Episode: S2E6 - Summer traditions, Eurovision, & Kaspar :)

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S2E6 - Summer traditions, Eurovision, & Kaspar :)

We are returning to the more "classic" podcast format, although sans Grammar for this episode. No worries, we'll bring Grammar back soon enough! :)

In this episode, we welcome Kaspar, 9 y.o. He is a fixture at the GAI and also attends our Summercamp & Samstagschule, and he is Katrin's son. :) Kaspar tells you about both programs, and what he does as Teacher's Assistant. 

Then, Claudia, Katrin, & Michael dive into D-A-CH summer traditions. We discuss the original form of minimalism; the smallest of yard and escapes for city people. The ever-popular pool culture, and why topless or without clothing is "no big deal" for most.

Also, since 1956, the Eurovision Song Contest was a staple of European entertainment. 2020 is the first year the competition is canceled. We're looking back at the meaning of the contest, the intricacies of the competition, and how it was and continues to be, an event that promotes unity across Europe, and the world.

Our German classes will resume in-house again as well. Listen to how we're going about keeping everyone safe, protected, and still teach you the language we're all passionate about!


Since 1957 The Germanic American Institute has been building cultural bridges between the American Midwest and German-speaking European countries.

We cordially invite you on the inside, to join us as we share insights into German grammar, the German cultural experience, we’ll look at current topics, and we’ll let you know about all the events that we are involved in, and you can participate in.

If you'd like us to answer any questions you may have about our content, history, grammar, etc. please email us at podcast@gai-mn.org and we'll answer your question in the next episode.

Hier & There. The podcast of the Germanic American Institute (GAI Podcast)
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