Episode: Jalen & Jacoby - Giants/Dolphins & Spurs: 12/15/15

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Jalen & Jacoby - Giants/Dolphins & Spurs: 12/15/15
Jalen & Jacoby celebrate the Spurs, discuss Cam Newton and Rick Ross at the strip club, breakdown the Nkemdiche scandal and more.

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Automated Transcript (Why is this transcription so bad?)
why do they n. n. white that that the it from one of and it caused when how long does that was good look like whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa choose to live that and lucy's dylan rose on the pro re dylan yes it was built well robert engaging in nom the scandal some of the information was coming into the slot questions are reportedly felt that for us is a four stories is a one story the film was made fell twice in brooklyn broke the window pulls out his hotel why did he do that was you doing this only questions and now there's new information jonah number excited about it i'm as well all synthetic hello boys this would call and it's what the cool kids are going in their minds to get past the drug tests so here's what's happening to this day and age what information sophistication technology things that we did what things that the society didn't it eighties and nineties that particular well there was drink forties or small blogs it has not been heightened why so many things that are chemically in dukes for example how cigarettes were remark did it cigarettes initially were marketed as being cool back in the day what then everybody bonobo bought the tibet the effects of tobacco so hot they re brand tobacco perot baby and now you see people where the vague and the tobacco blowing to clouds of smoke in the good 'cause they read read it to make the calls exactly now and we used to speaking about synthetic employees because clay trouser foxwoods now keep the coverage is reporting here is how kate has since learned through multiple sources that indeed she is fall with result of his use of synthetic can avoid becoming calls and becker won a court the quake which has become increasingly papa drummond athletes and costumes because it doesn't show up on drug test but on late edition honor wasn't that marijuana made this process chemical zuber subs does in quantities can lead to paranoia delusion and hallucinations but for now firmly with the story essentially the facts are on the man was found and he had apparently broken through his hotel window and he's fallen from his hotel room on to the ground the police charged with possession of marijuana because they found what they thought was marijuana in his hotel room in now one not to not three not four not five knots six foot seven for you rolled marijuana cigarettes that the first there was talk about that is just too many pre world marijuana cigarettes to him but what is it better not synthetic seven as the law is to strange and also things do more readily available to minors so they get exposed to these drugs think him locals as you said a lot earlier so derek's calls some mention to raping them buoying the tobacco derek's balls to scissor let this thing called d. for drying molly agra see alice young people saul and aside the facts i'll send it the boys rapid heart rate i'm letting you can feel is it just a seizure hallucination so what has now happened is so many people are taking beings they truly don't notice on ethics because we get determined showing what chemicals are they in some of the day the young people were taken exactly now let's listen to the nine one one call from shandong who was a witness on the scene you so she told the operatives been added now to talk her out i'd of reared apart for how a doting on her the burden that but on the outcome of that and not i have no idea who governed by that but at what i mean it may album they mostly what need swinging good-bye what happened and moving did i realize it i found out who the letters and being coherent eat a bite you that billy earlier it was souls years looked it is running out atlantic indeed she f. using synthetic in avoids was paranoid agent and some was chasing system for two hundred ninety six pound defensive tackle when he broke through mistletoe run windows and counted more than fifteen feet to the ground i can teach you now live in a bush outside the hotel is countries would be much more severe it just keeps getting weirder jail and because as you keep reading there's a report that his brother dens el weeks earlier was using synthetic in avoids an intended op on the roof does care this town all wrapped up like a tear for that song was after him so now after your brother has said it had about a bad reaction to synthetic it was why are you doing them yourself in your hotel room in atlanta to a day synthetic canada know it's what has to canada know it's ryan would paranoid then this sounds like somebody that was using this drop god it's all a space where but basically does lost his whereabouts and a fugitive f. l. product of top bought it so much potential but again as i mentioned is the exposure and lots alms the zhang people are forced to look at a lesson from lot earlier than we were bangs or police the lot different way and there were only a couple of channels you watched on tv wasn't this the cable things what in your face people were half naked on t. v. people workers and on tv and radio was it the internet you can just press dub u. dub dub you they go anywhere so not you can there's so many things that can harm young people yet while live in an affirmation age are not taking that information and applying that to understand that while it may be coolbaugh the moment it is to have some serious lingering effect at what that's got political ball and i'm not they said on the call awful the building then there you know what that newcastle was sa okay then not really no wonder then he's lucky that his injuries were worse and more poorly he's like he's the law to this day on hold while the full recovery then i also hope that people take this as good as a teaching moment is you accuse the lady if your id stores came out after his brother has the same type of reaction he continues to use the substance that i think that you would there's absolutely no way i'm ever drawn into the cabin or to know why because of people freak out on them like it but after knowing that there is this reaction to it how do you continue to do it well that he gets a full recovery of all the people you know stop using stop what to do is global fake we go and good good goin you to put in a big weekend is watch the terrible things the people go through on the substance their outlook well roll on a bomb will be called dalby amendments it's also to what trachea juice in the home so why it's productions yeah the part of them will be forgot it's a block any calls the stars fall at the mob and basically all of 'em bought the back to you know what to do next and say let me get back to your point once housed with the highest is how'd i judge ruby's abhors moved to the moon you know the canyon me on phoebe painters is began our this is the chimera and they're headed the up to jersey blue dress as we can win the most exciting things when we can't build there's some news that came out there with evelyn waugh goes on to undergo retired stories on sunday we know attended get the frogs for you to not on friday we now know what candid can we do jonas club called ironically cameo much of the roman the cameo was the name of the boys cam is there to the jonas club does wells with ross is there's a chemist there for rick rock performance bladed knife you under cross legal status m. g. m. nearly losing dinner theater was red cross the cameo jones club so you presume in the south late on friday that none of that matters most is anything we won by thirty knots and your thoughts after hearing that he was out of the club chronic i think this season it's gonna be unique for the carolina panthers aw lot of beings that they're able to do wah bear enjoying success right now being on defeated will it be for alda pond if they only lost a couple again so far the shooter elliot was i don't think they'll goal thirteen enola gay enough not going out on welcome meetings of the net what caused all that that they should continue to enjoy this raw blood celebrating on the sly lon during again taking no quarrel to be consider part runner to some people then good good thing about it is there still hell in business as you mentioned sold as the starting quarterback the book thing you should let the noble goal because that's what we felt peyton manning would do what tom brady would do and so will we see kale and out charlotte hornets gay or offer hope all day are other strip club in this case they're gonna be a lot of people that the book love of the position he plays in that sport he should not be an adult entertainment establishments during the weekend over again i know on the other hand sleep that there was no correlation so what happened on friday night i bought four goals on the bike and on a judge resign if i completely disagree june i completely disagree you know was if i'm wrong red baron if on to again i'm making sure he goes back to that strip club on friday night before the next game alike have you clay like that little meatball slicked back please i want you became elizabeth ronald never crosses that they're the ones that i need you that i do see a correlation dylan kal this is the camp they are he's care we're ready big smile fashion rob reiner to have a good shot this year i called i can't he got an amazing job this year and not only getting a dog on the field we're showing us that he's enjoying it just as much of not more all the video can you now whilst i'm lying to me out it's not going moon one bottle why what neuropathy in a year when at the level that they are they are enjoying it and i'm fine with it and i agree with you we should make sure that gabrielle every friday night before i come on gays will you let him get on what they want it until you lose no well bottle in a low but you bring up you bring up a good point did the picture on the sideline the dancing to smiling the celebrations the going out and i could go into that though the hornets game he did not aubrey game even when he said that he would he said he would attack up paying big enough money but said he would attack you know in our rival fans at the all bringing all of this does get swept under the public relations abroad you may all just seems that all it can no news haven't won this is great bull if they were you know six and seven is not so much mind it's not so great so you like like they say camp winning is the best deodorant universal remember loving him allow that have to do with that they're too no record not so much as they get that call it they were ten and three they're the be defer that all have to be of baba dirty the only way they hit the continued enjoy himself the way he is all n. n. off until the government or success as a killer in sports while the panthers all the best team recker was in the nfl of the thirty one finger not happy about that and while he's celebrating and enjoying the fruits of his success they rightfully so let me just say that what camus dylan is like a good what i'll be don't it i'll move to the physician in the head how badly say that would show not only a youth but they had that all here too as well what i will say that quarterback position has been calm water prestigious boards then that guy a lot of people's eyes should be one dog and all having dinner at six pm every night always have every autograph of the bed never shall venue motion never seen off on a film role but hale is different and we showed you and talk to you on this very program introduces another case to echo this champagne in a campaign that all on let's put that up a body on hamas i'm all for this or most well don't you admired i want is a role that madame by you heroically to help there's no danger of you showing up as the biggest i like to be invited please write devlin on one issue look as normal as is the part of you good-bye be glad to do with me and i'm not an abuser that billy come unglued not as simple as that we're gonna get loose on the court next alcan known is gonna be at the spot we should take our shop owner just investigative journalism at all is it's just it's just which part of our jobs you need a lot of the biggest athletes in the game that papa that's all is this isn't bill does is in the end of the red cross news though that may withdraw as a busy couple days the rapper named j. luciano did he jump across as friends to leave his d'amato it often is george that that took pictures of themselves with his parents rolled up his shoes off tipping his toes in rick ross is poll as they do show up that's a big to record warp core that's going to a shoeshine to know hi andrea you get brenda hi you want a friend with us on stalkers be paid simply call breaker and break in an early as you recall trespassing that's jumping sa lot that's been getting into the yard into their personal space is not to cold or kosher deli maggie or record deal that would not ingratiating owned any way shape or form as an artist to the public or in this case to rick ross do you read it in a nice package it's well done outside the gate it's going good news and serbs could not you know i mean more importantly we all know do dick allen to take out with the best in the last of the recross news to cowgirl look to recoup ross's house on his jet ski red they had lunch and then on his way home desert talent night falls an exhaustive study this is an r. p. t. soccer rough at rommel which which people problems had not i thought hey ellen as well plaza mayor starts to give away the best tank top on the desk he ever role they have a good laws crawley of problems well some white guy that has a roses house boy of the role of a valve been all day cool so again what's that vanilla one end have with mr jones you go because one of the war is lost so we can finally turn our attention to what may be the best team in the nba san antonio spurs golf martin trial and i oh at that why jill and we split the last month basically talking about one basketball team you know what he knows the goals they were in the riot police will now that they've lost the milwaukee bucks the stig look at your honor we can with let's let's get a little deeper let's let one another team that is contending for this to chip in you know what they're not hard to find how since on those birds and i'm just overtaken the warriors with the best point differential in the national gospels of zeus may win by thirteen one one five and again jack bishop pedigree live are called cop on the zoloft and out of five championship rings still have the continuity of habits only parker a goddess been finals in the previous wobbled woodshed visions of albano to mobley they will play various roles to rob regular season more or less man is dependent on the night rest in those guys were needed directness season of healthy to get ready with america was interesting was losing the papas on this you can do that lamar is aldridge so they had the serve acclimated and the opposite last year he kept messing around with all the starting fires you were asked chemistry you know i'm not just experimentation that this year the spur starting five had played more ms together judas is thus far this year the board played more ms together than any starting five did all of last year you can always tell the district that he's pulling the trigger please you solid man i mention our mitchell bakery what their next three israeli wondered what they need the property that's cool while enter movie an all-star gonna be image of the beaches of clarity year he's gonna be all and be able former has improved is three point shot he always did cover defensively has improved his ball hailing the bill you played all the best of all with us come out swinging software's marcus rogers has been it's going to employer was more of isolation flare up for what has to adapt to more bold move collect scheme that the stars like the mole that like to play is not a real outpost osama love lot like he's a costume tool to boy they still do it because he's really good at it in his right shoulder turnaround jumpers of signature shot and then the grain buddhism the vessel of reverend on down three point shooting shooting on bolstering gas are really are gonna be would drive the table or paddy males broderick was season but a limited to maintain that title record that's gonna be on the heels of the goals the rewards thirty on the heels of wuerttemberg over to wars are not as interested observers of the best investment when we sit here and say that the nahas par with the war is eating a lot of has to do with why leonard he's showing forty nine percent from three point one an historic occasion forty nine percent from three his fourth npr in the guises behind curry to rent and westbrook and when you get to like all those weird static defensive and when you shares and known in all of those we're defenses that's in your deepen the basketball reference like denzel can correlate are all over all those defenses that would you do what the defense of reading defensive when shares the pencil box plus minus loses another all over the stuff but at the theater progress is reported to pace and all were all walk was soon will get twenty six seventy in that report pershing three point bob percentage bill golf noon assault weapon that the regula sees a book called america there we know that all other teams in the west have not distinguish themselves without we do want a clip of lead a big way and the trade of that again last night needs are well aware or oklahoma city balladur who took a minute to file their stride bill although always a problem that this changes their vehicles they've gotten dole ball mouth so many different so many different gangs in houston rockets were numbered susi leisure in the west to cover as it took a lot of hot air strada nate on closer mostly particle of chart reviews on early in the season so with that being said it became a tutsi raise a lot earlier than they normally would and you don't i'm not i'm not going resigned to screw to dream team race religion the year but i do want to you brought absolutely important on great job by you the twenty fifth and pace that this too was a good look at this one way is all this is called good cop he knows of the games those on the playoffs lose the republic basketball right they're also twenty six in the pursuit of hillbilly schumer three quarters so let me escape this jury was the best in the nba doesn't play fast and doesn't show that many dreams but lately again there's also the split his base marilyn isn't this ball like fly up and down and then go far as an open three ladies about the way the game is going to seems agree popovich is knowingly going against the just because there's a stop that exist that successful that'll mean it could be copy we see a lot of people wanting the place more ball to emulate the ghost they warriors what you gonna have the personnel to do a car is the head of the snake then ball game is ilya the anchors bob would drop it does dole sample of god's sakes by the six not so for the scars they weren't scene they had bigger robs her three ops away lay aside then i'll pass pass my kisses three point shot you then it became a team the robber or a mother stretch for us that was able to play for all of us till got older he really wasn't touches some minutes and pop shaved your style of play now if you look at the stroke of their roster a couple of their bakes shrek this posting not wars the owl aldrich to jam doctor so you will be your method the post all got some paco while it has the ball game as well so because of the personnel and that salad abs you just using the head he was dealt then he's gonna how the beat the goals they were is at yes now not trot out but just to what the warriors to grab it and if they mean the playoffs elizabeth we sewed up unless you want to watch one of the defensively which is basically how many points of view pollen will score per one hundred possessions as god as i did it evens the whole pasting out to see how good your defenses their number one i'm not aware of the number one there six points in a five point five points ahead of the polls were number two the number to the room number nine are all within two one half points we chose that they have a huge lead of their defense or reading over every single other keenly it's not even close also a calendar estimate there are two things that people overlook in chains for that chemistry in the herds experience especially the wars of damage to the dude a black these bears the scars are while book cover them it they they they have expected a different way because now won the championship they play perks three closer than three years of the best that the school they are younger other how the acapulco have no longevity although no one another that the scars of that go with that level copper there's no legal pot shots of all men it's you gonna fall ill your pop you know it's gonna trust you know it until you do right beings in seoul they have a confidence that one of the champ issue with his group do you think the great popovich as a plant or so does he now sitting in the lab to store looking at the warriors games in easy already gay male fantasy on some telecheck automaker runners up on he's already been up for all what people forget is the best the bell rings and basketball are hard to fire there is no thirty in the nba all the last sixty years i tell you in all three of four people have been to prison in the ranks gary soul golf puppet masters in the great players other teams they determine all the rest of the lead place because you try to catch up to greatness it's all for pop he's not gonna change when they do does to measure would go stay but could they get that dog all of us they want to do what he has what they can and should do when a drop this knowledge it right now gentlemen there should be allowed allow mccullough marcus orders at the fire a quiet at the fold you hear people say that they should look why on staff or on clay if you're gonna be the golden state warriors your best weaned of bender three or four in particular has to be guarding for a migraine when is the world lloyd's updates as to the gap hostess brought us dares to drink for the goals they wart leave them in a sense was part of second revolved almost early enough in scorn then has the ability to get the body of a rebound go called the call to make a play for himself or problems you gotta contain health then i think that some of state that a lot of hold it seems that made by rossi that have a personnel book of that you put your three on frame on the labs to get out some iraqi guards let go stopper you listening good papa know you had a list the lives you could use of an odorless to the park asked every single day good usually got calm every morning you listen to live is one huge as god given the key to be more years of quark entre marked next on joe's going we're gonna tell you disrespectful thing that andrea doll did it and over that and that that pot of hot with a good solid twig hundred dollar finals m. v. p. not the best over passenger here's what ensued over driver so bad i have no shame loomis gasps to get his leathers that just fell on drug this promenade to know about that whole car stalled budget at it and that's a trade dead timber does have to go by when over drawer effect you're letting them go regardless if so i was dropped you're letting them go back the fat fat fat fat left could have gotten a good lover kennedy the gambia bernadette on it on for years total of gliders button fly right in little out lightly or three point shots at elena amadeus and all bottled it it but if they don't worry about it you know i mean on it's gonna have come old robin's mom really happy almost or the persevere as well depend come off of it for a game for his ten year period to his tenure ten years in the week of the car was adequate among us are lined up against love ron shaved and everyday find anyone in the pit of blame on put her up so far to be about this stuff and his jake are your jake honored got elbowed budget aerosmith last year in the playoffs he went down awkward you know spring bosnia blues a ceo is what is said about the gang that i hope he apologizes tomorrow to be honest with you graham said to boston globe i hope it was unintentional but if he doesn't then will play ball of the goblin someone ask you about this do not want requesting an apology that if you request an apology whether you get it or don't get it you kind of disrespected in both ways you're an image of your question apology in you get a pressure but sincere if your question about it but you don't get it then you can apply yourself your thoughts on that note from us to crop now played again in new novel what made you think there was a neapolitan of them not to fit that simple folk at all going up burger out of the woman he apologized for not however if it had the second point along and if you're all if you ever allows bought not a good old parts okay that's wants to so if i don't think j. r. smith haul ever is the type of hers that in this country a fraternity players getting hurt that's one thing the players getting injured that's something else that's that's what he had a knee injury than it was directly or indirectly cost a lot of physical altercation with jealous met during the game i anticipate one hundred percent they would that quality about him move all tonight wouldn't buy things that you would use what they do that and i think as much as you said on j.'s blood you know the last year where i really didn't i didn't see you letting me to do that that's ways to say that what is it about that ths has put you know that was it you would do what do you do montage the dodgers been taken down by now put shares of bravely jurors may potentially bowed kind of unintentionally elbowing people in the league is like ninety seconds longer looks like without a montage of car murder of press knocked out with this and really brutal stuff in there just met his awoke he was not you in a pacemaker look would you drive into what was in a little bit to life's work which you know what else so it honestly to rob for long to be calm all better than play on the perimeter of you could take footage of almost any player over that's where all that over that length of time official build an old boy multiple people it all when you get necessarily shall is all birdie of flagrant hits have been chemical bullet cases of particular of his crop of being dinner never though the same game in which olympic injured animals although like bells with other collect out of freak accident that love is races are apt to revolve to millions of times in his courage as broadway's wrong tom i'll take a limited anything malicious no but the flighty rock just pulled this footage on there that the flighty rocket in our men and i are added a few years the bloody the bach is teaching bookie how to flop ethereal flop learn from the blast you know woodruff lot either learn the very best when they got what proof slot blot you got chased naturally was all and in that order that's what body became blood at the bomb is tomorrow real love body the bottled water more scale international big sur comets who we called what do you simply out of law but they've more so it should be teaching him how to fall that have the book comet are the bubonic plague support than football they don't all of the markets god and let the leak in charge has taken last year but how thoroughly if the yellow what i love you heather research do and i did not know that i would not expected to be sure bet to a good you know i love mba read it to most amir brothers will you allow swordfish owned shops all the source of two shots all the sources that we didn't do were all over the internet video by for the line complex pro basketball pro ball ball as the agent lee's report is pierre and what we have run out on the south the mc all that armageddon stop in on this one strange to revive realty l although this from buley that mba read it all my store you're the story was the story about ross westward going to visit a child in the hospital he's a good color no he did jail and he didn't show up with a camera crew enjoy the fun of your rep initial with an mba cares t. shirt in india care if they were cruel he just did it cause own volition by himself in the hospital and i salute that jesse you froze was proved how and also the tropic challenge the bowl blogger you'll know the biggest celebrity to an thinner or nba player back to get back here to as somethin' else you got to spend about to give backs you can treat the image of the tv you're all goods do you think the members cruises are gone for the coached by bill on the bestseller long yesterday show not modeling is a milestone of sabre watch anyone lose their job bob i'm not in the business of that they really shoot botany belmont so on on on that what he's had a chance call a la mode the issue that the members guerrillas have they've had the last six years when you watch their gains and to tell tom or did it again look down there was that three point differential and normally that's this that they lose the three point shooting lee but i think that the new moon to do you see that he does moods zeeble and tony allen to the bench for common off the bed you know we're making spirits experiments like that something isn't working it is in the show religiously you'll know that alms week on the on rest of the russian misery that was also would result in the resignation of the president in waltham also the chancellor and otto undone of bone loft in and recently just now state legislator is proposing a bill that student athletes lose their scholarships if they go on strike in response to a threat our misery tiger pro ball players not to play because of the ministrations handling of racial discrimination complaints on campus i find it extremely interesting jail and because one of the reasons this story again the national stage is because the misery tigers football players decided on strike otherwise we would never spoken on the show who would've gone ashore tension the lot of it has to do with the fact that if those players were on strike the universe to lost a million dollars would reportedly million dollar cancellation fee in this to me is really interesting response from the state legislature we're also going to acting for four walls and i habits charm that i've used for years so the hypocrisy i think takes that takes place then in c. h. m. o.'s and how they treat their athletes or off indentured servitude i am appreciated the opportunity to get an education allow people actually think that that education is free it is not the collegiate actually has two responsibilities to be a full time student that they are full time not only am i why not allowed to work oh we're gonna live to whether you came from accumulating they haven't called a slap in the mailbox all want that did not okay what you get the college on collegiate stones have the same should the veteran they get through what aha that on a pox on the next test or exam and how they gonna feed themselves heather mills the old things their parents or their family members can do it for the bogosian no one life changes will all the bills started beating your ne you know what else like changes when you leave high school to go to college salt will go to trial the this role as dining of freedom of speech an expression of stone that links with this ball is bill protesting it creates an instrument for change all alzheimer's with all that bill wife lives you can't suppress that and i'm disappointed that in individual was trot is trying to do that but more poorly this cannot should not and i hope it will happen is just such a strange reaction meters we follow the story to close early research that there's a there's as this is the street numerous okubo racially charged frankly it sort of disgusting acts there the stones of the universe originally to respond to an galvanized against led by jonathan pollard was on a hunger strike but none of it really crossed the national news desk until it became a focal plane so anybody any human being the total ballplayers are destroyed in ingersoll those actions saw everything start milk and finish of what happened there who looks at that under their died their prescription for the diagnosis of the owners my universe used you know what we can let the ball players strike because it was the football players strike that ended the unrest and also all love draw law no sir there's a different routes weighing all protests which candy peaceful and on which can be volatile all right i am outraged once famously say all right it is the language of the concord we're the same can be said look all that protests ed they were going in belly peacefully end that are just caused some don't then too that protests led to change so put them to try to suppress balls that happened to be stone that leads from haven't of social political and emotional wife other than the sport they're playing by the right to take away their scholarship it is ludicrous here's what curb our co sponsored the bill had to say about it it's called and the response that they've had it has not as strong as legislature would like we the general assembly expect the leadership of this state institution to actually we cannot allow the students to call the shots the issue really is they can have the freedom of speech when they like or don't like sobriquet is that they're going to receive state money they're going to be ramifications i'm shocked that there was actually said by someone who works as in the state legislation because he says they can have the freedom of speech when they like or don't like sobriquet of this but if they're going to receive state money there are going to be ramifications ramifications for what exactly for liking her knowledge of the camp was speaking out about it here's what happened the collegiate sports is that of it being a partnership is book ahmed dictatorship and that's what we see in scenarios like this so many people think just look arduous or water runoff mcconnell or does subliminal sacrifice for now to get a scholarship to play on it really an elite level but somehow she leisure right all about why of those films controlled sense they will he get out of school the woman begged him a classes so what is it that have such a strong effect will still not least one of the lot though my manet it's all your lab in outlays get correct his would've been really adjusted no you know what they say bout the old if they're going to cease to my either going or the revocation to know how curb are so that what is what dealers in misery athletic department operates on its own revenue and not on state farms according to the student athlete handbook so he doesn't even know what he's talking about woody says these things but if the orders to state money because it's actually not state money if you will see never sued miseries athletic department our ever won all of this school john thompson but at the bits of awful bad at the beginning of our basketball games the legendary coach of georgetown was at the time because they still on the table bol was a prop forty eight wasn't there and all kids from urban backgrounds basically we're taking the test that they were truly given an opportunity in the law it faces to learn as a material in high school so when the game started big job a protest would leave the court best then in for some then versus calling for anything there are hundreds of cases that we did talk about at people wanted their voices heard you of protest no one got injured then change the game will beat you that's got to have diarrhea them off don't even know that it's not state funded yet each honorable illegally did not leave egg on your face learn the rules let's let's raise with safety in silence called the cyclone do what college student athletes but they keep aunt out of the student part of it i'm more than just a football player as soon as we're dumpling of universe in missouri to nourish in missouri does not care about us anymore we're not the responsibility our sport it's a small part of who we are jill is imagine you are in detroit you would actually going over to seminars will be less than would you did try bastard bob i hate it when although new b. m. was an objective journalist you don't have a favorite team because you some jurors boards information robot but if you haven't i haven't seen you like particularly then you would do the game was played well would you feel about it for the wall falls out because they are grant hill was that the game played for the best of approximately seven years before he got injured he was on a path we're from hold on hold its production that all star games and soulful sbarro sylvie been a conversation of greatest player of all time he got out of their juries yes he finished wrong what i'm telling you earlier in its current what for injuries to thaw long have we taken last night what a trip as your retired is no you know the greenhill that not long ago to two thousand twelve thirteen season was on the clippers lady e. is not as farber move from an mba jersey is you would dig and i also think that loves you that jersey on high in the church would you think about the pisses performance last night the big shock malo probably grid was dear to call here's the thing if you're going away and consistently got out multiple got back to make what they're for the clippers you know the outrage or the lady liberty were a block shop for the robot said he's going to be rivas is gonna run the floor did you look back through value box ferocity that they would the lack of free brochure lying under oath that body shots on customarily last night the number of attempts to get out have distinguished himself as a bridge between ten and bob where one of passive call forth in again they have crisp all who are going to wanna talk three point guards in the lake we shall be the theme eleven the issue scales top of wales guard the oddities best point guard guard the oddities point guard and jay jay wright who was second in the late last year or dead tissue points to la crosse for six men in the year end up at one of us want all want players in the lead so that you don't seem like detroit they just have more play affected do more things with the basketball the current situation for drama plays reebok good enough to walk in hebrew scorn the basketball in a play the nights let ed told him laying of the day the knife crossover dribble give script and i'm paul hill him with his crisp fall on a bad habits that bombers would make him a new fall within the bouchard was so bad that you probably don't wanna show the beginning of life they k. c. b. what's all the lot of all it was barely just like the old guy that comets of their own reggie jackson discovered the contract this armor he's the guy out then now filled the pressure i'll take you in making the big shot for the g. he's never met all stop what a place like whoa on a lot of attention so what happens layton basketball games with god he wants to show sometimes that a p. is a person nagging groin to their role is away i'm away the paper i got this on on the vickery miss out on the defendant other good job keep the men problem contestant and are blocking the shop so unappealing possession when the game got calls we got low percentage but that so what that seem nice to do is give our ball with a cry of situations single gobbles irregular somebody's trial and was then have the plates a reddish brown because red is more probable at the top of floor with the basketball rim is a it was as locked into a need to get bread bread and jennings so that now he doesn't have to be only prime rib on alert in most situations bridges should come back however when you look at the performance of bomb reggie jackson bridget isn't exactly a second banana guard said the guy you might not be a perfect fit but they certainly need is watching the game was played not a businessman says an mba been without water like this are bigger role with drummond and jackson and i don't know what else i like about the softens and is not what they're running is playing to the personnel like they are trying to rebuild obscene or the draft casey pete fromm is failing johnson you're on trial takes that are now becoming a book or of that scene as old as they continue to add to that corp what's their van gundy was probably one of the better coaches in the week i shop icy promise all my detroit pistons basketball team then they're exciting to watch except in those situations without some already have the loan is and what is troubling of all the jurors did you see then the clippers guards their new two victories one hundred erotic your phone jamal crawford they're doing their bomb postgame interviews is the surf stars of the game and the clippers have a tradition for the last person in the locker room has to pay us of the two of them have said that the shortest postgame interviews ministry the messed about association ran into locker room to be each other at abu jamal proper didn't have to death is that do you ever have something like that when you're in him you're not gonna particular blood alcohol up it's a rare reggie miller who did the michael jackson lake ignorant about it all right let run a couple of the players were all we're joined at about one of probably the closest thing well well well say i also saw last night cannot talk of all this and nausea paul paris last davis and josh rev a third of the forgettable years both the that world as a victim might be rural because they might as well rehabilitate des albeit with the boy here with all three jumbo war we'll see if all three those joe miller wearing slippers jerseys and two months because that certainly something that would be surprised to see there's something happening in college basketball that we discuss quickly then simmons team benson is really good june that's as team isn't that good they might not make the turn and they probably will make the journey this is bad for college basketball it is that a college basketball but also shawls teams for a stronger than individual start yes we market the individual star because it's easier but you still at the shop a plague of some of the best collegian mines that are coaches it's got all the other team and seeing that they've got a good job over crowing to us billy they're putting themselves in a position to be successful so yes wall began we'll be the noble one or all pig that doesn't necessarily mean in a car washed to the final four goals two beings are mutually exclusive shh the judge gave dalton's last night eli manning the seven percent completions the war touchdown passes and bobo back on junior looked like the best receiver in the league can you see the jazz when u. n. s. c. least as you call it's gotta say what swaying be between a giant washington in philadelphia in a vacuum all taken a gulf i think gawk wahl who the giants have the better quarterback and as you mentioned to individual receiver both are really only bright spot on c. to sicily common not under your watch out watch them play football for philadelphia babble let the right index i know de marco getting paid a lot o' morning and what not living up to me is not living up to the salary that they be able they do have deathbed that the mathews is broke in seoul while sam bradford is mentally i don't think there seemed all we're all it is better than what i think this is julie from washington and all of the jive so i give them the nah but what do you call from chicago to you alone the goal to toast with the polls which is a hammock perform agree lately and give this to say they can fire you but they can't eat you so the worst thing is a year from now with the salmon boys to play with my granddaughter's i'm going to be fine bag on a happy and i'm going to be blinded by go down that road to sir member john rose we might say something on his radio show that what it was fired they can fire us they cannot yugoslavs hath ties to the house john rose red do rather by segment where i'm a i'm bob things come on joe things that happened in the world not just in sports know your reaction i'm hearing amy own does not need thumbs your dreams mean he may be available to the bangers who is susan you got this is not an answer no way they were male see you later to major in nagano where doctor huh at buzz word knowledge it comes with a closing for that whole has no knowledge rams steadman bailey is about walking and talking after the tragic shooting back in november twenty fifth so judged him billy confirms veiling i'll be doing well pete rose was the night reinstatement to baseball jill into question is number one do you cared number two do you think you should be treated the baseball absolutely not yelling at him as a player and uncalled that's the sacred role that the line you know crop he still has an opportunity to profit off they swapped his likeness theodore smithson appearances if any still one of the games all time greats the statistics are still in the record books what did all of playing now don't you go to law is after g. m. x. factor mr court period i just wish there was a positive headlines about the americas with something coming soon we did we hear about this one of the law not after the americans the law has just been elected him if there is a victim out here purportedly owes a lot of money in child support did you skip jobs for orders to taxes 'cause what they're going to fight it what better start up faltered on black friends of the court banned or the government have wrapped up their efforts to make sure the deadbeats they did shout support to give a good with it on to his envoy of john it will decide with the giant through so much money in six years one hundred thirty million dollars it's about who was a twenty one point to point six per year it and the baseball has the best you in a sport that you hit line of all of where they have under million dollar contract to embrace monica walk down the street you probably would know any of your below it amounted to do would be like three blocks lot won't back to the feline i'm all of the best of big room because in a real both of them all in their big band does not buy bonds as purposes cues for the low hit earlier in the season you know the place we're talking let's work this whole steelers bangs controversy do you think that was a period burning no intentional yes when when so how can though isn't that need to exclusive if it is intentional is it not during not the judge about the act he didn't give her and her talk about color guard 'cause you try to hurt someone arrangement bloody day it so the result sir when mademoiselle intentions are germans are correct is what they've adjustment to swing a noble with another paper have actually connect look at jill green is a little brother and shipped down to the free throw in a german leave his thing dylan to get into his own coup three surprised that but i wanna see the footage of that sort out their sin if we do is a good doctor hughes onto thing is is he wasn't on the key which would be even weirder he's on the three point line two in the running and playing in i mean to stardom michael jordan my mother to run and the playboy line with the guys jude's he does it really works with his own who yes really building is without a break out the yacht ricky david video was shot an overall who quickly than a target for although skylight employed i've been shot to repudiate is out of those invective about was innovative i thought i'd did you know you see brave charges really works well for what saddam later we've repeated is just as winslow had this to say on twitter wikipedia asking for donations might have to do it wouldn't have gone through high school about it deftly not do have checked loyalties i love this one doesn't winslow i'm a good thing about what is what that means that this bill is saying is we keep you'd gotten through high school and college who because you know you do is go some verify what is with the abuse was to read romeo and juliet overnight you were defeated me read it in fifteen minutes discovered the digital cliff notes were the things will if you're a helpful on our work as helpful but also is not accurate refers to the gulf big someone else's it actually gotten a little more stringently back and as the law would this not factual is seven miles mary soloman often give her name for years that i never knew what that you know is that true hot agosto toothpick the tunnel and fever governing love in that you're going with the event of a depth of any word bob and wikipedia asking for donations that the former owner or asking for donations and a dispute because they don't they don't have an ad based revenue so that's good for people to use the service to the milligan he ought to love and love was shot and just national public radio all got off to make such familiar on wikipedia deterred them out in the living and claudia was on there for a long trial armor with sweet nevada's back in the bay ways to the seniors roses become a duty actors in a contributing editor of the huffington post at another job though nobody island are you where you want it over to both want ads are you well are you he journeyed added to the do post flat out back in the back of the city used to be dealt her to oslo measure the amount you have some sidles little earlier the amount of component is of rise to the us what you have did you see this then on you know you are you do have a bit of a side also on the beauty ambassador to the retired him the players was a vegetable national basketball retire players association ambassador have you seen that the national bass will put association be as big and her training for retired players to have a dog that way the number and the better the organization can do in servicing its former players allowed to trickle down effect of current players to become members of the organization if they're not so much they don't like our players make by now joined since two thousand one fifty four and the players who died of complications related heart disease and i'm doctor manual reyes says that even a small sample patients are we going to blue gettin' abnormality zuzana said a couple of inches would decrease harp auction weekend left venture goal which is the main chamber of the heart have you gotten your horse breeder one rose not this year on normally do my health check ups or more birthday jenny worth area and so i'll make sure i do it this time come on more things we have for you mr rose a couple more things here the hall of fame is considering to reduce the basketball hall of fame in search of masters is shown to the forgery is considering reducing the way time between when you're when you're tired and when you can be in them that would create a class the shaquille o'neal alan iverson condemning to support this i don't support it ballclub also wears a particular i will not be arming the hall of famer he is why really domino's and the third of involvement now i'm glad we're wrapping up the show because you started to our crazy he's dylan rose on to grow we if you missed any portion of the show you cannot go on and on and off went to jail in the jacoby dot com we get the latest like as you can watch the video you do all that and you and i think he's got an end to end up and for uh huh