Episode: Germany goes up 1-nil over Facebook in the User Privacy Game

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Germany goes up 1-nil over Facebook in the User Privacy Game
Germany’s Federal Cartel Office (FCO) has taken aim at Facebook's business model, using antitrust regulations to prohibit the social-media giant from forcing users to grant unrestricted access to their online data (including Facebook linking users to 3rd-party data) in order to use the service. Is the "data for value, users are the product" business model on the line? Plus our Fast Five: - Twitter's Q4 Revenue Up, User Growth Down - IBM's Think 2019 Preview - Remotely Defrosting IoT Refrigerators via Default Passwords - Why AT&T's 5G Isn't - Rumor Alert: Amazon's HQ2 Plans for NYC are at risk Our Tech Bites Winner: Jeff Bezos and a serious case of oversharing. Our Crystal Ball: How real is the "transparency in tech" move, and can the US ever catch up to the EU's user-first approach to data? This episode features: Daniel Newman (@danielnewmanUV) and Olivier Blanchard (@oablanchard). If you haven't already, please subscribe to our show on iTunes or SoundCloud. For inquiries or more information on the show you may email the team at info@futurumresearch.com or follow @FuturumXYZ on Twitter and feel free to direct inquires through that channel as well. To learn more about Future research please visit www.futurumresearch.com. Futurum Research is a research and analysis provider, not an investment advisor. The Futurum Tech Podcast is a newsletter/podcast intended for informational use only. Futurum Research does not provide personalized investment advice. No investment advice is offered nor implied by this podcast.

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