Episode: An Announcement - We're Back!

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An Announcement - We're Back!

While the world has conspired against us, we've powered through to bring you the next chunk of Going In Blind episodes!

Going In Blind
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My dog has no nose. Then how does he smell? Terrible! Going In Blind is a Dungeons and Dragons Actual-Play podcast with Vision Impaired Players. This week we go Behind The Blind to learn how to use other senses to create a larger picture for our players. Thanks to Stories of the Fifth Age for asking us!   Check out our twitter, facebook & youtube...

Going In Blind > Going In Blind Episode 12 - The Three Voices

GALLIC the Dwarven Cleric and LINKA ‘the Momentous’, a Halfling Sorcerer, had entered a Goblin Cave in search of their friend, Gundren Rockseeker, last seen with his traveling companion Sildar. In the cave, they freed some wolves and named them, Waffle, Kujo & Fluffy. Gallic climbed a fissure, heard something big and angry, saw a door, got a fright, and climbed back down...

Going In Blind > 07 - The Driftwood Tavern

The Driftwood Tavern is just around the corner, along with a way out of the City of Neverwinter! It's the end of our pre-module adventure. Roll for advantage! With Morgan Jenkins as Gundren RockseekerBeaudan Shaw as the first GuardCat Leonard as Madame Rosene and the second Guardand Harry Kaloyirou as The Narrator Going In Blind is a podcast with Vision Impaired Players Playing Dungeons and Dragons...
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