way of keeping every perk that the very very interesting that is actually in that documentary that the new zealand team was doing the hot got this is as intimidating war dance to the united states that it's a very it's a very impressive thing to see that i think that's probably the first place i ever came across this would imagine is looking at the regular rugby team dozens of course the paralympic rugby team is going to do it as well anyway if anybody haven't seen it i recommend murder ball but that is that is now the entirety of my knowledge about the new zealand rugby team on this it that the private museum in this guy with a black that it was so offended but say while the new zealand government has got his web site where everyone has lacks admitted possible flag designs on one condition and said you can spend hours guys are always odds to that sympathy telewest to challenge him in the ministers of the line inevitable is like to use that and shoes as the athletic an idea for some compromise which is coffee out on half the blackwood the senate voted out instead the first thing i want to no one is going to be a referendum is how were they going to vote no what what what the voting system the target of that at this is this is even more than looking at the flag designed this is the thing i spent time trying to find out is going all out to the referendum is been approved how what is going to war i think they've done at a very interesting very good way of doing things which is mm step one is the website we're looking at we're basically anybody i think if anybody in the world don't even have to be from new zealand can submits a flag design so turning slowly can sabotage the prices rise even attempt to sabotage the process right you'd you can submit a flags line of no new zealand's being attacked by a jellyfish in australia radio on them i guess is that which is ludlow didn't appear would more likely to shape jerk put father that's the optimistic job so easy you got it resembled a good example for the new zealanders the fuck and and in excess of said the resemble the resemble foot across the tasman met up with a new zealand is tweed brady he could but has is that you look at some of the various designs and ought to let we were saying before i think this is exactly what you want to do it you were having some kind of competition you want to open it up you everyone who can potentially contributes a column is consultation on his lip service would you mean like i really tight lid is doing it so they can say that the like are you reason to everyone or they really looking at his staff and put into the mix look into this in just a second thought map to me one of the great examples of why you want to open up design competition that particular to the whole world is taking a look at the twenty twelve london olympics reverses the twenty ten vancouver olympics and if anyone goes and looks about the london olympics had some of the worst design iconography i've ever seen hands did these horrible horrible one-eyed monster logo creatures that were just terrified him but they weren't there were drugs or have you how could that have been done and that lisa simpson blood and stove to the bands together lisa simpson logo it was there was absolutely awful everything about the london ah the london stock was just terrible an arm around the hurt of this damascus knuckle of the church's what is it off god there is like that surplus of steel and yet i mean that was as a little video that there was was to be the sole droplets of steel in our new u. k. is china harking back to their manufacturing glory days or whatever but about the name i don't think anybody could look at these things and not not think they are metallic one-eyed penis monsters rightly 'cause there's no other way to describe these creatures there for five men and but that everything about the the london stock was disaster and i used to walk by this store in nom a very populated area that was an olympics the store that was selling stuffed monster creatures for sale for people in them i never saw the single child in that store buying anything for the two year run out that they had at their new that store was abandoned all the time it was it was astounding especially given given the location of where was that so the law no one was was just done basically by committee people who were appointed to design the thing that ban on the flip side to vancouver want twenty ten why is it beautiful they they had these excellent mascots the design iconography was really good they they incorporated like the local culture but that also had this kind of occasional flare to it and it was it was just great and my wife and i happen to be in vancouver to the run up to the olympics and i don't care about sports all but everywhere we went into the store that but i wanna buy stuffed animals of all of you look reaches their amazing and i wanna buy clothing with twenty ten olympics it's all beautiful and gorgeous and i looked into it in the way the vancouver process was don as they just opened up to anybody and said design our logos and mascots and we wanna see what anybody and come up with annie was just a pair of two people in which it was like a husband and wife design firm or something that that won the contract to do all of the design work for the entire olympics i'm loving it and i can say one of the teeth in like to see should be good as the stuffed animals in real life porches great panicked even put together the little animation stories they was just he was perfect i don't think there's ever been or will ever be a better design glove that somehow there was there was a stand so so i think adding new zealand is taking the right approach here basically by doing this competition of saying anyone can try to design a flag that even though you what i've already know i think many people have the idea what the new zealand flag should be you never know somebody might come along with something that was really amazing that nobody ever thought of that people actually do like it better not but the way this process is going to work is that of all of the ones that are created new zealand has then put together a committee of people who will select from the ones submitted for better going to go to a referendum to the public along with that including along with that existed one by excluding the existing flack raptor they are going to have four designs that had been selected by committee hannah and when you're doing a public designed this is exactly the way i think you should do it because if you just tell the internet's a internet i bowed out of four that you think are the best that will have a public referendum on that you know what i'll give the internet that kind of control right because of the bull organize all kinds of craziness to tell my pajamas flies every it'll be a disaster so you do need some kind of filter here where the book and select for like when between what she would talk about august in the keystroke but we will yeah basically right where i don't actually tell people whose side we you can vote on things every promise will talk about the dashboard right because you just inviting disaster ahead with that would never happen to be alone woke up to us that one what is most is that says exactly everyone at revenge is that this is a slight sign on here very often when when you go to lectures and things in it and they paid to the moment of organ it take questions from the audience know people of given us the speech are you good with debate is something i cautiously audience questions from the audience is always just awful this is it's often gets often not great it's much better if you have someone who is a moderator is that we are going through the questions that people have asked the men trying to select the more interesting ones i have two of the lessons but memphis is this is this is guy and vision of your division go but i severed when i have strong feelings on colin up on questions who they are two things you should never done it you should know that poem waterfront at the front and invites people to come before which them up to the market as bad as ashes dust as that backtrack snatches and it doesn't attract noble people 'cause nobody put at it out of my perspective of themselves and a act as you are selecting for people who have de cuellar breed would you do that and the other thing you know that it is columba globe wearing hats this up at it about where to good wearing hats always ask ridiculous stevedore up questions that should not be asked is why hat was it was your goto example we were discussing we're no point this vessel contracted noticed that someone who wears a hat two election it's a very very probable judy we had one eye and then i'll ask somebody political controversial question that it makes everyone in the rims will quit as a member of the audience you can sometimes feel that the the moderators ar ar ar bending the questions were there just turn us like softballs at ten things but really it's much better if you have some water filters a little bit or picks a good question that is representative of all the restless that that's what you want to know that's my new zealand had that has this committee right you don't open up entirely they're going to select for it's going to public road and i was very pleases you the zealand is using a preferential voting system which looks like it's some some variation of the alternate vote where people can then order how they like those for and they only have to do it as far as they walk so they can just say oh this was my first favorite this was my second favorite and i don't care about the others were they can just say which is their favorite or they can wrangle for and then the winner from that referendum goes head to head against the korean new zealand flag the sleeve of all yes and then there it's it's just that this is the isn't the only time that first bath goes makes any sense because it's identical to every other voting system in this circumstance if you have two candidates in you need to select one that you pick whichever one gets the most boats as is totally reasonable way to do it get it to wound thing is very interesting i think it it gives the current flag more of an advantage morgan edge of the selection because it doesn't have to compete against all of them that only compete scans the best of them best manifest as it should be adjustment that without that at first that that waddle like that but upon reflection i agreed that yes i think it is fair in a situation like the national flag to give the national flag a little bit of an edge in the in the voting system but overall i say thumbs up new zealand's in the baby dated a very good job selecting how this process is going to go and i'll be very curious following it is it fifty point zero zero zero one percent of the population triggers a flag changes after the last two thirds to change the ago that the description that iran is it is just a straight first past the post or plurality votes and so if if the the new flag gets fifty percent plus one vote and then that changes made mm care and maybe wrong about that but that's the impression i got from reading through the doctor has dropped below my new salem i find out what they are but the feeling is that of the u. s. is this is mike smoke free much others are the election fuck 'em with but is your friend the shape of the cute about nodded to new zealand video now get back to the three fifths for sheep or not you know we're not annihilated by a bear that fully therefore citizens will allow him very progressive are made us that that is stressing flag which for all intents and purposes looks just like and all this alone is loses it and australian that you feel about this because the whole world can tell your flag the parts that batista and the windows at with us in high school i was in to him one of these like that you know a lot lions club this likeness of a rotary lions club dues on re glove i know this and lions club is like but the rotary club and i'd and this thing goes cold of the use of the year of something and each school nominated someone to be like they're not standing there isn't any had to do doc always like a disease and on and i would somehow judge and the final part of the chechen was yet to go to the lions club meeting one evening and gin up public speaking to them said age you'd give it a bit talk about the subject of your choice and then you people on the spot on us like a i'm a question you want to follow so i have tickets these two other two or three of us choose from schools in my area and when the question time and the question was what do you think about these german flag should vicky que strengthened and i was like a mouse thinking and i think the hollered out if anything but i think my overall feeling is the publisher joseph like who by the out of the audience the noses of all these old men like in this city in the sixties and seventies an idea my audience i knew what audience that if that but that's it so it is staring straight about you bet that at history and wore something so i met him at the flesh it and let my people dar the flooded by which is what can we see is that i got locked up browsing through browsing reception to propose standing ovation is my memories come maybe and maybe arguing out that i think that i presented to laugh about one's fellow i win i won the contest was actually on the old out of the way they act we think that's a blessing in disguise and i think i've got to check for a hundred tells us on the as an early menopause amazing but the problem was because i want i got sent off to like the regional final against ollie of the windows molly other places and these were people unlike many who are really good at public speaking and we're really going to buy a ticket and read a good thinking on that but look at this time it was a huge hole full of hundreds and hundreds of people and because i've surprisingly want like my rachel hate by the head of my school came along to watch and albright was a pretty good after all become watch this and in that when i got up on stage was awesome question was unprepared for and i had no idea the take lands to the question you and i just died and say gee i don't buy jibes at the end the other people the other students when allowed to watch him to abandon this fellow's fairest so i've got a phone stat sheet and just died and humiliated myself and just to sloane coffin like that and i hate and then the other guy to signal is to the next four or five so you got a richie visage of homestead age to the same question and just now iowa time after time after time that each time was again off one and i think about all the coolest artistically but most terrible but i'd much rather have firewood to reach to haiti in front of like forty cuckoo small red bent on on the big stage said i got my comeuppance moral of that story things don't succeed but as yet there's a real does the promoted so you felt it says at his latest flare up by on laurie butler schedule that tap tap so the israeli effect to know one of the things he didn't have reviewed you would not really have a strong opinion about that kind of think the thing is in the case in new zealand this just like an obvious choice line but i already have a flag the fiber haven't reflect the fact that are using math learned is so much silly enough and in the cases earlier this new obvious standout contend that other than maybe the average joe flag which is a brilliant flattered but that's just the evolution of our committee could we adopt as national flag because because it has been taken by one hundredth that the the official facts fantastic like that go with the yellow circle us on separate possess that before the sun and the at guantanamo that's a pretty good one not it's atlantic s. for striking an israeli us right o'clock o'clock it's got massive recognition but again this is a recognition for one third set over there in cornered he couldn't really just a national flag is only four sides have destroyed inside the replies that the union jack with the average no flag that we start getting into that pledges i'm not sure we can watch let them enter the symbolic meaning according to the designer clothes on wikipedia is that that the red is the red of the earth that would have to fend for australia the yellow of course is the son and then the black is the aboriginal people of australia that is a referee the three color elements of the flag of caution schools have fighting as early as an obvious choice and that's when u. s. join flag should have began red earth to the ground i'm above it it should just show the cloud meaning spiders down on a terrified population could that's a good a little and no big thing they coming out in that i would imagine if charges in the judge's flack green and gold with a this is over to tell us move associated with israeli industry as checked so's of the green and yellow tacos on imagine with a man and some people's minds of the green owner think australia ever now i know that distress you stick his life become a national change where is yellow green and yellow tape and like the waldholtz flour with greater yellows and strengthening senate committee on china could deposited to match that will is latest think asshole attains tend to wear green yellow and women elected at maybe i've had that one cannot stop the tape to be cool telecom to move on but will i am in at eight tons of us to resign his right leg is a is that the regulation delicate think the reason that it becomes a particularly with new zealand and australia is the fact of having the union jack on the flat which i was trying to look up of war and i think the only other places that have the union jack other nations anyway are fiji and to la lou and those are the only nation local places that have flag that is not associated with the not commonwealth nations or any of the million things i was my you gave your people don't e-mail a document independent nations is still have the union jack on that i think those are the only wants analysis and contact us about the use of union jack versus union flag pat pat pat pat what haven't we done this before i think is all of those terms are completely legitimate the aisle this apparatus to like a glove or the city messages i nishida said the jackal was partnership none of which isn't even true this is like ana to trust me crazy but no one ever this is another also that'll just you know be there until the end of time as another classic example of what it's discuss so often but from both sides the iraqi forget which one is right i feel like kind and one of them is right on the metro will arise they are both right and until he met on a hot stove new union jack what is easy jack nelson of the carnival whichever days there is while ms kahn and which one of the news is allowed all out it is a method that will allow double bind i looked it up with that for you would like to the royal flag is a disease of the u. k. isn't that whatever was like i got confirmation from a primary source blacks anyway he's alive and spit assets alice's have to prevent polls and speeches for luck quantum look at him son with a few moments in which a box before move on to the next bit of flag news has said much of it which one unit in exile and the world like max audience to do by ida said many twin seventy miles about this that i should it was a big like burning into national story on that even if it is just a little modest and that is just inundated added boxes up the i'm not i know nothing about this except what i know from twitter can i get the impression that this is annan has admirably this is just something that that someone made is to encourage it is that what includes you ever try to find out precisely the as it's it's a very wotan student project with some kind of payout on that mobile maybe the mine anyway some some business wait and uneven officer man or woman has designs what i think the flag of planet earth should they do if we don't stick one on the soil of mazo unit if if we ascended to present the hope that robin a nation or athletic which is quite an interesting intellectuals eisenach i think it is it is an excellent intellectual exercise so you saw something was saying this proposed designed by this jim some people why who do you wanna of bash it's further evidence that is of this particular flag for earth got to get began to paint an audio picture for the listeners to whoever is in two or three red attended to by three ratio is aha blue background slightly more more dark blue the light blue i would say none of royal blood at the royal blue is an excellent expletives picked up at a spot on her and in the center there are on tv there are seven overlapping brings us a nice excited seven as fundamental you're upset is there is if you imagine the single ring in the middle and then overlapping around that there are six additional rings so seven in total and the rings are whites the rich and us couple this this is perfectly adequate description laugh so of like imagine imagine the road lay the ground and imagine the five olympic rings but there's seven of them instead and they're all watched an interlocking about the punched into the center of the mall problems for the way connected in some gas on the way the design is is done is to give the impression that the art interlocked so there is bound to look cut outs around the edges return seeley go this ring goes over that ring so inverlat all of these areas what's so far my in range but we think i'm gonna watch looks at flower pot yes cooks it asian tonight yeah i can see it's almost like gas expected to macao almost then get out now for the big japanese provincial flags it has that field to upset him again with an institution before we talk about what i wouldn't talk about what's left of it on what you think of that if it isn't if this was if someone said this is the business side of planet earth from now on which you'd be angry happy says what we would you stand on his was chosen by adding this is i mean is it harold lead boring design it's it is the izzy yawned passed it is the well why would describe this design who may or is amazing and this flag i feel like a captures literally nothing that is earth-like or or or the relates to the excitement of the of the planet earth so i'm just i don't think it is a bad flag design having k. aids is the kind of a good-looking flag but for something else i don't i don't see how this this does not make me think it over in any way i don't think it is is a good knopf symbol to be representative of an entire planets i don't i don't i don't like it what would you think a lot that knob how long radiate from up to you know i was i was sure that she would like to have to sell it as sure of that when i when i found out what was known what to click caught up i'll wait till it not wanting to live there who monitors looked awful but i got that and i started thinking that raises a good market on the morrow who didn't know more awful about the more i think to those mice and not to those tosca hannah fellows who are my show the mothers' chose to learn of a ton of i think that as a stiff issues raised by i wouldn't i wouldn't like leave the planet in a huff it was decided to stick does was given the athletic that it had that borrow while i would think that what i would think not that choice a choice not a bad choice but i think i think it condoms it is a kind of is sufficiently abstract not by alien night anyone and yet economy to think of the earth because all that we think of us as human beings with a very green and relief comes by simply these people more and this does look like a big blue say was a lot clout and at brains have a kind if an aspiration to the moves of togetherness that we spotted an extra little organization beyond beyond just the haphazard news of nature that is symbolic of a humanitarian oh i think i think it's pretty good i think it's a little bit funny kid in fine details may be for the both black but overall i think it's really good us up i think is a good flag but i just don't think that did it for the flag of earth and you also agree that there's too much detail in it's the overlapping is of the rings these kind of word fall down from a map it's too it's too precise any particular you for a flag for it earth affiliated needs to be crystal clear at a distance and the bandages too much too much on this one i get shot illegitimacy exhibit two thousand yen is indeed a perfect example for me is on the website itself if you're looking at it in the browser i know it you have an open right now idea about and does your browser have that urine chrome you see the dull have the favored by calling on the top of the browser word shows like the little picture that represents the whole page yet to say that and the visual detail right in to meet all the flag of earth it has to be distinct that that's because like thirty two pixel by thirty two big son of a bygone size and it is not a distinctive that size on the web page i will say when you start saying at existing illness websites been rented various locations like on national uniforms and newt meeting halls of things of that it does start to look on the road recall president was designed by the european union but it does take us to take it does go up if i'd done that awful i'll give you the news but denied the american flag that most iconic of flags is incredibly fossey well the gleamed like a little kid could never draw about half an impact week we must discuss is for ahmad a fan of the american flag i can't i mean imagine flag is way too busy that is is kind in the hideous me and i get a lady works for america but i am i am not a big fan of the american flag at that i know why this thirteen stripes but thirteen stripes is too many fifty stars coming c'mon lou reed who were you getting them would eventually gets a fifty one it's going to be hideous for everybody who likes things neatly arranged that it's going on the very last picture on the stage is the replied next to the american flag but they they will suffer from the same design problem in my mind of it's like to watch too much going on on on the slide but i know that from a distance eric is mostly blue and white but i think if you have humans making a flag about bird that they are planting on other planets amusing to represent themselves we have to have it be blue and green at the very minimum but there needs to be a green design elements and if you don't have that feel like i'm not in yet on board with your flag there has to be green on its otherwise i'm not i'm not unlike an abort that's all i initially thought that was really surprised if there's one idea is a great honor and to my thinking on that has changed and i think it doesn't agree not biased in what he said that but i think and i think you shed icon of the prejudice of selling some lose some land mammal center is i'm here is one of the art art or not fair enough is a flag designed by humans like he said i just think that it doesn't need that i think there are things that will my state cliche 'cause of this i thought oh clearly is gonna have the global some kind of thing will come in and around object to that is an honest way to spice the goodrich made if all the planets in the universe have flags there will be planets though thing no special because eyewitnesses living in space and that's no that's not what makes a special unlock was like lots and plot lots of things are probably also know what makes especially what does make a special bond and i met to the seven rangers of that weird with loosely ranges incontinence and i decided i can but she makes that school that something unique to western ally and i think it i think the flagship projects will we think is unique about us compared to walk up on us maybe not as opposed to just benighted planet they knew what to be with zuniga bout austin should be a flag of the monkey that's what i would actually be unique about our planet earth other plans i'd totally agree with you that we're having some kind of united federation of planets everybody is going to show off with their circle on the black background with the colors of the planet flies when all this is embarrassing for a can of what is the death but i agree with you that the most obvious thing cannot possibly actually be the choice is as we were going to run into other civilizations as is the opposite work dalton and then also does increase incredibly the likelihood that they're going to be blue and green combinations that green has to do with voters and this is a big big that's not going to be an unusual color out there in the universe is not an easy project what was trying to look up while we were talking animals can't leave it but not that i had mentioned that many times before one my favorites of the skis that lex lala ji sobriquet and one other things they do and i adore is almost every month they have the design competition for flats that and they often just pick some kind of interesting and arbitrary contests of all say oh i make a flag for the internet or make a flag for his other thing i was trying to find it i can i was gambling that they haven't done it but i i can't just glee around find any of that zoology contest for the flag for earth him i'll put in the show notify find it later but i would love to see what the people at backlog you come up with because then they come up with just worried we'd flag designs sometimes for all kinds of things and c. news you see you think yes that is that is perfect and you designed a better flag for rather than reddick never designed for rat or yes this is a great fight for the internet or yes this is a perfect flag for antarctica what kind of like the original i believe it's a great fight with the words high not because you wouldn't allow wounds on both flanks of having a dinner i'm not been obsessed the gray tell us the tissue she owned that bridge in before we leave the box on you prove that logo before we launched that has lines even have any alternatives manner there is no shoe horning now i'm back that at what i would have the recusing with reconnecting come up with alternate flights were held weapons i do agree that the letters are the letters are problematic let our car show has almost literally no other design elements then i think i think elements as big as becomes a big know that probably even transcends convention of light is on robes yes sister that stuff and future world what one on yes found the senate of just awful if this were overturned can you give any more ideas about what rages on vote for republican idea i made a claim to be the world's strongest honor but i've said before this is why i am very interested in design is precisely because i am not good at it and on the occasions i have tried to do stuff like this it always turns out comically childish and that is why the arts the hole in my videos is often comically childish it's not like this is not so good on my favorite people on the kid is alley braasch he does the nightclubs website called hyperbole and a half just filled with brilliant going riding and she hasn't had an art style is very childish but it is didn't hang silly childish and she gaily poser actual are working it is phenomenal whereas my child is our work is actually the peak of liability like i'm concentrating really hard and sticking out like tom like while i'm trying to draw these things burglary and is actually the apex of my abilities off buying i could not come up with anything better than this flag of planet earth design all i can to be is a real growth and to sit here and say now comes down alike better than as a way where is your better flag and i go i don't have one that's the opposite of what happens well i'm getting at a surprising thumbs up his supper i'd i'd didn't want to like that and i did it now by a plan was sent another flag link chin awake because it had told by raymond nasr yousef is just not in ops invisible to the press which i have that isn't too much by many like this on the right man that he did it to talk about the flags and our duty what treated jokes because of it too long by seventeen minutes is molinari which is that in a diet of but that step aside the vehicle has sent it to me a minute and talk wrestlers on the part thus the happy couple or not that i cannot stop watching a tan said it was a fabulous talk i really recommend that are really enjoy it with the main condition that's what the one thing that it struck me was it was almost like mirror image of a sudden stop stop here for a second i jacked up here for second non-stop incidents i have now watch this video i can't hands that i have not want to zero for a very particular reason again which is that i totally below the ninety nine percent is ballpark ask his excellence roman mars is an amazing job but i have to say what i saw all of this stuff coming out on twitter mm i was absolutely crashed because my intended video for this month was called how to design a flag rap and what i saw all of this stuff coming out i knew aha not one of mine my constant fear is and the problem with being so slow with making videos you this kind of moment of getting scooped in a sense by someone else scooped in gigantic quotation marks here because not like you is that make that nobody owns the facts none but when when your life is about making viral videos you know that there is only so much time and attention for particular topic in a particular time frame and so i thought amen i got it guys shelve this project and i know my wits is a great grandson i noted the silly granada's ribbon of river and that if you'll figure isabella imagine you lydia would be about you've been to lead and here's what one guess i want to guess what the structure of his video is a hug and if i guess right that we can keep talking about it but the fight to get gas and i'm wrong then there is a potential for me sometimes do that you about this in the future of my guess is that roman mars went through the design guidelines from the north american that's logical association and use various fleiss's examples of all why they're good or why they're not dead correct so it is dead and it's done it's dead on simon you when he was there was crashing and i have i have actually been actually been kind of floundering in the last two weeks or so try to figure out wanted to be working on with my next project known as like a man if this is just a little longer i could scoop that i could be connecticut but i mean i mean i can imagine what you did it would be like based on an extensive talk about flags in a previous focused like the movies you you talk about others things on which it allows those things he said would fall davidian now when i when i watch this tape the end it was so to simone that's it said it could all the things you said some believe about legs and all the things you said that i actually saw something suspicious was going on alive though by that he's into a caucus which is incredibly on my blood boil and you had it into a bags before and it's so informed your thinking that you're condoms parish in what he says all the third option which is put into motion is a guy says the exact same thing about legs and spiced on these on goddess the state is to talk was like asia than will ever get afloat for apparatus roman mars mine are drawing from the same source material yes which i really came across actually from the raddatz ah that's logical association because it's not clear at taking by really came across from the other bout raddatz next logical some credit because they link to those design guidelines every time they talk about the flag competition has liked by the way unless you really know what to do when you should probably stick to these rules and all long time ago i'd try to get in contact with the association to tell them my time working on a video about this i would not like the picture pool and like simpson be back and talk to some people and they never responded to me and then maybe about three months ago i decided on the move ahead with this project anyway even if i just never hear from from this association hands yeah so does this have been my big project for awhile and then when i saw it when everybody was suddenly talk in the road mars and flags and i find out exactly what's happened here is that in his view that sock is going to be the canonical one and there is no points is no point in continuing with this so well on in the you originally mc one ration i think i think ms reminisce about is it an outlet systems to see you go up i know you well enough and i think the souls of the professional pride the day he went to amend this happens to maple loops on this happens may because of the senate will videos in around item number valdivia it and see and the firehouse has done that before old cola found themselves as ten or even a video not mathematical saying this is like ivory thick skin color and i just realized bridge don't know which of us doing him if you do with you on that project for a few months then what stoker say to that a lot in that you were so in some comments of the present would you go beat him well there are other wrong and i think not because you want you and says well to your audience and you should by white men fall out to these indistinct clinton's got speak as i'm not concerned about people talking about copying him because i get enough of those comments from people where other people make videos on the same topic and i have made in the people are me too people were ripping me off is like no dude we just made a video about the same thing that ball or vice versa this is happens all the time and that's totally as totally fine so is this is the nobody knows the facts that everybody is to make a video hands you can do without whatever topic is and it is is very natural is well that's the videos that covered the same topic will often have the same structure yes and that's precisely the reason why i always know that if i'm planning to do a video i can watch other people's videos on the same topic because then the way they explain something gets in your brain and it blocks out your ability to come up with your own way to explain something or perhaps you would focus on something slightly differently but you see how someone else did it so that's why c'mon watching i'm not watching the remorse thing but more importantly is i'm really aware that because i'm a few were videos be as they do make need to be more popular in excess of this action to put a grotesque lives of financial decision you think the thing is less likely to go borrow it's not so much of financial decision at wednesday's is directly that but it's just i have as i have this psalm the trigger the news metaphor talking about oxygen in the room for various topics are felix continues desks but i feel some of the early going on selecting topics it's like you like you come walking around again in a mansion in hazzard like the almost an infinite number of rooms in each room is a potential topic for a video and over time some of those rooms build up an amount of oxygen inside them but if you open them up at the right time for when a little candle they make a big explosion it's exciting mm anne's after any particular explosion the oxygen will build up again but like roman mars has just thrown a candle into the room about flag is on that and so even if i ever want to do that topic which because i'm in the causes and they're really do like it but i mean still made that video some point in the in the future but it'll be all long time before that room fills up with oxygen again in a way that people would want to see another video about flags on there are so badass kai the way i think about is is it's i mean i guess my view is make more money if more people watch them but for me it's it's much more directly related to interest in this topic has been burned up and so i might as well take something else so that that had that out of the winter findings of a slightly side note here is that my my other video that i want to switch or the reason i've been kind of floundering is because the other big video that i want to do now i am ninety percent sure that there's somebody else who's working on the exact same topic and will probably be able to to beat me to about one as well so beloved like aha i know i got like surprises kicked in the pants wants and then the next thing that i want to do with that that i feel like i'd don't necessarily want to start that because i'm pretty sure we may be scooped by about one two to come into oxygen runs again and we're isn't where is the difference between the rooms oxygen bang stolen and taken out by someone iran in oz and the topic generating more interested more oxygen and you didn't ride away like this because as chasing psycho others no one item is will that be don knapp another one is called is created a lot of interest and i can i can feed on that interest and make some in the even bigger not like for example when you when you make videos arm around election time surely you think someone was a no-show ebola virus acts and election oxygen has been depleted and yet that's just when you put an urgent idiot because you think interest as a small talks for this is indeed you do business lingo ten hold that sketch is that which is a phrase that i hate but yes the atm a big events the lot's of people want to make videos about yes and then in my view of what those r. a.'s it's coming out as a work perfectly but in some ways they are rooms that are are so baby they can't possibly explode all wants that president is room for multiple explosions because this isn't like an enormous amount of interest in them i know of an islamic state in the echoes of all those candles yes yes that is legit lot at the lot going on but what has been the case sometimes when been talking with other creators if you're also aware that even around big events like that if if everybody's working on something you still want people to each have a different angle on nothing yeah and everybody can quite do the exact same topic that that benders because that will one of them will end up becoming them the main video about this thing any others and out looking like a pale imitations and even though that's not necessarily really the case is just kind of by chance which one happens to be want catches on the reason why want to guess about what roman mars did is because i thought that that's that rob lee what he would do and so if i were to do with you about flags right now i would have to take a very different angle or very different way to do it but again because i work so slowly that's not something that i can basically do it do in turn round before the end of the month yes i have to say was kind of depressing because so many people on twitter were like you guys be so excited about this video one flag lately and lose tweed some people say watch one from our think it's anything at all all of those like sitting at home inky myself into oblivion dollar a head of months of work rate is down the toilet flushing it away isn't really clear roman maurice on the off chance that you listening you do an amazing partisans is nothing against you personally and it said so was really good i assume that that that was really awesome and a few minutes ago for manly a caucus with great hope that got lost in shame on ye think that this perfect out and do this filled with the right honorable calling from the same sorts yet at the moon salute on the present during that video that you weren't at the state on all the other thing among the house that's not the stand by to co 'cause you could tell mike i would talk to god that i can't cope with him with i'm thinkin' on video things i'm images of a man and it does not like gramm by custody of that any attempt by gangs use is not the thing is not the thing that you're thinking of what the problem is it to be on white to make for years and years and had been collecting research research on for years and years and says like our guide as the idyllic this is the same situation is going happen again has done so having a hard time that the king whirring and i'm working on a very small project is not really relate to anything but i need another mean video and i'm kind of having a hard time selecting the next topic that one always did like a couple extra focus is that and as possible in order that the internet and they could vote on what my next topic would be and i would promise to do it i'm an this episode is brought to you by a harbour operators in the best way to buying and manage domain names and it is the company that i used to manage almost every single one of the domains out of how many cummings is that it's dozens of buildings i have over open on my screen right now and there are so 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methods of i probably one that explain it but admits that look at what's your role that i think i think people are the people probably get out i could what was your usual election to that new story the new story was written in the strange way we're at the thought that demands things like contact with payments the thing that actually mean all credit card and debit card transactions and everything and everything that is not nuts and cones dance and so on i realize that that was the angle i found myself actually surprised that that was not already the case that's exactly my reaction from that but but but happily how can it possibly be the cash transactions have outnumbered debit card and credit card transactions on mama almost completely mice but but and the other thing and this may be a surprise to him because of the sea people would imagine that ought to mr professor in cash in the old fashioned why i'm on board with cash husbands because there's nothing i find work spend happens way too often than get into a place that will in excess cash aha yeah probably best to happen is that i am i am amazed when that occurs when it does happen i'll most to lose the lucky you do you joking became a lady him is that some criminal enterprise oath that head idea it again i presume that your laundering money than in a little fish chip shot up if it had been absolutely baffles me what a place morning sir cards and i know people write in and say that that that the store owners have to pay the transaction fees on the credit cards yet been about that i just i cannot believe that they're not missing out on more money and they would otherwise or not because all the time you thought this normally to lie but does she think that what about next on the legal people don't go back next time or by see the sign that says cash only nine and ten times i don't really have any cash on the deck so i can actually go that's hadn't been more interesting lead and i think a little bit not so great values people when they use credit or debit cards will spend more so it's not it's not necessarily that's more customers arrived because you are using a credit card but it is much more likely that a person and the small amounts to their pre existing order when they're using credit cards and other parts people's brains shriek physical cash like no other form of exchange yet it's much more real and so if you're asking people to part with notes and coins they are much more personally yes then if they're just using a credit or debit card as an online shoppers the next level up to it 'cause sometimes a bomb on amazon oaxaca crazy just the stuff in the basket that wasn't with him and it doesn't even feel reopen an amazon get c. with their one click bottom huh what little othello my computer and i bought the known as two hundred dollar thing which way did need to be delayed no kids are getting sick to your door ding-dong repair its most zealous tell you early on said that by the happened to me to buy a house of those lessons at an auto stood for imposed on to that and that i it was like yours expensive those expenses and it was like it was two hundred pounds you unlikely to buy at a thing crossfire through tight out 'cause it's even less real money than moment and amid the purchase a house that's good phenomena from watch some cricket and do some work and i came back and button my brows and it turns out the transaction had gone for it but some had some of the fire whims of their message come up to another to them for action in one breath and right about and didn't like they did but so is like criticized by that makes me wonder how often both know that that is to as low as someone connections as we show you another that when the sedgwick none of course or that increasing any amount of friction would vastly decrease salesman huge imagined of amazon was required by law to send you e-mail two hours after every purchase that said you sure you wanna buy this passes ecclesiastical to knew what the transaction and that either their their cells would plummet to get out without which sounds crazy because even though people do things that really did one thing we know it's the people don't do things deliberately that human decisions are extremely context sensitive and that after did you just want one of them were the studies was reading about was talking about how like white collar crime hands eagle cheating and how if you if you hey people forgetting the correct answers on the test that you trust them to tell you how many they got raped if you do in the transaction in cash people are much more honest about how many questions they really got right on on the test but if you give them tokens that they can then redeemed from a second person in terms of actual money that people like lying just goes through the roof that if you put any kind of level of the interaction between the cash money and the person then it just it it makes people think of it like it's less real at all not really skimming this person out of dollars on skimming amount of tokens and those tokens can turn into dollars was totally different what to say nice have a problem with that shit says is precisely why every video game in every gambling establishment wants you to convert dollars into their own crazy currency and for actually spending money sudden assail your money kitty who the devil shit that's exactly right that is the use no it's in the video games are kind of the worst happens or emma's lot lots lots of other webb said they wanted to have some kind of secondary currency and they know people are way more likely to spend or the consumer loyalty points all this kind of secondary currency stuff you bring just treats really differently always be suspicious of what people want you to convert your actual money into some kind of other form of exchangeable money that that is of their own right terry thank like chips in the casino that comedy metaphor about have amazon said a very mild laces and i usually one of ids digger monumental so i had just to lose weight actually move i was thinking about in a telephone was like wait wait he accused the mom let's give him a ticket that'll have like a big cut the knot on t. v. look on the b. b. say and i'll have a comedians all schools spousal epidural try to raise money for an event like well like in a africa is to favor massacres on the lugano have an idea or not send it give money give money and these days ago you said a text message or you got caught you give money and into the not to say hey we've raised thirty six million pounds is not a fantastic that is fantastic is who the good side the thing i was wondering is what was alike in the olden days when you when i when young when i assure issues to be on because when i should cease to be honest some of that in the view is one that is used as you bring up and which one you would tonight you say on any given ten thousand i've got to the latest and the end of the market would say the romans refreshed thirty six million dollars a pound of a button you had to the next directed time don't give that money somehow who like because you couldn't deliver the five minute yet to go to the money someplace and i was a drugs again when you pledge was a major league argues that money tomorrow i would love to nine have many people actually sold through that commitment half the staff to sign on it is my way now the next day i had to give the window when watching the emotional videos of unit people in distress if i'll let that suffice to guide the drop off free must've been an enormous amount on and i would expect from two things one people does not following through arms of maybe fifty percent of people just don't follow through it and i would also be very willing to bet that glove that people who follow through the big percentage of them give less than a pledge that prices auditory dollars and then they actually give five dollars samba i'm sure that it is must've been a huge drop in on him a it's interesting because i'm on some of the fund raising platforms they advise you you're doing like that you know called one-time fund raiser were ongoing fund raiser of the gisela buys it seems to be aware that at least you can expect ten percent failure rate we actually go to charge everybody's credit cards now the system couldn't be any easier red eagle put in their credit card information it's it's there it's fine but then when like that to kick start a project finishes right off the bat you you've lost ten percent of the promise revenue because a credit card transactions don't go through nafta figured that's the best case scenario and if that's about ten percent of those tv tell ought to look on death i would i wouldn't be surprised if it was just a majority of the people don't actually follow through on that pledge by what i would love to know actual numbers i would love to actual numbers i have heard just a meeting here in egypt that getting things done the art of stress free productivity by david allen which for those of you never was to august before because i knew those people would know his book is up to that have to discuss this and is this book is grannies life-changing bottle that tend him from a mere mortal to the efficiency report that we have before us now and so while it is i've read his private that way but i like this well i decided i thought that i wo has already been stated by now though the great himself that are beyond saving unspoken on site may i i agree with that but i decided that i have a look anywhere just give me credit insight into the market granted them so i'm dying to attempt to read a move i'm naive in midnight squad of the reason i one of the reasons of all kinds of vision was i could skip would nights on the pages as i read a few russians floyd who and then hopefully actually haven't got a single page episode about how successful it but hideaway maybe the next caucus maybe one off donna that some point in asking jack i intend to ask the questions about this poll and if he wants to have read it already have the option they were not be necessary if they were not be required reading but i'm a increase or decrease your pleasure of the protestant are on giving you that this is an option parodies are you dream today when i bought this book and that you haven't read it at all which is the standard order of operations for all the media will buy a book about productivity at la like you're really great appeal so great i get cigarettes in the afternoon off and in phases of my suggestion is that we actually try to set a deadline of talking about it for the next show but then as it does is actually for the both of us because you understand about the new edition david alan just happened to come out with the new ten or eleven anniversary edition of the book man and i have been intending to two we read getting things done for all but two reasons for like a year and a half now and i haven't done either so i could use the deadline but i think you need the deadline and so the skin to skin definitely be cold war for next time for the listeners we will conversation about getting things done with david allen that'll be a link in the shadows out for people if you wanna get i asked if he thought should give you what it will cause one to one where could do with his use it on my new sort of fitness rockets into or mankind's runs but i suspect this isn't isn't one of which translates as well to evoke an econ economy great lingo put in the show notes will be to amazon i listened to a lot of audio books hands i've i've read as well atom bomb keenly aware that some books are better in one format or another some audio books are better as audio books and summer wars but i think that's the book like getting things done doesn't translate well into audio format because if you're really serious about it there are things that you have to do wedge or going through the book and in a body awoke format it becomes a bit more like entertainments that i am poem i'm listening to this to be entertained what i'm reading stuff that i want to have an effect or or to change my life in a particular way that will often preferred to read it on the page because i think actually having it be a little bit more difficult to read on the pages opposes someone just reading it to you kim baghdad difficulty actually makes you focus on it more often you a favor and the sort of typo version as opposed to the assertion was because it was sort of israeli stephen flush out he does not because of that it's just cause more because you have to stop and magnets and to things that they're a couple of points in the book or think it is genuinely useful to do what he suggests doing the middle of the donor that air wrong this is not as it is certain kind of genre book vasily he will have little exercise at the end of her read chapter and i loathe of that stuff or i think that stuff is totally gimmicky is only one or two things in this book that i actually think are moments when you should do something but it is also book it is is much more just to be actively thought about as opposed to listens to sodomize ireland really like audio books for books that are about a particular topic that and i wasn't on your books for fiction but for a book like this which is i actually want to really try to change something about my life i think it is worth deliberately sitting down and having a pen c. can make notes or underlined sections or you know rates and stuff down an additional she's a paper laudable sponsor this episode last two christian that i would i do agree bigger for our method of not knowing who the sponsors are hung on acting this is again is an affiliate people are not always aware of this man that we don't we don't know the sponsors are one word when we're recording the park asked that we don't do the sponsors until afterward there and audible is a sponsor of the spot checks will be glory heard from them will have to decide to do one after the end of the show oh poor people is in our you know we desire of the worst the way they had the conversation of i guess the i love that i had a dynamo have within us right now but i'll miss you like a few subservient to them and because they know something other than that are more powerful that is in the future but how does much more path was none i guess whither now more powerful right now they're existing somewhere in the world as we are reporting this day amid an even a recording estimate that meant nothing to obstruct sieges you swing in these high licks drinks cut that if the our listeners are vastly more powerful and then suddenly the listeners there's nothing could i bought let them walk on the guy and you my friend at gray