Episode: Present: What is emerging in COVID times?

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Present: What is emerging in COVID times?

The conversation began with these questions: What is the present economy of care and the economy of healthcare and what is being disrupted in this economy? Where are the fractures? Where are there new connections among different healthcare and healing systems and practices? What are you seeing that’s generative and transformative in the present moment? What was already there on the ground that is deepening? What are you seeing that’s transformative along and between borders?

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This episode is part of a series in collaboration with Cara Page, Susan Raffo and Anjali Taneja. Learn more about their work at Healing Histories: Disrupting the Medical Industrial Complex. Editing by Wazi Maret www.wazimaret.com, transcription support by Kolenge Fonge and music by Abhimanyu Janamanchi.

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