Episode: "SYNERGISTIC TOXICITY" - An MIT Biologist on Chemicals & Autism (PART 2)

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"SYNERGISTIC TOXICITY" - An MIT Biologist on Chemicals & Autism (PART 2)

The news that Trump's friends at Dow Chemical are asking him to ignore studies that pesticides are harmful has prompted me to release an interview I did with MIT biologist Dr. Stephanie Seneff a while back.

The latest autism prevalence numbers are 1 in 68, up exponentially from 1 in 5000 in 1975, and the prevailing wisdom is that we still don't understand why. Dr. Seneff has a theory of one potential reason - a link between the prevalence of pesticides we spray on our food (particularly Glyphosate, introduced in 1974), which may lay the groundwork for Vaccines to act as a trigger in certain kids who are vulnerable to it. 

"Our country is trigger-happy with chemicals. We are very careless."

- Dr. Seneff

I understand this is a difficult topic, but I also feel that's not a reason that should keep us from discussing it and exploring possibilities. This is the fourth of a series of interviews I did on this topic. The other 3 can be found HERE, HERE, and HERE)


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