Episode: The Role of AI in a Pandemic, the Launch of Responsible AI, and What’s Ahead

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The Role of AI in a Pandemic, the Launch of Responsible AI, and What’s Ahead

In this special episode of the Futurum Tech Webcast — Interview Series, host Shelly Kramer interviews Rob Walker, Pega’s VP of decisioning and analytics to discuss the role AI is playing in the pandemic, the launch of Pega’s Responsible AI ethical bias check, how empathy and ethics come into play and impact the bottom line, and also how organizations can benefit from leveraging AI moving forward.


This conversation is intended as a preview to Pega’s upcoming Pegaworld iNspire virtual event being held on June 2, 2020, from 9 to 11:30am EDT. This high impact, low time commitment, interactive virtual event is free, sure to be packed with great information, and also available on demand for all registrants. Register for Pegaworld iNsprire here.


Shelly and Rob covered a wide range of topics, all related to AI, ethics, empathy, and how all of them are playing a role in business operations (and customer experience), during these pandemic times and beyond. They discussed:


  • Companies who are successfully leveraging AI in pandemic times and how they and their customers are benefitting;


  • How taking the long-term view of your customer relationships can actually be the most profitable view, and also lead to longer term loyalty.


  • How speeding up interactions and adding in empathy is something AI can do at scale, which organizations need most right now.


  • Responsible AI, a new offering from the team at Pega, and how an ethical bias check built in beyond the data science level can help businesses practice responsible AI in their engagement strategies.


Rob shared some interesting customer use case examples and some innovative approaches that Pega customers are taking in these pandemic times — and what that might mean for the future.


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