Episode: Tech-enabled Retail: Boom or Bust?

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Tech-enabled Retail: Boom or Bust?
What does the future hold for tech-enabled retail, and can competitors like Microsoft and Kroger effectively partner in the store and in the cloud to take on Amazon? Plus our Fast Five: - IBM partners with Vodafone for cloud, 5G and AI; - Should Costco take a cut at streaming video; - Microsoft leans into affordable housing; - Huawei announces its bigger, cheaper, smarter AI-enabled switch; and - Google's go-green solar power strategy. Our Tech Bites Winner: It's another mega-data-dump of hacked passwords, and we know who to blame. Our Crystal Ball: What is the real impact of Netflix' price increases, and does anybody even care any more? This episode features: Daniel Newman (@danielnewmanUV), Fred McClimans (@fredmcclimans), and Olivier Blanchard (@oablanchard). If you haven't already, please subscribe to our show on iTunes or SoundCloud. For inquiries or more information on the show you may email the team at info@futurumresearch.com or follow @FuturumXYZ on Twitter and feel free to direct inquires through that channel as well. To learn more about Future research please visit www.futurumresearch.com. Futurum Research is a research and analysis provider, not an investment advisor. The Futurum Tech Podcast is a newsletter/podcast intended for informational use only. Futurum Research does not provide personalized investment advice. No investment advice is offered nor implied by this podcast.

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