Episode: Krystal Two Bulls & Matt Howard

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Krystal Two Bulls & Matt Howard

We were able to speak with Krystal Two Bulls and Matt Howard in Spring 2019 about their work, leadership and movement with About Face: Veterans Against the War

Krystal is an Oglala Lakota and Northern Cheyenne woman who reminds us that what matters is what we fight for, not what we fight against. Krystal is a new member to About Face: Veterans Against the War, having joined in August 2018. She served in the US Army Reserves for 8 years and was deployed to Kuwait in 2009. Krystal is new to the anti-militarism conversation, but has significant knowledge and experience in environmental justice, Indigenous Sovereignty and social justice campaigns. She works to decolonize the approaches and methods that we utilize within movement spaces.

Matt has worked with About Face: Veterans Against the War in various capacities since 2011 including as Chapter president in the Bay area, local organizer in Texas with the Operation Recovery campaign, as Communications Director and currently as Co-Director. He served in the Marine Corps as a helicopter mechanic from 2001 to 2006 and deployed twice to Iraq where he became deeply opposed to the occupations and discovered a commitment to social change work.

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