Episode: The State of Hybrid Cloud: A one-one-one discussion w/ HPE's Robert Christiansen

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The State of Hybrid Cloud: A one-one-one discussion w/ HPE's Robert Christiansen
We all know about the Cloud, but what about the Hybrid Cloud? In this Interview Series Futurum Tech Podcast, Daniel Newman sits down with Robert Christiansen, VP and Cloud Strategist at HPE. They discuss the recent Futurum/HPE survey on the State of Hybrid Cloud and how global enterprises are managing their migration to the cloud and the important role of hybrid public/private and on/off-premises networking and computing systems. From the importance of agility to understanding how to measure the value of cloud services, this discussion covers the key points around data and application portability that enterprises need to know to successfully develop and deploy “native cloud” applications and business processes. INFORMATION: This Futurum Podcast features Daniel Newman (@danielnewmanUV). If you haven't already, please subscribe to our show on iTunes or SoundCloud. For inquiries or more information on the show, email the team at podcast@futurumresearch.com or follow @FuturumPodcast on Twitter. To learn more about Futurum Research please visit www.futurumresearch.com. DISCLOSURE: Futurum Research is a research and analysis provider, not an investment advisor. The Futurum Tech Podcast (and all related written notes and materials) is a newsletter/podcast intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. Futurum Research does not provide personalized investment advice and no investment advice is offered or implied by this podcast.

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